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The Best Immersion Blender

Best immersion blender. After spending 38 hours of combining many reviews, gathering data, watching videos, compiling detail comparison, we can conclusively choose Bamix – Pro-1 as the best immersion blender. When seeing the immersion blender blending at smoothies and soups, the Bamix – Pro-1 can work with precision efficiently and they can be controlled comfortably in the palm of hand with an ergonomic design.

The main function of an immersion blender is that you can whip nonfat milk into cream or blend eggs mixture in a bowl or turn frozen fruit into sorbet or blend smoothies of bananas in the cup or grind vegetables directly in the stew pot. You would say that this handy small size devices can be placed in the tight kitchen countertop, can save many spaces.

There are many options of best immersion blender, but this Bamix – Pro-1 just beats them all because of the immersion depth offerings and the most compact of all immersion blender.

#1 Bamix Pro-1 M150 Hand Blender with Wall Bracket
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We decided and analyzed to pick the Breville – BSB510XL Control Grip as the best buy or the runner up of pick because it offers a unique non-scratch head design and a precision ergonomics hand grip. The look is just stylish, luxurious and elegant compared to all of them.

#2 Breville the Control Grip Anti-Suction Handheld Immersion Blender – BSB510XL
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Because of the burned motor factor, choosing immersion blenders should be as far as the low-end models within your budget. Still within reach at a midrange price point, the KitchenAid – KHB2351 is our more cost-conscious pick, providing effective performance and control without breaking the $50 threshold.

#3 KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed Hand Blender
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Best immersion blender comparison and review

BrandMotor SizeWarrantyScoreRatings
Bamix Pro-1 M150150 watts10 years
Best Bean Bag Chair For Adults
Breville BSB510XL280 watts1 year
Best Bean Bag Chair For Adults
Braun Multiquick 9700 watts2 years
Best Bean Bag Chair For Adults
Philips ProMix300 watts1 year
Best Bean Bag Chair For Adults
KitchenAid KHB2561OB200 watts1 year
Best Bean Bag Chair For Adults
Hamilton Beach 59766225 watts1 year
Best Bean Bag Chair For Adults
Epica 4 in 1350 watts2 years
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How to analyze best immersion blender

We took about 38 hours long process of research to finally narrow down our best pick immersion blender. We just search on Amazon, in the hand blenders category, positive reviews and critical reviews, their features, their look, their price, their postures in a video and other testimonial from customers of Amazon. We also look for company brands’ websites, other eCommerce sites, like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Ali-express, Macy’s. We tried to find the most common complaints from each products from its verified purchasers.

We also expanded the research from other reviews websites like nymags, improb, wirecutter, forbes. And also from youtube videos regarding immersion blender. Not to forget, all searched results from Google had gave us deep insights of immersion blender advantages and disadvantages from each product. Many results have recommended commercial grade brands for its durability, versatility and long lasting. And of course the commercial grade would cost higher than other brands.

As we read all positive and negative reviews on Amazon product page, verified purchaser do not have the similar opinions. They really do not have one or two best pick or best buy of all. But purchasers stated about how the price is a factor for long lasting product life. The power consumption is also not a factor for an effective blending or grinding performance. those customers stated that the only needed speed for immersion blender are the low and high. If there are more than two, they will not be necessary.

Why immersion blender, not just an upright desktop blender or food processor

A razor sharp blade is spin by an electric motor which are using a shaft to drive them. It is the basic function of a blender. There are many terms used for immersion blender. It can be called a stick blender or wand blender because there is a stick with blender blades at the end of it. It is also called handheld blender or hand blender because you can hold a blender in your hand to start functioning. Those different terms can all be used, but for the sake of reviews we use the term immersion blender.

Versatility is the main reason an immersion favor a regular blender. Because it is versatile, users can feel the convenience. When using a regular blender or food processor, you have to transfer any food ingredients to be grind or blended from a bowl or a cup. While immersion blenders will let you blend those food right in the stew pot or container. The transfer could become a messy and unsafe task when working with hot liquid food like soups.

