Best Remote Control Car For Kids

Best Remote Control Car

Best Remote Control Car

Are you planning to buy your kid a remote control car? Getting a remote control car for a kid can be a difficult task for newcomer or beginner. This best remote control car for kids review will help you give the best choices to select from and will help you understand what to look for. best RC cars for kids.

One question to answer is Are you kids or teenagers are RC enthusiasts? These cars we recommend will make them creative, happy, and engaged as they play. See the glow on their faces and buy them the right remote control car for their age.

What is the best RC car for the money?

Here’s the best RC cars to buy for any budget.

Best remote control car for kids – Best RC Car Pick Overall and Best RC Drift Car

Drift 4895619

Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car7.2V 2000mAh Battery, 2.4GHz Radio and BL10315 Body

$149.99per unit

7.2v 2000mAh NiMh
Forward and Reverse

72 Reviews | ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This remote control car can maneuver on a different terrains because it is loaded with an Electric Brushed 27T 540 motor. All terrain can be conquered supported by the shaft driven 4 wheel drive operation.

The material of the remote control car mainly are lightweight. The dimension of the body is 360x200x112 (mm). The feature reverse and forward movements is work out with perfection.

When it is drifting, it is supported by the steady control of the wheelbase and it work very well. It will be adding the excitement and fun when drifting with the forward and reverse action.

The strong the plastic chassis will keep the performance do well even after a a long drift.

Equipped with a 2.4 GHz Radio system, it is reliable control mechanism, where not only gaining extra range of controlling the car in terms of distance but also exhibiting a better reflex towards multiple signals in succession.

With the reliable remote control, when running on multiple corners or performing fancy moves, the Lightning EPX Electric Drift Car delivers a efficiency.

Rough terrain would be conquered by the shocks which is oil filled aluminum body. Once the RC car is moving through humps in high speed maneuvers, it will be easier to do than other cars of the same genre.

Why we like this:

  • Poly-carbonate material body
  • Can be for kids or adults
  • Drift ready tires
  • Reliable for all terrain
  • Maneuverability with forward and reverse transmission

Why we do not like this:

  • The plastic body was reported easy to break

Best remote control car for kids – Best Buy Overall

Tozo 5576706

TOZO C5031 Desert BuggyHigh Speed 30MPH+ 4×4 Fast Race Cars

$119.99per unit

7.4V 1500mA Battery
Metal transmission component

72 Reviews | ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Your kids who gets thrilled by speeding, this TOZO C5031 RC CAR Desert Buggy just the RC car for you or your kids. This Tozo RC car was designed to beat the competition and outrace any RC car with a speed of 30MPH. The shock system is independent to absorb significant vibration.

Your 12 years old kid will have 20 mins playing RC car time, 3 hours full charging of the battery.

Equipped with a powerful strong motor that allows it to run smoothly at 30 mph. The speed is unmatched by other RC car.

The RC cars is easy to upgrade and repair. All of the parts has part number that can be easy to find on Amazon.

Why we like this:

  • Metal material bearings
  • Rubber type tires
  • Metal transmission component for reliability
  • Fast speed
  • 2.4Ghz Radio System remote control

Why we do not like this:

  • Only for kids above 12 years old

Best remote control car for kids – A Good Buy RC Car or Best RC Electric Truck

Volcano 1650607

Redcat Racing VolcanoEPX Electric Truck

$149.99per unit

7.2v 2000mAh NiMh
Forward and reverse

375 Reviews | ⭐⭐⭐⭐

With only an the speed of 19 mph, the Volcano EPX will not give the fastest speed but it will give a good performance on all terrain surfaces, with he four wheel drive and the large wheel will support it. (Best RC Electric Truck)

This RC car is a monster-style RC truck designed for off-road use. The RC car will smash through, climb up or launch over most of the obstacles that stand on its way. It can do it all with stability, good handling and solid durability.

Why we like this:

  • Electric Brushed 27T 540 Motor
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • High Torque Servo
  • Can handle all terrain surfaces
  • 2.4Ghz Radio System remote control

Why we do not like this:

  • Short battery life

Rcbenefit 457x1024 2189550

How do wireless remote control cars work?

A remote control car, popular with RC car, can be controlled from a long distance using a remote device, that is self-powered supported by some kind of battery and also custom motor. The remote device works with radio waves.

1. Suddenly when the control is pushed, a specific number of electrical pulses will be transmitted corresponding to the push button action through the air or radio waves. It is transmitted with its own power source and usually a 9-volt battery. With the power source, the transmitter will be able to send the radio waves to the receiver which is located inside the RC car.

