/Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower [Velocity: 250 mph]
Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower

Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower [Velocity: 250 mph]

Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower

Most Powerful Electric Leaf Blower. If you have a very big lawn, it is going to be a big task leaf cleanup using manual tools. For the large lawn or parking areas, you it would be much more time saving and energy saving task to use a leaf blower to mulch or round up those pesky leaves. You might choose between a gas powered leaf blower or electric leaf blower or walk-behind leaf blowers or backpack leaf blower. It depends on how you want to finish the task.

Having an electric leaf blower compare to the gas powered leaf blower is that it is cheaper, lighter and less noise. Many electric blowers can also do mulching and vacuuming. In terms of these features, gas blowers can do too, but not as well as the electric leaf blower. Gas leaf blower need the proper mix of oil and gas and to work. While the electric blowers just need an electrical outlet, plugged in and turned on.

Features to look for electric leaf blower include a metal impeller, for longer lasting lifetime than the plastic impeller, and variable speed to control the power of the blast air. Let us take a look at some of the electric leaf blower that is powerful with at least have 250 mph blow power.

The Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac ($74.99) is a powerful electric leaf blower to deliver all the versatility and power needed to tackle yard clean-up chores. It has a variable speed air control and a rugged metal impeller for long lasting lifetime. With its air stream power (up to 250 mph), it will clears large and heavy leaves, small to medium sticks on the ground. This leaf blower can become a vacuum tools too. The included items are power insert, nozzle, vacuum tube, bottom-zip bag, and cord storage hook.

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The Black+Decker BV6000 ($64.99) is electric leaf blower with 12 Amp and works as blower, mulcher and vacuum. With 250 mph force, it can blow hard leaves and other yard dirt and debris for quick yard cleanup. According to sound measure test, it brings 50% less noise than the previous design. The weight is only 8.1 pounds and categorized as a heavy duty vacuum, blower and mulcher.

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The Worx WG518 ($59.99) just the right tools for leaf blowing. With 385 cfm of air volume and up to 250 mph of air speed, this is a practical and quick clean-up of your lawn, yard, parking areas, sidewalk, patios, decks, and steps.

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How to properly use your leaf blower

After your purchase of electric leaf blower, please see that there is the instruction manual provided by the leaf blower manufacturer. If you find there is no instruction manual, you should ask your your local retailer or the customer service of the brand for one. You can also get the instruction manual from their website if available. You really have to know how to use your leaf blower, how it works and how to maintain them. here is a general ideas of how you use a leaf blower.

#1. Leaf blower are for a very serious purpose and use. Do not ever use your leaf blower for playing around like pointing your leaf blower while it is on operation mode in the direction of pets or people found around you.

#2. For safety reason, any people around must at least 50 feet away from the operation of your leaf blower. You must stop the operation when a pet or a person approach.

#3. Do not use your leaf blower indoors or in a room without a good ventilation.

#4. Before any operation of your leaf blower, you have to make sure that all the parts, the controls, and safety devices are working properly and not damaged.

#5. Do not try to repair or modify your leaf blower in a way not authorized by the manufacturer. Any modification may alter the quality of your leaf blower and you can lose the warranty.

#6. Working with your leaf blower must be as careful as it can be. You must be responsible, courteous and pay attention to safety all the time.

What can you leaf blower do?

#1. Remove lawn waste after mowing

#2. Remove dead grass or dislodge grass

#3. Blow, vacuum (if available) and clean rain gutters

#4. Remove dirt and dust out of construction equipment

#5. Clean farm equipment

#6. Remove light and fluffy snow

#7. Clean pavement, patios, driveway, parking lot

#8. Dry off and clean pavements

How to keep your electric leaf blower in good shape and running well

#1. Make sure the leaf blower is off. Be sure that the electric leaf blower is completely unplugged and switched off from any electrical outlet.

#2. Make sure the container or bag that holds the dirt, leaves, debris, and other items has been properly discarded and cleaned out properly. Replace the bag with a new one. You can rinse them in warm water if it is made from plastic or fabric.

#3. Spray a clean cloth with the soap solution and then wipe down all the exterior of the electric leaf blower. Please be careful to avoid the sharp features and stay clear of the motor. Use a different cloth to dry the same areas.

#4. The best way to store your electric leaf blower is to hang them on a sturdy hook. The purpose of hanging the leaf blower is to keep it as far from children, animals and anyone else who might injured or hurt in contact with the leaf blower.

Types of leaf blowers

Backpack Gas Leaf Blowers. These type of leaf blower are the most powerful but also the heaviest leaf blowers. With the heavyweight, it is worn on the back. On a big yard or a more wide area space, these leaf blowers are best for heavy duty leaves.

Handheld Gas Leaf Blowers. These leaf blowers are more expensive, heavier and noisier than electric blowers. They are more accessible because they are handheld. If you choose this type, it would be a hassle of mixing and storing gasoline. Most handheld gas blowers does not have a leaf vacuum option.

Electric Leaf Blowers. This type of leaf blower is best for blowing dirt, or debris, leaves from driveway or decks. They are not too powerful, that is why they are the quietest leaf blowers on the market.

Heavy-Duty Electric Leaf Blowers. If you are going to blow your lawn, you will need a more powerful leaf blower. The power should reach at a maximum of 250 mph. A good corded electric leaf blower is your best combination of durability, convenience, versatility, power, and quietness. Most of these can also mulch and vacuum leaves for patios or driveway or flower beds or parking areas or composting.