When in the morning you are making smoothies for breakfast, you can just put every food or fruit ingredients in the cup directly. Because it is rather compact, immersion blenders can reduce space, reduce hard cleaning of appliances and they are highly flexible. The compact size just a space winner, they are relatively small and easily slide into a drawer or any small container in the kitchen countertops.

We mentioned about how it is easier to clean than a food processor or regular blender. Those food processor and regular blender need to be disassemble then each piece of component can be wash separately. Users of regular blender and food processor are discouraged enough caused by this rather hard to do task. And as for immersion blender, cleaning them is very easy. You just need to detach the shaft and wash them. A very much time saving task and do not need many effort of cleaning or grinding or blending food that you love very much.

Rather that choosing upright blender or food processor can cost mote than $200. While immersion blender which has the versatility and convenience, can save money. Prices may vary start from $26-$35 with a lower end model. While a higher-end models can have the price up to $100. With added accessories, you can add another $50. But the commercial grade immersion blender can go up to $310. Because of often broken motor, you might as well buy immersion blender for as low as $45 so it will not break the bank, but of course it is a low end unit.

What are immersion blender advantages or benefits

As we mentioned in the beginning that immersion blender is seamlessly simple, it is handheld, lightweight, and easy to maneuver. Besides these upper hand, they also have other advantages that we list below.

1. Make soup

Immersion blender can blend cauliflower, carrot, roasted squash, garlic cloves, onions, and turns them into smooth, blended, mix, rich soups. Add warm chicken broth or just water to add the thickness of the soup. Blend all together to make a great soup in a bowl.

2. Smoothies and milkshakes

You might be in a hurry in the morning and wanted to start the day making smoothies or after a busy day you want to make strawberry shake. They all can be whipped by an immersion blender. The whipping of smoothies and milkshakes is of course only valid for one person only, due to the rushing to work in the morning or after office hour in the evening.

3. Mayo

You can skip buying mayo at the store, you can make it at home instead. Oil and egg yolks are the main ingredients of mayo and they are not easy to bind. Immersion blender can bind the two. Let the blender do all the work. Beat the eggs yolk and then slowly drizzling the oil.

4. Vinaigrette

Take honey, olive oil, and vinegar, put them in a bowl, blend those mix. The other recipe is honey, lemon juice, pinch of salt and honey, blend them in a bowl witk immersion blender. Then you have your own vinaigrette.

5. Whipped cream

You can make your own whipped cream using just immersion blender. Let them to the work and they are just very effective to be used as tools in the kitchen.

What to consider in immersion blender

#1 How powerful is the motor of immersion blender? To determine which immersion blender is effective enough for all kind of blending, needs at least have more than 150 watts of power. When the motor is more than 250 watt, it is better while chopping, blending, mixing food and other ingredients into a creamy smoothness.

#2 What is the speed options of immersion blender? When you browse to an eCommerce site, you will notice that most immersion blender have only two speeds, the low and the high speed. Some immersion blender offer more than three speeds. As we mentioned before, even purchasers and users of immersion blender agreed that the two speeds are just enough for mixing and blending. You might need 3 speeds or more when the ingredients are harder to blend or used to crush ingredients.

#3 Which one to choose between corded or cordless immersion blender? The cordless immersion blender are great while camping, outdoor picnic, for use at the office, in a kitchen where there are not many electricity outlets.

#4 Choosing plastic or stainless steel shaft? The more expensive immersion blender models uses stain less steel as the material of the shaft. While the cheaper one, uses plastic for the shaft. Thee problem is that plastic shaft tend to crack or the stain will stick after mixing strong colored ingredients like chili or tomatoes or beets.

What are common parts of immersion blender?

Best immersion blender

There are few basic components or part of an immersion blender. Although part from different brands may vary but these are the common part.

  • Speed control
  • Motor unit
  • Power button
  • Blender shaft
  • Whisk drive
  • Blade

1) Speed control. The impressive advancements in speed control technology for kitchen equipment have been in many research by manufacturers. The speed controls must be automatic to users of blenders. The technology must acknowledging the dialog between man and blender that sometimes can be confusing.

