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Best Sunglasses For Driving

Best Sunglasses For Driving Sun Glare

If you think sunglasses are just a non essential or build for style accessory or just to make you look cool, you think wrong. Many guys think that sunglasses are just plain glasses with little or no advantage what so ever.

Actually sunglasses serve a very important purpose for guys who want to wear their favorite shades before going out with his car or hitting the road.

A single most important advantage of sunglasses is that sunglasses help to protect the eyes from dangerous UV rays or sun rays. The next advantage would be, wearing sunglasses will improve visibility and clearer vision. Protect from debris and wind would be an added advantage.

When you are driving a motorcycle or driving a SUV in a busy city freeway or in a rural area, sunglasses will make the difference in the way you drive.

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The danger of sun glare

One day when you drive your car, you find yourself slowing down because your vision somehow become a little blur and you could not clearly see where you were going.

Shielding and squinting from the sun are not the only thing to worry about. The glare from your windshield has proven to be one that can block the vision.

This glare commonly come from the sun flare is major cause of traffic accidents.

The danger is particularly high around sun sets at around 6 pm when most drivers was driving home. Glare of the sun according to Dailymail, causes nearly more than 3,000 accidents a year in the UK alone.

If the a car or a SUV casts a long shadow in front, it is very likely that those other drivers coming out of turnings and oncoming drivers will have difficulty seeing the car or SUV.

Even though the windshield is protecting the car, the natural shape of curved glass windshield can produce bright glares and reflections that cause more trouble than sun set.

How to avoid accident from sun glare

Sun glare is the most underestimated and underrated causes of car accidents. In a split second of sun glare influence blindness is enough to cause a car accident.

Sun glare is usually caused by a low angled sunlight. Glare at night is usually caused by car headlights. There are many precautions you can take to avoid a car accident.

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  • Put on a polarized sunglasses. This polarized sunglasses uses type of glasses that will block the sunlight that shine in random direction by the windshield or glare. The blocking will give clearer view of the road. You have to store them in your compartment.
  • Take advantage of the car’s sun visor. Sun visor can block the sun glare or any glare and you just have to position it to block as much sunlight or glare as possible. You might want to wear a hat or take a higher seat that will also help.
  • Spray the windshield with glass cleaner and keep them clean always. You have to make sure clean both outside and inside surfaces. Grime, dirt and dust can scatter glare, car headlight or sunlight, making the glare just getting worse.
  • If you have a damage windshield, you must replace them immediately. A cracked, scoured and pitted windshield can also increases glare.
  • Windshield wiper blades must be replace when it gets older. Most of you think these inexpensive wiper blades is just a wiper. The difference of a good wiper blades and an old wiper blade is the way you see the road during bad weather. Water streaks during hard rain can reduce your vision. Especially at night, creating glare from the headlights of other cars.
  • Do not store any object on the dashboard. Sunlight coming from above reflects off any object on the dashboard back to the windshield and then divert the glare into your eyes.
  • Keep the distance between vehicle. Sunlight induced glare that can caused a harder to see the brake lights of the car ahead. Increasing the following distance gives you more time to react.


The sun’s effect on the eyes

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  • Cataracts. It is a clouding of the eye’s lens that can reduce vision of the eyes. According to reports, an estimated 20% of cases of cataracts are caused by extended UV exposure.
  • Macular degeneration. It is a damage of the retina that eliminate the central vision. Ultraviolet radiation may be related to macular degeneration.
  • Pterygium (Surfer’s Eye). It is a growth of pink, fleshy tissue on the conjunctiva that starts on the clear tissue of the eye that may spread to the cornea of the eye. It is more common in people who spend a lot of time outdoor and with sun exposure. According to report, Pterygium and ultraviolet radiation has a positive correlation.


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The benefits of wearing sunglasses

Here is a list of benefits of wearing sunglasses.

#1. Prevent health problems related to the exposure of the sun.

Human’s eyes are sensitive. If the eyes spend a lot of time outdoor and exposed to the sun can lead to a variety of health problems. Some can be serious but some are only minor or painful or irritating. Wearing a pair of high quality and the best sunglasses can help to protect you from the sun’s damaging rays. You should always wear your best sunglasses for driving.

#2. Protection from outside elements.

The sun UV rays is not the only factor that can damage your eyes. Here is a list of outside elements that may add risk of damage to the eyes.

Snow. The snow reflects 80% of UV rays from the sun. Snow is causing a very high reflective of UV radiation. Fresh snow reflects much more UV radiation than water reflection. Always cover up the eye with sunglasses so you will not suffer from snow blindness, where glare from the sun actually burns the cornea. So in the winter with snow outside, when you drive your car, you should wear your best sunglasses for driving because of this bad sun reflection.

Sand. Your eyes would be dangerous and painful if sand get in the eyes. A scratch can occur by a tiny grain of sand and this will have a permanent damage to the eyes. Sunglasses might be the only great way to protect the eyes from sand.

