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Best Humidifier For Dry Skin

Best Humidifier For Dry Skin.

Beware of cool temperature!

When the cold weather is coming, the air has less moisture in it.

This happens because you use your fireplace or your indoor heating system.

The lower level of moisture will cause several problems including dry throat, cough, chapped lips and bloody noses.

Beside your nose and throat, your skin is also affected by the cold temperature.

The dryness of cold weather or cool temperature will dehydrate the skin and suck all the moisture out of your skin.

It can be called as trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

Not only does this promote bad look of wrinkles and fine lines, it can also worsen skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and lower level of protection of skin’s immune system.

One solution for easing the dry skin is to use a humidifier device.

Humidifiers will produce moisture in the air and will increasing the amount of water in the air to reduce dryness.

The extra moisture helps ease many health problems caused by dryness in the cooler temperature.

We have researched through many review sites, eCommerce site and expert to find the best humidifier for dry skin.

We search through Amazon, HomeDepot, Target, Wirecutter, Walmart to finally get a conclusion of the best ones for you.

Here are some of the best humidifier for dry skin.

Best humidifier for dry skin list

#1. Homedics TotalComfort

The great things about this warm humidifier is that it is ultrasonic. It is a quiet operation without fan noise. You can save much time because you do not have to wait on water to heat up and boil to create steam. You can also change the warm mist to the cool mist by pressing a button and the other way around.

This humidifier can work in a large rooms. The capacity of the tank is 1,7 gallon which can produce mist for 80 hours. It feature dual tanks that are easy to fill and remove. With a full speed option the maximum run-time is about 12 hours. Much better than ordinary humidifier.

If you need a humidifier that has the option of cool or warm mist, then this could be a good choice for you.

Why we like this:

  • 1.7 gallon of water tank
  • 80 hours of run-time on normal speed
  • 12 hours of run-time on full speed
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet operation with ultrasonic
  • 2 water tanks

Why we do not like this:

  • None so far

#2. Vicks Model V745A

This humidifier is not for larger room to spread mist. If you have a larger room, it would be less the humidity it will rise. You will have to set the humidity rate to slow, when the humidity reaches between 40%, 50% or 60%. If you do not slow it down you will have too much of a high humidity. Higher humidity level can result in mold development within your room. In order to track how high the humidity level is by having a humidity monitor and it will tell you both the humidity level and temperature within a room.

It is quiet easy using this humidifier because the water tank is removable with handle that makes it easier to carry around. When you take it out, you remove the cap and there is where you fill the water in from.

This Vicks humidifier can be controlled by only a single dial, the on and off option and the option for Low and High settings. There is also the light indicator for low on water.

Why we like this:

  • 1 gallon of water tank
  • 24 hours of run-time
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be combined with Vicks Vapor Pads for cure of illness
  • Single dial control
  • Affordable price and very popular

Why we do not like this:

  • Need cleaning often after use

#3. Honeywell Top Fill HEV620B

This Honeywell’s HEV620 is an easy to use, capable and smart humidifier machine. The design is a tall one to give extra space when put them in the corner of the room. The mist is spread smoothly without visible fog that will draw your attention.

Even though it is with almost 2 gallons of capacity the shape is tall to fit well in the kitchen sink when you are ready to clean them. You can use a water pitcher to fill the tank without removing them and keep them sit on the machine. You can take off the lid of the tank with ease, wipe all the tank surface and inside it. The cleaning of the tank is very easy even for a periodically cleaning, drying and the filling part.

To spread the moisture into the air, this humidifier uses fan, so it will not provide a quiet operation. Even though the fan is a silent fan, when operate in high speed the sound would be noticeable.

This humidifier is equipped with humidistat and timer and still it needs occasional maintenance of the filter. Larger tank means an easy cleaning, a quick fill and a less frequent fills. The automatic settings are intended to keep a large room from drying out.

The filter must be checked on every 30 days of use. Replacements filters must be replaced when the filer is starting to wear out or a color change. The recommended replacement is every month but if you flip the filter every week, it can go much longer time.