2. The remote control car will receive the radio waves almost at the same time as the button is pushed. The receiver will send signal to the motors to kick into life. The power source will immediately send power to all working parts of the RC car.

It is as simple as a transmitter will enable control through radio waves. The receiver will activate the motors. Pressing the button will move the RC car forward and reverse, where a pair of electrical contacts touch. The receiver lastly will identify the backward or forward signal, and then sends it to a circuit.

3. The circuit board which is located inside the RC car will translate many or specific number of electrical pulses or we can call it signals into specific action. Usually a full-function remote controllers own six controls and works with the pulse sequences:

1. Reverse: 40 pulses
2. Forward: 16 pulses
3. Reverse left: 52 pulses
4. Reverse right: 46 pulses
5. Forward left: 28 pulses
6. Forward right: 34 pulses

What are RC car remote control parts?

1. Transmitter: A remote control should contain a radio transmitter. The radio transmitter only operate within a particular frequency and only work with a specific designed receiver to receive the particular frequency.

2. Receiver: The receiver is fixed within the car and constantly receives signals from the transmitter. When a transmission is identified, it translates the number of electrical pulses into action.

3. Power source: It usually use batteries to get power source to operate.

4. Motor and Circuit Board: The motor which run or turn the motion of the RC car. While the circuit board works will be the command center to go on to specific parts.

How fast do remote control cars go?

According to the Guinness World Book of Record, the fastest battery-powered remote-controlled model car is named “Radio Controlled Bullet” which ran at a speed of 325.12 km/h or approximately about 202.02 mph. It was built by a man named Nic Case from the United States. The record was achieved on 25 October 2014 and in Saint George, Utah, USA.

For a normal RC car, it can go from as slow as 20 mph to as fast as 100 mph. There are some fastest electric brush-less or nitro RC cars on the market. The more pricey RC car model can go as fast as more than 60 mph, like the Traxxas Jato 3.3. While the Traxxas XO-1, it can go from 0-100 mph in just 5 seconds.

Best remote control car for kids – Fast RC car 60 mph

3.3 9495722

Traxxas Jato 3.3Nitro-Powered 2WD Stadium Truck

$554.88per unit

TRX® 3.3 Racing Engine
TQi 2.4GHz

10 Reviews | ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Traxxas Jato 3.3 is a very fast and well crafted RC car. It is intended and built for speed. It can reach 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds and top speed of 65 mph right out of the box.

The Traxxas Stability Management, can make the RC car run with stability on slippery surface, without losing control, fishtailing, or spin outs. The RC car can be controlled using an iPod or an iPhone connected the Traxxas TQi radio system with a Docking Base.

Who invented remote control car?

Remote control car have a long and rich history. The first sighting would be as early as 1940s. Starting from that point, there has been many changes, invention and revolution in the shape, modification, functionality, diversification, and performance.

The early models of remote control cars did not use rechargeable batteries. Instead, it used invention that were discovered in 1940s, the nitro methane-powered engines. They were limited in functionality and built in a very small in size.

Since the year 1960, the RC cars take turn to become a commercial product. The first company to introduced commercial remote control car was the El-Gi company from Italy. The factory was located in in Emilia (Emilia-Romagna), Italy.

The first invented and commercial remote control car model was the 1:12 scale Ferrari, 250LM. This model hit market started in 1966 and was first sold in United Kingdom. Another model was introduced by the same company which was a 1:10 scaled Ferrari p4, demonstrated to the public in 1968 in Milan.

Another company named Mardave, started a commercial remote control car in mid 1960s. They were a British RC car making firm.

They use the nitro powered engines and gas powered engine. In the mid-late 1960s, based in Leicester, United Kingdom, began to produce commercially remote control car. Their product were sold locally in the early 1970s.

Remote control and radio control. How do you tell the difference?

The abbreviation may be the same, RC, but how to differ the two can be confusing.

What’s a remote controlled car? It is a type of car which can be operated from a distant location or remote location. An operation from a remote location can be done with a wired remote to a car model. But with wire, the control can be limited in terms of distance. Besides, the usual approach is for a remote to control a car through the use of radio waves.

A remote can contain a radio that communicates with a receiver which is located on the receiver. With that in mind, both terms can actually apply to the same car. So a car that is driven by a remote to utilize radio technology can be called a remote controlled car or a radio controlled car also.

