7 Best Rowing Machine Under 500 2020 Ultimate Guide

Best Rowing Machine Under 500. If you want an extensive exercise or workout that will sculpt your hamstring, torch those calories, build up your aerobic fitness, and sculpt glutes, a rowing machine can help you achieve these goals. The rowing machine takes the rowing motion on an actual boat and applies them in an indoor rowing motion.

The rowing machine provides working your entire body in a way no marathon routine can. That is just one reason why you need the best rowing machine under 500 that fits your budget.

Since the rowing machine is compact and some models are foldable, they can make an excellent addition to your home gym.

What are benefits of using a rowing machine

If you are a beginner, selecting an exercise program that is right for you can be not very clear. To get your whole body in shape does not translate to having to scale mountains or hit the road for a steady run.

One great way to shape your body and improve your health is to use a rowing machine. You are exercising using a rowing machine means it will have a low impact on your whole body, but it is accessible for all levels and ages.

One rowing machine is one exercise equipment that can duplicate the motion of rowing a boat in the water, or that can provide low impact full-body workout.

You work out numerous major muscle groups to develop your lower body and upper body. It is a pretty serious aerobic workout that gets your lungs working and your heart pumping.

1. Upper body workout

Rowing machines can give you provide an excellent upper-body workout. After an exercise on the machine, it will provide low impact workout to lats in the lower back, trapezii in the upper back, and rhomboids in the shoulders.

You have the advantage of having a reduction to your back pain and improved posture. Your abs, pecs, and biceps will be advantageous because the rowing exercise helps you develop a stronger core.

Because you give a firm grip on the oars, stronger wrists and hands are the result.

2. Lower body workout

The primary benefit of a rowing machine is the lower body workout. There is involvement to your the quads in the upper front of the thighs.

After the rowing exercise, the glutes and calves also feel the impact. Working on your lower body will burn calories quicker and help you have a great looking posture.

Besides enhancing muscle tone and muscle strength, rowing exercise also provides resistance training to maintain balance and flexibility.

3. Aerobic exercise

This rowing macing can be used for all ages and all fitness levels. No matter your profile, a fitness plan involving aerobic exercise or cardio equipment is vital to your overall health.

Regular aerobic exercise like rowing exercise can give you advantages of having a higher immune system, increased stamina, and weight loss. It would be an endorphin released as you row to help you improve your sleep quality and mood.

Rowing exercise raises your heart rate and increases your oxygen intake for an effective cardio workout.

4. Low impact cardio

If you have joint problems and are overweight, you have to avoid high-impact workouts that may give you more risks. A low-impact rowing exercise is an excellent choice for you who can not perform walking, running, yoga, and hiking.

The rowing motion is low impact, that will give you minimal stress on the joints. Rowing exercise is an excellent choice to avoid injury as well as to strengthen your knees after surgery.

Rowing motion can minimize your risk of getting you back getting injured. You allow your legs to do the work without giving pressure to your back.

5. Weight loss

If you plan to have a routine rowing exercise, it will help you increase your energy, tone your muscle, and burn calories. One 60-minutes rowing machine exercise will burn about 600 calories.

Compared to one stationary bike, you have to ride 80 minutes to match a 60-minute rowing machine workout. You can lose weight about one pound per week combined with eating a healthy, balanced diet.

6. Fun exercise

If working out is terrifying you, you do not have the motivation to do it. Creating an exercise plan that you can have fun with will make you have a successful health achievement.

The rowing motion will make you engage with your exercise. As time goes by, your routine rowing exercise will give you more resistance.

You can place your rowing machine in front of your big-screen TV to watch your favorite music band playing music during your row. Another thing you can do is ask your best friend to work out together and have fun while chatting.

You will have fun rowing, and you become a pro as you make your fitness plan in place.

7. Increased stamina, strength, and endurance

If you are doing nothing with less physical activity, sometimes it can make you feel fatigued. You can fix this problem by doing rowing exercises regularly. So even though you may feel exhausted, you will give you energy and increase your endurance.

Using your rowing machine means you work out your muscle and cardiovascular. You will not find both benefits when working with another exercise machine.

A routine workout will increase your stamina and improve your metabolism. When you get more energy, it will drive you with more love.

8. Easy to use

If you are a beginner, you need not worry because exercising on a rowing machine is easy to do, easy to learn, and ideal for all ages and fitness levels. Use the right technique when you are doing rowing exercise.

It is to avoid getting injured and maximize your workout to the fullest.

List of the best rowing machine under 500

1. Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine with 8 Resistance Settings And Transport Wheels

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The Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine has an excellent display monitor that displays your exercise data, including heart rate pulse, workout distance, and the burned calories. The flywheel is 11 pounds that provide for excellent workout resistance and provide an efficient workout.

The seat is designed ergonomically, and it is a durable mold injected seat. The handlebar is covered with foam for a better and comfortable workout experience.

You can use the adjustable foot straps that can fit the any-sized shoe. You can set the rower to eight different resistance in your reference.

Its paddle has an anti-slip property, and the resistance levels are designed for different levels of users.

2. Goplus Water Rowing Machine

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This Goplus Water Rowing Machine is an affordable water rower machine. You can be sure that this is designed with durable and heavy-duty construction.

To get resistance from rowing, all you have to do is fill the amount of water. The more water in the tank, the higher the resistance level.

The pulse heart rate is displayed on the display that shows your heart rate, speed, and time. The main rail is completely rust free because it is made with aluminium alloy.

You do not have to worry about any defect or dysfunctionality because it comes with a three years warranty.

3. Tunturi R30 Cardio Fit Series Rower

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Tunturi R30 Cardio Fit Rower machine is designed for casual users and beginners. The design is simple, with eight adjustable resistance levels according to your preference. You can adjust with a knob.