Why we like this:

  • 1.7 gallon of water tank to run a long time in a cold dry climate
  • 24 hours of run-time
  • Easy to clean
  • Automatic settings you you do not need to turn it on or offs
  • Single dial control
  • Affordable price and very popular

Why we do not like this:

  • Need to change filter every 30 days

Why use humidifier for dry skin?

In an area or region where cold and dry weather happens in most of the time, keeping the air or indoor humidity level to 40 to 60 percent is a smart move for indoor air quality, health and comfort.

Having a humidifier is one of the best tools to address the situation, like helping you fight everything from airborne viruses and to keep the static level of humidity around the house.

Humidifier can also help keep your skin from drying out.

Keeping a humidifier in a room during cold and dry weather has made a world of difference for skin issues.

Humidifiers provide essential external moisture when it is not enough supply in the atmosphere.

When the atmosphere is dry, our skin is most likely dry as well.

A humidifier’s function is just putting additional moisture back into the environment.

Dry skin and humidifier

What is a dry skin? Dry skin is a condition that causes dry patches, cracking and small fine flakes on the skin. One of the most common symptoms of dry skin is itching. When the skin is itching, scratching the skin would be hard to resist. Even though there are many causes of dry skin, external and internal, the most common external cause of dry skin is colder winter months and drier climates.

Dryness is more prone to older and mature skin because of the lower hormones compare to younger people. The more harsh condition would be for people with a history of eczema and they would get the worst condition in the cold and dry weather.

When the condition of the skin is dry during cold and dry weather, repeat itch-scratch cycles is common and this may lead to skin thickening and darkening. When dryness become extreme condition, the dry skin could get cracked and fissures. Usually using topical corticosteroids and lubricating lotions or creams can help ease itching. The other remedies would be using skin moisturizer after showers and decreasing bathing frequency can help control and prevent dry skin.

This is where humidifier can help dry skin. Because a humidifier will help to keep more moisture in the air, it will help keep our skin from drying out too fast

How to know when you need a humidifier

One awareness that you already know is that you need to add moisture during cold and dry weather. To make sure that you really need humidifier to address dry skin problem, you can use Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor to see the recent condition of humidity in the air surrounding you. This is what we recommend.

When the humidity level is lower than 40 or even 30, and this level is in static level, that is the sign that you need to humidify the air. The suggested humidity level indoor is between of 30 to 50 percent. Should you find the level of the humidity is lower than 30-40, you might just discover the main cause of your dry skin.

Best humidifier for dry skin

Humidifiers as health solution

Cracked or Peeling Skin

By adding moisture in the air, the skin on your joints, extremities and lips will be more durable, less cracked skin, less abrasive skin, more colorful tone. If you use the humidifier regularly, it can help with peeling skin as well. You will feel the greatest benefits of humidifiers for dry skin is to the face, where you can have healthier and suppler skin.

The prevention of Eczema

The sudden change of temperature and humidity may provide the biggest environmental causes of eczema flare-ups. You can use an air conditioning unit in the summer hot weather, while in the cold winter Eczema can be best managed with humidifiers. Humidifiers will prevent your skin from getting a major seasonal climatic change and eczema breakout.

Noses Rubbed Raw

Using a humidifier will not only help to replenish the dryness of a cracked and dry nose, humidifier can also potentially provide enough moisture to allow proper airflow and open the sinuses as well.

Benefits of humidification

During the season of winter and fall, it would be a hard time for those people with asthma, eczema and even allergies. During these season, outdoor allergens tend to be reduced, but indoor allergens will add up because you spend more time inside and the humidity is lower at home or indoor. The low humidity indoor will cause many symptoms such as dried out sinus passages, increased dust, dry and itchy skin, and regular coughing. Because you tend to spend more time indoor, this could be more trouble ahead, but this can also mean that you see and feel the benefits of humidification throughout indoor activities and your home.

Low humidity is the a trigger of a dry or persistent cough, even without cold or flu symptoms. Itching, dry skin and flare up can mean low humidity level. Waking up in the morning with cracked, dried, painful sinuses, patchy skin, and chapped lips, which can be symptoms of low relative humidity levels. Many of these symptoms can be returned to a healthy level by restoring humidity to healthy levels. A room humidifier is the easiest and most effective ways to get result of this.

Bedrooms, living rooms, are places that humidifiers can be regulated and set to put just the right amount of soothing moisture back without increasing the risk of mold growth or dust mites.