Today’s blender manufacturers have strives to reduce any computation, calculation, the inputs, and specialized knowledge required by the user to a minimum. So today’s immersion blenders will do all the thinking for users. All the user has to do is to input the desired variables of speed, and the control does the rest.

2) Motor unit. The motor unit consist of an electric motor which convert electrical energy into mechanical energy that will propel and force a rotation. This rotation is what drive the blade of the immersion bender in motion. It would be place in a housing unit to protect from any friction with other parts.

3) Power button. It is a switch used to stop and start an electrical current to move the motor unit.

4) Blender shaft. Is a part to connect the motor unit with the blades. Usually it is equipped with rubber to avoid liquid penetration into the motor unit.

5) Whisk drive. Commonly use for mixing.

6) Blade. Razor sharp made of metal use for chopping, blending and other task in a blender.

Who should buy immersion blender?

Since immersion blender are widely used in the kitchen, it is manufactured to help people get the job easier. Even so, countertops blender is still a bigger market in the US. There are about 24 millions blender units (including immersion blender) yearly. It is a big market and it could cover all family household in the US.

People who wanted to get rid of messy kitchen, faster mixing solution, more versatile blending, and easy to wash blender should be the one to buy a high quality immersion blender, not the countertops blender or food processor. And for business owner, commercial grade immersion blender with higher price could be one of their option.

What are brands of immersion blender?

Here is the list of known immersion blender brand sold in the US (especially through Amazon).

  • OXA
  • Mueller
  • KitchenAid
  • CuisinArt
  • Braun
  • Breville
  • HamiltonBeach
  • Bamix

Bamix – Pro-1 M150. The history of Bamix started in the 1950s. A Swiss man named Roger Perrinjaquet, first invented the first ever immersion blender. It was patented on 6th March 1950. They started manufacturing immersion blender or handheld blender since 1954. Bamix brand itself is very popular in Europe and they are very serious about manufacturing immersion blender or handheld blender.

This Bamix Pro-1 M150 is a high quality precision product. The 10 years warranty they provide has proved its worth many times over, and proved how they can be sure about the quality of every factors and every component of the product.

Ideal for daily mixing chores, its outstanding performance that occur in the kitchen plus the ergonomically stylish and unique design, are built to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand for easy use. Because of these amazing features and benefits, the Bamix Pro-1 M150 quality convincingly pushed it to the top. While other immersion blender in its class have cages that form a solid dome over the blade, this Bamix immersion blender product has a four-pin cage.

This feature allows food to easily be drawn across the blade because the cage is open at all sides. This unique design proves how Pro-1 M150 outperformed the immersion blender competition and how the local rotary motion at a point in the food that formed as fluid is sustained consistently during blending and mixing.

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Even with a higher price than other immersion blender, it can be defined as the best immersion blender, for its non-splatter but effective blending control, as well as its deepest submerge or immerse or dip in a liquid form of food in the bowl or container.

The long time history of production and research by Bamix had only resulted a very good performance and pleasing to operate. Bamix Pro-1 M150 has the ergonomic grip design really fits in the palm nicely and placed the speed control at the right spot so the finger can touch and operate it properly. The customers on various reviews stated about the essential speed of only two needed on every immersion blender, this Pro-1 M150 immersion blender give what the customers wanted. The low speed can go to 9,000 RPM, while the high speed can go to 12,000 RPM.

While most immersion blender come with a detachable shaft, meaning the shaft can be cleaned in dishwasher, the Bamic Pro-1 M150 does not have detachable shaft. The shaft can only be cleaned by hand but with this fixed-shaft design has proven successful since its start in 1954. This grand design of sealed and non-detachable shaft allows the motor unit of 180 watt to be partially submerged in the bowl of food. This feature also allow it to have the deepest immersion depth. It is rather a not good feature but the deepest immersion depth can give added benefit to the blending and mixing.

There is also one feature that is different that other immersion blender: the interchangeable blades. There is an attached piston at the end of the shaft to fit with every blade provided (the Bamix provide 4 types of blades in the package). With this blade being easily removed, will make cleaning very simple. Each blade fits onto a piston located at the end of the shaft. Removing the blade actually simplifies cleaning.