A radio controlled car needs four components required to operate the system. A receiver, transmitter, motor and power source. The interaction between receiver and transmitter are direct with each other.

At the time a transmitter receives a signal, it will need a motor to power the vehicle. For running all components to function, source of power is needed. For the motor and receiver, they would need electric, gas or nitro to get a power source. While the transmitter get the power source from a battery.

What is the best brand of remote control cars?

The top remote control car brands:

1. Traxxas
2. HPI
3. Losi
4. Team Associated
5. Duratrax
6. Redcat
7. ECX

What is the best RC car for under 100?

Here is the list of best remote control car under$100.

Best remote control car under $100 – The Best Pick Overall

Sommon 3211899

TOZO C1142 RC CarHigh Speed 30MPH 4×4 Fast Race Cars1:24 RC Scale

$69.90per unit

30 mph
Remote control:
2.4GHz radio technology, 100 meter range

125 Reviews | ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Tozo RC car is a very fast RC car with maximum speed of 32+ mph. The motor is super powerful. Its highest speed is 32 MPH and scaled at 1/24.

The handle is a 4 wheel drive which is much easier than the 2 wheel drive.

Your kids can assemble all the parts from scratch with a screwdriver. It would be a wonderful experience for them and it will be easy to do because all the parts have a number and proper direction has been given with the kit.

The wheel is equipped with independent shockproof system to give maximum toleration to shocks and vibration. The TOZO C1142 RC Car is proven to be an effective and well-performing RC car.

Why we like this:

  • Very durable and longer lifetime
  • Fast and can reach maximum 32+ mph
  • An efficient operation
  • Good performance RC car

Why we do not like this:

  • Can not work on all terrain especially mud

Best remote control car under $100 – The Best Buy or Best RC Car for Beginners

Hosim 4010356

Hosim 9112 All Terrain RC CarOffroad 2.4Ghz 2WD Remote Control Truck

$72.99per unit

Remote control:
2.4Ghz radio system

612 Reviews | ⭐⭐⭐

This Hosim 9112 All Terrain RC Car has a powerful motors that can drive the RC car to up to 33 MPH speed. The range is approximately 260 feet.

The throttle and steering are very responsive and sensitive to any condition and situation. It is efficient, good performance at its high speed and 2.4 Ghz radio system.

The durability is unquestionable because of the design. The longevity is longer because of its S- truck suspension technology, longer than other RC car.

The RC car is perfect fit beginners because of the detailed performance. The car can flip, turn and drift, and there will not be any difficulty to run it on wet or even dry surface.

The battery takes 3 hours to charge to the fullest and you will be able to run for 12 minutes at a time.

Why we like this:

  • Reliable and superior control
  • Highly efficient operation
  • Can handle all terrain surfaces
  • Good performance RC car

Why we do not like this:

  • Prone to break and hit by obstacles

The benefits of playing remote control car

Remote control car are like all toys or playthings, they can provide kids or children with many benefits that can not be seen in other kind of toys for kids. Let look at benefits of remote control cars for kids.

#1 Enhance the visual-motor coordination

By using a remote control devices to drive a miniature vehicle from a distance, actually require good coordination between the eyes and reaction of the muscles of the hand, toggling or pressing the proper sticks or buttons to make the correct maneuver. All of these actions are all about the function of the brain.

When they see the remote control cars, it receive information about the current condition, then it processes these cars’ condition information and the brain send a signal to the nerve impulses. The hand knows which muscle needs to move to make the remote control car brake, run faster, or doing the unthinkable maneuvers.

If we count these actions in time, we can see that it happens in just 1-2 seconds and maybe shorter. The more kids play with best control car for kids, the more efficient the connection between the the brain, the muscle and the eyes for better hand-eye coordination.

#2 Boost and solve the spatial intelligence and awareness

The hand-eye coordination is the brain’s spatial and depth perception. Because remote control car is controlled from the distance, the kids’ eyes will send signals to the brain to give a rough estimate of the current and relative position of the remote control car in space and in relation to its surroundings.

This time, the brain will carefully assess the distance of the remote control car to any obstacle on its way or any other object within remote control car’s space. When seeing any obstacles, the brain process a necessary motor impulses to be sent to the muscles of the hand or any other group of muscles in the body. This is an aspect of problem solving of spatial intelligence and awareness.

#3 Provide a vision of imagination and creativity

Remote control cars are to be assembled before use. They come with different, kits parts and accessories to come up with own design and style of remote control car. With these kits, it will give kids the opportunity to build their own remote control car, trucks, speedsters, roadsters, and all-terrain vehicles.