Dry air does not only affect the human who live indoor and home. The paint, furniture and wood floor can be damaged too. Humidification works hand in hand with heating devices. Both will keep you snug and warm during the cold and dry winter and they can save you money on your heating bills.

Save Money on Heating Bills

A higher humidity between 40 to 70 level will help you feel warmer. Lower humidity level can makes the air feel colder. The more water in the air, the warmer the air feels. The other way around, the less water in the air, the cooler the air feels. Dry heat is the word we would describe for cooler air, but it really mean a lower relative humidity.

Humidifier at work, can save you a lot on your heating bills. Because the temperature feel warmer even if the temperature remains the same, you will not turn up the heat. This could reduce the use of heater while the temperature is cold.

The basic of humidifier

Humidifiers manufacturers design and produce humidifiers in many different shapes and sizes. Many products are Some are unnoticeable, less functionality and discreet, while other humidifiers take up more space and have more functionality. Below are a few information about what type of humidifier is right for you. After reading you would gain a better understanding of the various types available in the market today.

Over the years, humidifiers have become modernized and today there are many designs to suit various needs. Before picking one, you need to understand what each type of humidifier is designed to do. When you understand the type, you would know the benefits that you are trying to receive. This process is to choose the right type of for yourself. Many factors should be taken as careful consideration, such as the weather, noise level of the humidifier, climate and size of your room. Ventilation of your building or your home must also be taken as consideration too.

When you have a large room and less ventilation, you have to consider a larger size humidifier with more capability and power to cleanse and moisturize the entire room completely. And of course, smaller humidifier is needed for smaller rooms. When you are looking for a portable and the one that is moveable with ease, then you are looking for a lightweight humidifier which are easily available in the market.

The features and functionality are important factors you need to consider when determining what type of humidifier is right for your home. Because every time you want to purchase one, one new model comes out, you might want to do proper research and planning to make sure that you are taking advantage of any new capabilities and features available.

A few things to Consider When Buying a Humidifier

You have to be aware for your requirements, your budget and particularly your reason of getting a humidifier. According to other resources, these are the main things to consider and take into account when looking for humidifier.

1. Noise

Appliances like the refrigerator, the washing machine, air conditioner will produce a little noise. You can expect your humidifier to make a little noise like those appliances. However, not all humidifier make noises. Some humidifiers make more noise than others. For areas which needed to have a very quiet environment, like home office, baby’s bedrooms require an ultrasonic humidifier for the perfect solution.

Since ultrasonic humidifiers use high-frequency sound waves, it is are higher than we can hear. That is why these humidifiers are quieter than other humidifier models. If having a quiet humidifier is your goal, then invest a little more in a humidifier that is specifically designed for reduced noise levels. This can be helpful when you sleep at night.

2. Features

Two of the most important features a humidifier can provide are timer and auto-shut off functionality. Other humidifier model have a humidistat to monitor humidity level in your room and prevent from over moisturizing the air.

3. The Size And Space of the room

We have mentioned before that smaller room need a smaller humidifier and a bigger room need a a larger humidifier. The space and the size of the room is a big aspect on how big or small the humidifier you need for your room. So before you buy a humidifier, figure out how big is your room.

4. Room Ventilation

When you have a room with ventilation, a bigger and powerful humidifier is needed to handle the moisturizing.

Frequently Asked Question

Question (Q): Why do you need a humidifier in your room?

Answer: Humidifiers is a great tool to help make dry air more comfortable by boosting your indoor humidity level. When the weather is cold and dry, your humidity level or in other word the amount of water vapor in the air, drops during this season or months because cold air can not hold so many moisture as warm air. Even when we use space heaters or crank up our thermostats to heat the air, moisture content does not get replaced easily. During the cold weather, the air will get even drier, producing uncomfortable health symptoms such as:

  • Sore throat and scratchy one
  • Very dry skin
  • Sinus passages
  • Bloody nose
  • Regular coughing

Other than just your health problem, dry air can also damage your home’s infrastructure and interior, causing wallpaper and paint to peel, furniture and wood floors to separate or warp, and uncomfortable static electricity. Other belongings that might be affected by dry air are valuable belongings such as fine art and musical instruments. A humidifier is the only way out that can help prevent them from returning and combat these issues.