The motor unit is very reliable that is why Bamix give 10 year warranty just to proof to its customer how they put so much effort on building high quality long lasting motor unit over the past 60 years. Just to be sure, Bamix 10 year warranty will give confidence to its customers’ views.

These are the list of suitable purposes using the Bamix Pro-1 M150.

  • For at least 10 eggs, it can stiffen and whip egg whites.
  • Fruit can be liquefied and blended.
  • Blend and strain sauces (between 2 to 30 liters) in a warm or cold temperature.
  • Vegetable soups can be liquefied (between 3 to 30 liters).
  • Sauces and soups can be thickened (more than 2 liters).
  • Can mix water, milk, custard, honey.
  • Making fruit or other jams.
  • Combining and mixing fruit, ice cream and milk shakes.
  • Blend herb butter or mayonnaise.

Breville – BSB510XL Control Grip The term Breville can be associated with Australia because it is originated from Australia back in the 1930s. Breville is a vocabulary synonymous with household appliances and the company has been a beacon for innovation in kitchen products for some time now.

In exactly the year of 1932, two Australian named Charles Harry Norville and Bill O’Brien, combined their last names and becomes the Breville brand that we know of today. At first, they only manufactures radios, and at the time of war they were producing mine detectors. In 1956, when it was the first wave of television transmission in Australia, the Breville company started its product and research on small appliances and also television under the brand name Precedent.

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The design of Breville – BSB510XL makes us grade them as great and elegant. The grip feels like it is natural to the palm of the hand, according to testimonies of verified purchasers. With grip made out of quality rubber fit right to the hand and easy enough to touch a single button trigger. That is how the immersion blender got the name, Control Grip. It means a design of ergonomically controlled handle to fit the hand comfortably.

The button trigger, is to put near the hand in natural position to get more controllable and stability while blending. The blender is soft to users but hard on the food. Many testimonies stated that this grip design is very comfortable.

The variable 15 speed control means you can change the speed accordingly. With so much variable speed to choose from, it is unusual because many immersion blender only have between 2-5 speed control. But it still is a good option while blending and mixing. But you still have to pause when trying to change speed. The 15 speeds settings range is helpful when you want to start slow, add a little speed and then gradually increase the speed one speed at a time. This method can be beneficial to prevent food ingredients from spattering. The dial at the top controls the speeds of the immersion blender and it is easily adjustable.

Compared to Bamix Pro-1 M150, the length of immersion depth is shorter but comes in second place behind. It stands at 16.25” long that will provides a full 8” immersion depth. After finishing the mixing and blending, the shaft can be detached quickly by pinching side buttons to release it for washing in the sink. Overall it is a well built immersion blender.

The Breville – BSB510XL immersion blender, has an Assist™ Plug technology, which was designed for giving an easy and safe removal of the power plug from electricity outlet. The design is to provide a finger hole in the power plug. For safety reason plug the immersion blender into its dedicated own outlet and do not overload them with other outlets. If not plug the power plug separately, the immersion blender might not function properly. Do not use the power plug with a power strip or an extension cord.

According to its website, the Breville Control Grip beat out higher priced immersion blender models for rating. It was rated by a leading consumer magazine, as the best immersion blender. The ratings match its high quality materials which is using stainless steel for the blades and the shaft. That is the reason why it is conveniently confirmed as a durable immersion blender. The bottom of the blender has a non-scratch base guard to prevent it from scratching the non-stick pots.

As we read all of verified purchasers positive reviews, we concluded that Breville is stated as a solid and made with high quality product. These are the reason we pick them the second best immersion blender to Bamix Pro-1 M150 and score them a s the best buy immersion blender.

The food preparation guide for Breville – BSB510XL immersion blender

Best immersion blender

* source: the Breville – BSB510XL instruction booklet

The KitchenAid KHB2351CU immersion blender is unquestionably not the most cost effective choice out there, except for its value you get tons benefits out of an immersion blender. The accessories are solid, the mixer has sensible power, and therefore the components that matter like the blades, the shaft, are manufactured from high-quality materials elements. Now, it’s undoubtedly not on identical plane as a Bamix, or the Breville, however it prices abundant but these different choices do, and could be a nice compromise for those that wish higher than average performance and quality, however don’t want a workhorse model with commercial-grade quality.

