Best Earwig Killer That Work

Best earwig killer

Best Earwig Killer That Work

Best Earwig Killer That Work. Earwigs are most likely found in southern part of the US like Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, even though they might be found in any part of zones or area. Even so, they might be hard to find, because they like to hide during the day, active at night and they are fast movers.

They might be found when there is wood material in the house and destructing plant or wood material. The most likely place is in the basement where there is woodpile.

For the fast movers’ origin, reportedly they have spread wide to most of US states and even few parts of Canada. They like to live by building nest living together with thousands of nest in one area.

The good news is they kill and eat insects, like aphids, maggots, and armyworms, which is good for controlling other insect or bugs. But the bad news is they eat woods and the rest of the garden plants.

What earwigs may damage?

  • Destroying wood material furniture.
  • In a rainy season, earwigs crawl into plants and trees to find a shelter.
  • Crawl into pots to damage plants.
  • Leaves appear with holes.

How to avoid earwig around the house

There are ways to prevent earwig coming to the house:

  • Vacuum the house at least once in 2 days.
  • Clean the kitchen from spills.
  • Always put food in a tight container.
  • No food or pet food outside during the night.
  • No leaky faucet or plumbing.
  • Seal any cracks around the house.
  • Avoid stacking leaves or branches in the yard or garden.
  • Avoid using stones to decorate then garden.

How to get rid of earwig

  • Use petroleum jelly and spread them around the stems plants.
  • Sprinkle borax around infested woodpile.
  • Mix soy sauce with olive oil in a plastic container with holes. This will attract earwigs and will get trap inside the container.
  • Use alcohol as the best earwig killer.

Infographic to best earwig killer

Best earwig killer that work

According to California State University researcher, products based on spinosad is the best, most effective and environmentally friendly, to kill and eliminate earwig. Earwig might be trapped using bait with the spinosad ingredient. As mention before, to add attractiveness of the bait, add oil and mix with spinosad.

Recommended Spinosad product
Celebrex AlternativeMonterey LG6135 with Spinosad Concentrat

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This is a rather popular insecticide and the perfect fit as earwig killer because of the spinosad ingredients. It is rated 4 stars by hundreds of customers.

These are insecticidal solution that might be use to effectively kill earwig according to Utah State University.

#1 Mineral solution of pyrethrin (organic material)
Best Earwig KillerPyrethrin Concentrate (organic) – PyGanic Gardening

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This product is an organic insecticides that meets National Organic Program (NOP) requirements. The ingredients may kill more than 190 types of insect including earwig. It is rated 4 out of 5 stars by users.

#2 Azadirachtin (organic material)
Best Earwig KillerFast-Acting Insecticidal Concentrate for Organic Gardening – Azera Gardening

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This product contains organic pyrethrin and azadirachtin. Both are effective organic insecticides. Rated 4 out of 5 stars rating.