This will simply encourages kids to use their creativity and imagination. Problem solving skill like this will definitely promote logical and scientific thinking of kids. Kids must decide for themselves, whether to put a certain kind of vehicle part on their remote control car kits to achieve a desired outcome. This is what scientific process is all about.

#4 Strengthen relationship within the family

Playing with remote control car will substantially improve and strengthen family bonds. When parents facilitate the need of remote control car and its parts or accessories, it can a significant impact on the kid’s emotional health, and the development of his or her social relationship skills. Happiness will be provided for the kids because they will be felt appreciated or kids are strongly affirmative of what they’re doing.

#5 Responsibility

The price of remote control cars is certainly not affordable. Especially remote control car that has to be assembled from scratch. With this in mind, kids will learn the value of being responsible for their toys by keeping their expensive remote control car in pristine condition.

They have to oil the gears, remove the debris and dirt, and clean the other parts and accessories so everything is in order. By doing these things, kids will learn how to value everything they won with just taking well care of them. The responsibility means how to become owner and taking care of what they own.

What are features to be considered of a RC car?

Before jumping into a hobby, it is the best interest to gain an overview of RC car. There are several characteristic about RC vehicles that are important to understanding the type of RC car that you want to buy for your kids.

Which RC car should I purchase? A good question, but it is actually should be: Which type of RC car will you buy? These are features to consider when buying remote control car:

1. Cost. Brushed motor comes cheaper than the brushless motors, since brushless motor can run fast. For beginners or kids, it is not recommended to buy fast RC car because it is difficult top handle. They may end up crashing or breaking. The more expensive one have more powerful motors and engine mechanisms.

2. Brand. The brand of RC car can determine the quality that can give performance.

3. Body. Metallic and Plastic are the two kind of body commonly used by RC car. The Metallic RC vehicles or RC cars can be more expensive because of its material. Because metallic are heavier than plastic, the can move slower considering its weight and size.

The Plastic RC cars are light and flexible. They run faster compared to the metallic one. When you want a durable RC car, choose the metallic body. But for racing or speed purposes you must choose the plastic body RC car.

4. Battery pack. You might want to consider to buy a stronger battery charger because you want to play longer. But if you do not want to recharge, buy the nitro and petrol RC cars/vehicles. You just simply refuel when it runs dry.

5. Remote Control. You can see first how comfortable to use the remote control before buying one.

RC car can be categorize into two type: the toy grade remote control car and hobby grade remote control car. The hobby grade RC car is expensive, but they are faster, better built and very durable.
There are major categories of RC car:

1. Buggy RC car: RC car that can run on both the off-road and the street are buggies and they may be considered as hybrid RC car. On the flat surface street they work very well. On the bumpy off-road they can handle well. The difference is when they are on the off-road, they run slower.

2. Drift RC car: Drifting RC car is for professional because it is difficult to handle and control.

3. Street RC car: These RC cars can only run well on flat, paved surfaces street. They are speedy and does cornering well. They really are not for off-road and all terrain surfaces.

4. Trucks RC car: They are good for heavy off-roading. They run very slow on the street.

5. Truggy RC car: These RC cars are best suited to off-roading than the street.

FAQs about RC car:

What other consideration of buying RC car or RC truck or RC buggy?

Other thing to consider is the crash-rating. Consider the metallic body RC car which are more durable but heavier.

What type of batteries should RC car use?

The most common batteries used are the AA and 9V batteries. Some RC cars use nitro motors. Some RC car engine may need fuel or batteries.

When I have two the same RC cars, can I use them at the same time. with different controller?

You must check to ensure if they have different frequencies for the controllers. Mostly, manufacturers have multiple frequencies on the car and controller so the answer is no problem with this.

Can all remote control cars jump?

Only off-roading remote control cars are more suited for jump. While street car types is more suitable on s flat surface. If you see suspension shocks on a remote control car, it can do the jump.

Can I customize my own RC car?

Customizing remote control car is way more than possible to do. There are RC car kits to build customized models. When you are a beginner however, you might want to buy a ready to use RC car.


When kids receive gifts from their parents, there are only a few gifts that will thrill them. The best remote control car or best RC cars is almost every kid’s dream. They would want RC car more powerful, feature-rich, and better performance. Because they are kids, consider durability, ease of control and comfort to operate. With these features RC car will serve the kid for long.