You will enjoy comfortable humidity level all year round with the help of humidifier. The humidifier can help treat and relieve respiratory condition and sinus or respiratory condition, may also help your young children or your baby or young child breathe easier in a cold and dry climate.

Q: How does a humidifier work? Which type of humidifier should I choose? The cool mist or the warm mist humidifier?

Answer: Even with newer and advance technology today, all humidifiers most importantly function in the same manner. These humidifiers are the ones to force moisture into your indoor air in the form of an invisible mist to ease discomfort. They have different way of moisturizing the air and they are different types of humidifiers. The evaporative humidifier, is one type of humidifier that uses an internal fan to pull air into the unit and pass it across a filter to absorb moisture. After the air has been saturated with moisture, the fan inside the humidifier will propels it out into your space to circulate. While the ultrasonic humidifiers use an ultrasonic vibrating diaphragm to create water droplets that are forced into your air.

Humidifier that you choose to buy will primarily depends on your preference for the kind of moisture you would like to add to your room or space area. The cool mist humidifiers is a type of humidifier that will distribute room-temperature moisture into a room or space. The moisture is not cold moisture, but the cool mist can make your room’s temperature fall a few degrees cooler. While the warm mist humidifiers type, will distribute heated moisture into your space, which can make your temperature rise a few degrees warmer.

A good tip to follow is to consider cool mist humidifiers for year-round use when temperatures fluctuate. While the warm mist humidifiers are helpful when you want to maintain a warm indoor temperature during a cold and dry weather in the winter. The humidifier heat the water to its boiling point until it vaporizes. The moisturized air move throughout your space or room by heat energy.

Q: How much humidity level is needed?

Answer: According to many sources that we researched, a healthy humidity level is between 30% and 50% and other sources stated, it is between 40% to 60%. Humidity that measures above 50% or 60% may cause trouble. It could be the home of bacteria, mold, dust mites, and other pests. While humidity level that measures below 30% or 40% increases the cold and flu viruses to spread while also leading to uncomfortable respiratory symptoms. So in order to maintain and avoid the problems for too high or too little humidity level, it is wise for you to maintain a stable and static humidity level of between 45% and 50%.

Just buy a hygrometer, to ensure that you are reaching an optimal humidity level as it should be. A hygrometer will measure the humidity level of the air and you can monitor the level. With the hygrometer measurement information, you will know if you need to adjust humidifier operation accordingly. Or if you want to be more efficient, buy a humidifier that has an internal hygrometer that in real time measures your humidity level in the room and adjusts humidifier output automatically.

Q: What is an air washer and the difference with air purifier?

Answer: Air washers are a kind of humidifier that helps clean the air while doing a humidification. Air washer humidifiers filter out allergens and large particles before releasing humidified air into your space. Air washers differ from air purifiers because they remove only larger particles, measuring at least 1.5 microns in size. Air purifiers, particularly HEPA air purifiers, are capable of removing particles measuring as small as 0.3 microns in size as well as microscopic allergens. If have mild allergies, an air washer may provide benefit in eliminating airborne irritants. But if you have moderate to severe allergies, you have to choose to buy an air purifier to relieve your symptoms.

Q: What is the size of the humidifier do I need?

Answer: It depends on the square footage of the area or the room to humidify. Before buying a new humidifier, measure the approximate area of the space or the room you want to humidify. With the area information, buy a new humidifier that is designed to cover an area similar to the size of your room or space.

Keep in mind that lessened tabletop humidifiers will generally be adequate to humidify single rooms and tinier spaces. Extensive tabletop and littler than typical help humidifiers will humidify medium-to significant estimated domains. Solace and in-course whole house humidifiers will cover immense domains and, a portion of the time, your entire house.

Q: What is the capacity of a humidifier?

Answer: The capacity of a humidifier meaning the maximum moisture output per 24 hours. Humidifier’s water tank size, will determine how much water the reservoir can hold when it is filled completely. The humidifier’s capacity is more than its water tank size. Tabletop or compact or portable humidifiers are available in 1-gallon to 4-gallon capacities. While the console humidifiers, feature higher capacities and can often run for longer periods of time.

