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Best Size Luggage For 7 Day Cruise 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Best size luggage for 7 day cruise. Different from taking an airplane, when you are going on a cruise, chances are you are going to pack a little more than just one toothbrush. You should have many questions in your mind about how much you can pack, what you can bring, how big is my luggage and much more.

How to pack for a 7 day cruise?

If going on for 7 days cruise, these are essential things to bring along. 3-5 bathing suits. 2 pairs of comfortable shoes. 2 pair of flip-flops. 1 pair of sneakers.

4 shorts, 7 casual shirts, 3 beach cover-ups, 3-7 pairs of socks, 7-10 pairs of underwear, 3 bras, 3-7 sports Bras, 1 sweatshirt/sweater, 1 hat or visor, and 1 disposable rain poncho.

How much is a 7 day cruise?

Cruise fares can be expensive. Caribbean sailings routinely advertised for less than $75 per person per day. But they do not accurately represent total cost of a cruise.

Three major factors that influence the cost 7 day cruise fare are the line you sail on, the cabin you choose, and the destination. It is possible to find a Carnival cruise for $50/night, but a balcony cabin could cost $200/night, so you can choose according to your budget.

How much luggage can I bring?

Packing for a 7 day cruise can be a challenge. But you have to consider any limitation to what you can bring along.

Once you notice about cruises, it is not like airlines where you will be charged for the extra amount of luggage you carry with you. There is practically also has no reasonable limit on how much luggage you can bring on board.

Each passenger have been encouraged by most cruise lines to reasonably limit to bring luggage to two suitcases. The weight of each luggage less than 50 pounds (22.68 kg). With two luggage, you can also bring carry-on luggage with you.

Even though there is no strict restrictions, you have to think about what would happen when you are about to board the cruise line. If you bring a lot of big luggage, you have to imagine that later on you have to get all your luggage to and from the cruise ship.

That would be a big task if you have extra luggage. Two luggage would be too much for you since you have to at least have someone else to carry all that luggage aboard the cruise ship.

You have to think to pack reasonably, and you have to bring lot of different clothes during the cruise. You can wear the same shirt twice or the same pants twice.

Use every ship’s laundry service for this matter if you need it. If you are taking two luggage and one carry-on luggage, then you are bringing too many items list.

Are there restrictions on what I can bring?

[su_highlight background=”#e2f0fc”]The security people of the cruise line would have list of restricted items you can bring on board a cruise. You should be informed prior to the cruise. You are restricted to bring weapons on board including guns or long knives or small axe or multi tools or pepper spray or scissors. It would be best for the safety of other people and for you on board the cruise ship to leave those weapons at home.[/su_highlight]

[su_highlight background=”#ddff99″]You are prohibited to carry with you anything dealing with fire. Fire is the most dangerous thing on board a ship. Items including irons, flammable fluid, candles and incense. Anything that can start a fire, it would be best to leave it at home. Other restricted items are alcohol such as wine or champagne or beer or hard liquor. They are almost never allowed.[/su_highlight]

Like the procedure of boarding an airplane (without the delivery), your large luggage will be x-ray by the cruise’s employee, carry them aboard, and then deliver your luggage to your room. This entire process will take hours to finish. Because of the long amount of time to finish the luggage delivery to your room, you as a passenger are encouraged to bring few items you might need during the few hours of waiting on the cruise ship. You might carry with you items such as your passport, your travel documents, medications, water bottle, toothbrush, sun glasses, swimsuit, candy, your iPhone and one or two change of clothes for meal time.

Here is list of tips to what bring along a cruise.

#1. Wear your biggest items during  embarkation and debarkation to save the room in your suitcase, like your tennis shoes and your hat.

#2. As mentioned before, do not bring too many clothes, just pack half as many clothes as you need. When those clothes get dirty, go to the laundry service onboard or dry cleaning services. Have those clothes clean, and when they are ready, wear them again. Even though you have to pay for the laundry service, but it is worth it when you can efficiently lift just your one and only luggage or suitcase. You may not even need a Porter!

#3. For cruise event shows or dinner time, just bring with you sundresses instead of many tops and pants, so that you are packing fewer items. Bring along thin shirts or polo shirts, instead of bulky coats.

#4. Do not bring too many swimsuits. Just bring one or two of them. After you use them, they can be hand washed and hung to dry somewhere in your cabin or stateroom. Bring clothespins to hang them until it is dry enough to wear it again.

#5. Do not hesitate to use use every inch of your luggage, and you have to make sure to utilize every outside pockets on your luggage, which are commonly unused. Utilize the pockets for unbreakable and  small items in them, such as undergarments ans socks.

#6. For your over the counter medication, use pill cases to avoid bigger bottles. Do not take another bag just for toiletries, you can use a strong plastic zip bags. This is to store items that could leak out so you can pack them in your one luggage or suitcase.

#7. When you are on a Norwegian Cruise Line, you do not have to bring the following items such as shampoo and conditioner, soap, hairdryer, clothes hangers, bathroom cups, and beach towels. Because those items are provided by the cruise line.