With their 99 years of history of the company, it has proven the long time process of manufacturing high quality products, especially kitchen appliances. The KitchenAid company was started in the year 1919 by manufacturing stand mixers. The legendary H-5 was the first model of production introduced to the market. The KitchenAid’s stand mixers designs have not changed much since the first production.

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According to reviews we read, many customers stated that the KitchenAid immersion blender yielded a consistently blended smoothies and soups. It also performed a good result the vortex motion and suction. Not similar to the opposite two mid range immersion blender models, it fashioned and performed a controlled vortex applicable for its speed settings, and it evoked considerably less suction.

A firm grasp incorporates the power button, and it is located about 80% up its total length. This position provides is beneficial for stirring around food ingredients.

This immersion blender does have very positive customer reviews on Amazon sites as well as other sites.

Epica Heavy Duty 4-in-1

The Epica Heavy Duty had been designed for a single click attachment release and an easy control for simple powerful use and operation of bl;ending and mixing. It provide a three speed for multi tasking mixing, blending, chopping, whipping and grinding. For a perfect texture of the food ingredients, you can use three variable speed dial, to adjust blade speed on pureeing, juicing, grinding, or chopping.

It can do any task without splatter, from chopping strawberries, mixing milk shakes, crushing apples and blending mashed potatoes. It can consistently do anything with frozen fruit without trouble for quick breakfast smoothies or mayonnaise or gourmet soups or tomato sauces.

With more than 1,100 positive reviews might proof that it is a rather popular immersion blender, although the materials are mostly plastics and the over power of the 350 watt just not needed by verified purchaser, but this is still a good because of the 2 year limited warranty they provide.

Epica Heavy Duty Immersion Hand Blender 4-in-1
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Braun MQ9037X Multiquick 9 ACTIVEBlade

This immersion blender model, provide an Advanced SPLASH control technology which is unique in its class. The technology is a good feature for preventing splashing so it will not resulted in a messy kitchen with still deliver good blending results. The technology proof has a 55%* less suction for great control and powerful handling.

The other technology this immersion blender provide is a flexible shaft that let the motion of the blade to move up and move down. This blade flexibility motion will result in 2x finer blending. The other benefit is that the flexibility of the blade will provide an optimized grind. Optimized grind will give you smooth and flavorful results with only requiring up to 40% more efficient than the traditional shaft. This adjustable blade resulted in an easier cleaning and less food clogs.

The Braun MQ9037X is award winning immersion blender. In 2018, it receive the best in Category and Best of the Best Bronze winners from House Ware Design Award. The other award is the 2018 Product of the Year Canada Award.

All the attachments provided are easy to apply because of its quickly change attachment system.

All the parts and accesories provide on each package:

  • Pilot light
  • Safety button
  • Smart Speed switch / variable speeds
  • Motor unit
  • EasyClick release button
  • Flexible shaft
  • Beaker
  • Whisk
  • Gearbox
  • Puree shaft
  • Paddle
Braun MQ9037X Multiquick 9 ACTIVEBlade Technology Hand Blender
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Philips ProMix HR1670/92

It is consider as a newcomer in the immersion blender category, the Philips – ProMix was outlined as a joint endeavor with a main ergonomics company in Sweden. Like the Braun, the Philips includes a weight alter speed control, and it can likewise trigger a turbo help when pressed the distance. It’s the most slim of our finalists, however still pleasantly weighted, and our solitary model with a titanium-covered sharp edge. We truly delighted in the look and feel of the ProMix; it’s execution simply didn’t exactly measure up to that of our best pick. The Philips is an incredible choice in case you’re attracted to a weight modify trigger yet would prefer not to overdo it for the Braun. It is one of the best immersion blender.

Philips ProMix Hand Blender, Avance Collection, HR1670/92
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