Q: How to add water to the humidifier?

Answer: Portable tabletop and console humidifiers feature one or more water tank or water reservoirs. Open the water tank or the water reservoir to fill your humidifier and pour in clean water very carefully so in will not splatter. Sometimes you can do this in a kitchen sink, but sometime you can only fill the water using a water bottle.

Q: How many times when being used will I need to refill the water tank of the humidifier?

Answer: The capacity of the water tank will determine how many time you have to refill the water tank of the humidifier. If you have a humidifier with 1 gallon of water tank, mostly you have to refill after 12 hours of use. The 1.7 gallon of water tank can be refilled once every 24 hours if you set the speed to a normal during the day and night. Not all humidifier models can provide continuous humidification for more than 24 hours per refill. But like our best pick, Homedics TotalComfort, the humidifier with 1.7 gallon of water tank can operate up to 80 hours without ever refilling the water tank with normal speed operation. That humidifier can operate long hours without ever refilling the water tank or reservoir.

Q: Can the water tank of a humidifier be filled with hard water?

A: Yes. If you want to use hard water which contains minerals, you should first choose a humidifier with a mineral cartridge. Because hard water contains elevated mineral content, when it is released into the air can rise an unhealthy irritant or better known as white dust. If someone breathing in white dust for a long period of time this can promote respiratory issues or other problematic issues to develop. To avoid this, you can take advantage of the mineral cartridges as it absorb most of the mineral content from hard water. After being filter, there would be less of a risk of unhealthy irritant being released into the air of the room. Now if you do not want to use or you do not plan to have a humidifier without mineral cartridge, you should choose to fill your humidifier with distilled water or any kind of water which is free of minerals.

Q: Is there a timer to be set to the humidifier?

Answer: Yes. Timers are now of of feature of many newer humidifiers. The timer is an advanced digital controls and it has been programmed. The programmable timers allow users of humidifier to program operation to start the humidifier at a certain time needed and will shut off at a certain time. This digital timer is made in order to save energy and ensure that the humidifier unit runs only when needed. Some humidifiers may include a countdown timer instead of a full programmable timer. Countdown timers allow you to program a shutoff time if the humidifier is already running.

Q: How to know much energy does a humidifier use?


The answer is you will never know or you can not now how much. Unless you know how often you use it everyday with the exact time used in 24 hours. Another saying is that it is really difficult to know how much energy a humidifier will show up on your monthly energy bill. There are many factor to consider and to calculate. Like how many hours used in one day, speed setting, the humidifier type, and the electricity price rate. If you really want to know the estimate energy usage and potential energy costs, just keep these in your mind.

  • Warm mist humidifiers commonly humidify smaller areas while using more electricity that the cool mist humidifiers
  • Warm mist humidifiers heat water before releasing it as a warm invisible mist, that is why they use slightly more electricity than cool mist humidifiers
  • Compact tabletop models humidifiers will use less power throughout the day to humidify than console humidifiers
  • The most energy-efficient and least expensive to run is the in-duct humidifiers to use in the long-run

Q: Is a humidifier noisy when operating?

Answer: One type of humidifier may be less noisy and the other rather more noisy when operating at night. The evaporative humidifiers, is the loudest option of humidifiers because it uses internal fans to generate airflow and moving parts will cause noise. Warm mist humidifiers are usually less noisy because they do not use fan to humidify. Cool mist humidifier models is the model that use fan and it would create noise. When you choose an Ultrasonic humidifiers, they will not cause noise, because they produce ultrasonic sound waves at a frequency higher than we can hear.

Q: How to clean humidifier?

Answer: Because humidifier will release mist into the air, the mist should be clean. So to keep the mist clean it is very essential that you clean your humidifier on a regular basis. It is to make sure the humidifier produces healthy moisture and clean air. Allergen and bacteria can stay and live in a humidifier very quickly when you do not clean it regularly. And you know that bacteria and allergen will be released into your air when humidifier is full of them. Clean the water tank after every use if necessary or once a week using a soft brush and a mild cleanser. After cleaning it do not forget to dry before turning it on or before refilling with fresh water. Wipe with damp cloth until it is dry enough to use.

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