If you plan to get off the cruise ship and going to a local destination, you might buy a lot of souvenirs. You think will not have room in your luggage to bring those souvenirs back, all you have to do is pack a, easily folded  small bag in your luggage to use for the return trip home.

Things to consider when buying luggage for 7 day cruise

This time the below considerations are provided to give you some insight into the types of things you look for when buying luggage. You should know that because of your own personality, there is not one luggage can fit everyone’s needs. How you travel on a cruise is probably very different from how everyone else travel.

The weight and the size of luggage

You really have to know that almost everyone who travel, never under packed their trip. Because everyone think they do not want to miss anything on their cruise trip.

It would be much easier if you over packed your luggage and end up carrying a heavy 50 pounds of luggage. Even though the cruise line will not charge extra fees for overweight luggage, be sure your luggage is not heavy when it is empty.

Many times you see on the description that luggage are marketed as lightweight, but do not take their word for it. You have to be sure to find the actual weight of the luggage printed on the sales tag. A lightweight luggage should weight about 6 pounds.

Many lightweight luggage are soft-sided, which is great for stuffing the bag into a smaller size.  If you are on a 7 day cruise and bring items that could be easily damaged, then purchase a harder side piece of luggage. The best medium size luggage is a choice.

The Easily Damaged Things

There are parts of a luggage that are prone to break. So when you buy luggage online and the delivery completed, you have to inspect them and return them if there is any flaw. Inspect those parts that usually break. Such as the wheels, straps, handles, zippers, the seams, stitching and hardware. Make sure where you buy online have a return policy so you can return your luggage when you find a break part.urability and the construction

Best materials for durability and ease of travel for a luggage have four elements to consider. It would be the waterproofing feature, the frame, and the fabric use. If the luggage has inner frame, look for fiberglass material which provides strength and it is very lightweight. For the fabric, choose a strong and light fabric such as ballistic nylon. Waterproofing is very important too so look for fabric protector coatings as well.

Stylish luggage

If you are looking for stylish luggage do not purchase a black color luggage. They are out of style. A canary yellow luggage is among the favorite color of luggage. You would be happier when you have a colorful luggage and it will look stylish. Like today’s hard case luggage with incredible designs and colorful option that become movable art. You can even match your clothes with your colorful luggage you carry.

The warranty and the brand

Some brands have a reputation for the quality and durability of their luggage. Briggs and Riley has a lifetime performance guarantee even covers airline damage. Tumi has a five-year warranty. TravelPro and Victorinox both have limited lifetime warranty.

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List of Best Size Luggage For 7 Day Cruise

1. Briggs & Riley Torq Hardside 29″ 4 Wheel Spinner

[su_highlight background=”#e2f0fc”]The Briggs & Riley Torq Hardside 29″ 4 Wheel Spinner is built with high quality material. This is the best medium size luggage,
and the perfect choice for packing for a 7 day cruise. It features durable steel components and recessed double spinner wheels. You can pack your items easily with a perfectly guiding the process.[/su_highlight]

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2. TUMI – Alpha 2 Extended Trip 4

[su_highlight background=”#e2f0fc”]The TUMI – Alpha 2 Extended Trip 4 is made of ballistic nylon which is very strong and lightweight. It can be best medium size luggage. Perfect choice for packing for a 7 day cruise. The features including front U-zip pocket, front straight zip pocket, top side and bottom grab handles. It is easy to handle and help you feel comfortable while on a 7 day cruise.[/su_highlight]

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3. Travelpro Platinum Elite 29” Expandable Spinner Suiter

[su_highlight background=”#e2f0fc”]Travelpro Platinum Elite 29” Expandable Spinner Suiter will keep your clothes wrinkle-free during travel. It addresses the mostly concerns of most travelers which is the affordable price. The luggage has a replaceable and smooth rolling wheels. The handle is solid and comfortable. Its internal chassis is solid, weighing at 7.8 pounds when empty. Perfect choice for packing for a 7 day cruise.[/su_highlight]

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So now when you have your luggage, it is time to set what you have to bring on a 7 day cruise. Here is some of the list.

7 day cruise packing checklist
for male:

  • 1 two-piece linen suit
  • 1 shirt
  • 1 jeans
  • 1 khakis
  • 7 lightweight shirts
  • 2 sweater
  • 3 flannel shirts
  • 7 underwear
  • 7 socks
  • Toiletries

7 day cruise packing checklist
for female:

  • 2 dress
  • 1 blazer
  • 1 blouse
  • 1 heels
  • 2 jeans
  • 1 sneakers
  • 7 underwear and 5 bras
  • 1 fleece
  • 1 yoga pants
  • 1 flannel shirt
  • 1 makeup kit
  • 5 socks
  • 7 lightweight shirts
  • 2 sweaters

Do not pack any of the following items

  • Hair dryer – this should be provided by the cruise.
  • Beach towels – use the beach towels provided on the ship.
  • Drinks/snacks – enjoy every drink and snacks on the cruise ship.
  • Shampoo/conditioner– you should find these in your bathroom.
  • Do not pack your medication in checked bags.
  • Do not pack your passport.