It has an LCD monitor with a control panel that shows important workout data. The rowing machine is built with high quality, durable, and strong.

When you are done using the machine, you can fold and store it easily. You can use the machine for a long time.

4. Marcy Foldable Turbine Rowing Machine Rower

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The Marcy Turbine Rower is a great looking and sturdy rowing machine. It has an adjustable paddle strap for all sizes of shoes.

Eight adjustable magnetic resistance setting can be set to the padded handlebars. The setting of the resistance level in accordance to your fitness goal requirements.

You can perform numerous exercise and have a custom workout setting. You can monitor your RPM, burn calories, workout speed, distance, and workout time by looking at the built-in extensive Display system.

It comes with a comfortable seat, easy transport wheels and foldable, and two years of the limited warranty.

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor

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If you want to have a quality exercise within your budget and having a high-quality rowing machine like Sunny Health & Fitness is an excellent choice. It has a comfortable adjustable seat so you can have rowing exercise efficiently.

It is lightweight, movable, and equipped with LCD Display that shows calories, distance, heart rate, and time. It is easy to assembly providing a smooth rowing experience.

6. Merax Water Rowing Machine

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This Merax Water Rowing Machine has a good design, made with a durable frame for light water, and works smoothly and noiseless. When you want to relocate this rowing machine, you can do it fast using its transport wheels.

You do not have to worry if you live in a small house or small apartment because the dimension is for saving space. You will have an optimum workout or exercise because of its excellent resistance level while rowing on a comfortable seat.

It would be an efficient workout when you can see your heart rate pulse tracked from the large LCD monitor. Everyone can use this rowing machine because the foot position is for any size shoes. The great thing about this rowing machine is that you can set up the device quickly and be ready to go.

7. LifeSpan RW1000 Indoor Rowing Machine

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When you are worried about warranty, this LifeSpan RW1000 Indoor Rowing Machine has an excellent warranty policy. Once you own this machine, you can start quickly because it comes with manual instruction that can make you assemble the device with ease.

You will be seated comfortably on a padded seat with foam that can be adjusted, and start the rowing with less noise and smooth resistances. Once you are seated, the structure will hold you firmly because it is made of a solid steel frame.

You will be very informed about distance, time, strokes, calories, and strokes per minute, looking at the sizeable three-LCD console that provides workout feedback. The most important thing is that this machine has an affordable price that is suitable for any size of users.

After you finish your rowing exercise equipped with 16.5″ flywheel, you can be sure to fold the machine easily.

Factors to consider when purchasing a rowing machine

1. The price

The first thing in mind about the rowing machine is quality. That is your primary focus.

That is because you are going to use the rowing machine routinely. The quality is crucial, and you must not think about the price.

Focus on the experience and then match that experience with the price that fits your budget. It would be best if you discovered what will work and what is available for your needs.

2. Folding or fixed rowing machine

You must know that the folding rowing machines occupy a small space while the fixed rowing machine may be space-consuming.

3. Types of rowing machine

a. Magnetic rowing machine

Magnetic rowing machine means that it uses magnets for offering adjustable resistance. These magnetic rowing machines are less noise and lightweight.

The magnetic rowing machine provides a flexible resistance system to allow an actively rowing operation. The resistance buttons are on the handles for more convenience to use.

b. Air rowing machine

The definition of air rowing machines is a rowing exercise machine with a flywheel to provide resistance thru a regulator lever that will adjust the airflow. Air rowing machines have an efficient and effective resistance system.

These rowing machines can be awkward because you must lean forward to improve the lever. Some air rowing machine models produce a loud noise while running.

c. Water rowing machine

A water rowing machine is utilizing water to get resistance. There are water rowing machines that have a resistance lever on its tank.

You can adjust the tension on the fly, without getting off the machine. Water rowing machines are adjustable and unique in their design.

4. The Rower, Seat and Sliding Track

If you decide to use a rowing machine for your exercise, think about the durability and the construction of the rowing machine. Rowing machines should be made of durable material and comfortable with an ergonomic handle to facilitate the rowing exercise.

The length of the seat and the material must be durable too.

5. The warranty

Most rowing machines manufacturer companies come with at least two years of warranty. The longer the warranty they provide, the better. When you are purchasing a rowing machine, make sure the store you are purchasing from back up the manufacturer’s labor warranty.

How to maintain your rowing machine

1. Lubricate the rowing machine

Some rowing machines models come with a chain that attaches the rowing handle to the flywheel. The chain has to spin the wheel and move smoothly when being pulled by the handle.

A smooth motion can be achieved by oiling the chain and cleaned them from buildup. A collection of dust and debris can disturb the working of the chain, affecting the quality of your rowing machine workout.

To oil the rowing machine, use a light film of oil on the chain about three times a year. What you have to do is to pull out the chain, then take a paper towel to apply the oil while holding the handle.

You might have to ask someone else to help you with this.

Please make sure you always check for buildup before greasing it. Remove any dust, debris, or dirt using an automotive degreaser and paper towel.

2. Tighten the screws

There are many parts of a rowing machine. They are mostly joined together with screws.

After a while and many uses, some of them may become loose. The loose screws may fall off if not tighten.

Use tools to tighten any screws of your rowing machine that are coming off. Inspect these screws regularly, to know if they are in good working condition.

3. Wipe after use

Stain and dust should be accumulated on the surface of your rowing machine. The surface may drop on the surface of the rowing machine and trap dirt. This dust may become stains with time.

The sweat and dust may take out the coating on the rowing machine. When the coating comes off, the sweat may penetrate the metal and causing rust. Rust will weaken the frame.

Make sure to wipe clean any sweat off the surfaces after each rowing machine exercise. Cover your rowing machine so there will be no dirt and dust.