Wind and dust Same as sand, wind and dust may damage the eyes too or at least irritate the eyes.

#3. Promote healing and recovery

When you just have an eye surgery, you should be wearing sunglasses. The doctor would recommend you to wear sunglasses that can protect your eyes as they adjust to the new vision and in healing process. Another surgery like the cataract surgery, eyelid repair, or another procedure to correct your vision, will need sunglasses for better recovery.

#4. Fewer migraines and headache

Headache and migraines can caused by the exposure of the sun. The intensity and frequency of painful occurrences can be reduced when you wear sunglasses. Sunglasses can also reduce eyestrain and fatigue for headache and migraines sufferers. So when you are driving or not, you may reduce the risk of getting migraines and headache by wearing you best sunglasses for driving.

#5. For safer driving

Sunglasses will actually help when you are driving in the rain. Wearing your best sunglasses for driving can improve your vision and help drive safer. Wear them during driving will help you see better and drive more comfortably.

#6. You will look great while protecting yourself

Besides the negative reasons, the fun of wearing sunglasses are they come in many shapes, colors, and styles. You can combine them and one of them you will love. You can even have more than one sunglasses for any other activities or match with different clothing styles. Sunglasses are versatile and can look great match with any clothes. You can protect yourself from negative factors and you can stay cool and comfortable while looking stylish.

Things to consider purchasing best sunglasses for driving

Everyone when driving a car on the road knows sunglasses will make it easier to see through the windshield on a sunny day or in bright day in the snow. Wearing the best sunglasses for driving is also the best defense for keeping ultraviolet (UV) rays from causing eye damage.

To support UV protection here a list of important factors to consider when purchasing sunglasses :

#1. 100% UV protection.

You have to look for a tag or label that say 100% UV blocking. This factor have not been a consideration by many people who are about to purchase sunglasses according to a survey.

#2. Polarized lenses.

Find a polarized sunglasses which uses polarized lenses. The lenses have chemical applied to them to filter light. Its molecules will block some of the light from passing through the lens and protect the eye from exposure of the sun.

Polarized sunglasses works to only passes light through the openings that can can be seen. On polarized sunglasses, the filter creates only horizontal openings for light to pass through. Only light rays that approach your eyes horizontally can fit through those openings. The lenses will block vertical light waves bouncing off a glare or a shiny car windshield.

The result of vertical light blocking by polarized lenses is it would look darker than normal light. Even though it is darker, objects can be seen crisper, clearer, and small details are easier to see. People who use polarized sunglasses for long period of time feel less tired after hours of sun glare exposure.

People who drive, find polarized sunglasses reduce the glare and help them see the front clearer.

#3. Lens tint.

You might wonder if you purchase sunglasses, you should choose a darker sunglasses lenses which is a better protection for your eyes. This is not true. Darker sunglasses lenses does not mean it protect better that the lighter sunglasses lenses.

Darker or lighter sunglasses lenses is only a personal preference when you purchase one sunglasses. When you are driving a car in bright sunlight you may prefer dark amber, copper or brown lens. In the skies that are overcast you may prefer yellow or orange lens to increase contrast. On a partially cloudy day, You might prefer amber or rose lenses.

#4. Size matters.

The sun can be blocked at a maximum level when you wear a bigger sunglasses for more coverage. Oversized glasses might not feel comfortable, but it does the job reducing UV entering the eye from the side. Large size sunglasses might not fit on every face, so you have to figure out your self the best fit of sunglasses.

#5. Price is not a factor.

If you purchase a pricier sunglasses but can not or do not have 100 percent UV blocking features, this is not the one for you. A cheap sunglasses with the 100 percent UV blocking should do the job better that the expensive one.

Features of best sun glasses for driving

Before you can purchase the best sunglasses for driving you need to think about the quality. You can not get the best out of sunglasses when you buy a substandard quality sunglasses good for driving. What to look for in sunglasses might be suited for driving have to have some features to consider. Here is a list of features (best sunglasses for driving):

#1. Frames There are several types of frames available :


The most important aspects of keeping the longevity of sunglasses frame is its durability. Even if you being very careful to use your best sunglasses frames, they are bound to fall or break without warning. You have to consider this durability issue for sunglasses.

When you choose a metal frames sunglasses, it is hard to beat titanium. Titanium is flexible, strong, hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant metal, durable and 40% lighter than other metal frames. Lighter frames means a reduction of headache while wearing a heavier sunglasses frames.

Stainless Steel

Like titanium, they are strong, flexible, hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant.


It is lighter than stainless steel, hypoallergenic, not strong, more expensive.


Sunglasses are mostly made of synthetic materials. It is durable, light weight, comfortable to wear and best of all they are cheap. These are types of material of sunglasses made from synthetics: plastic, nylon, acetate and poly-carbonate.

#2. Lenses There are several types of sunglasses lenses available :


This lenses sometimes feature amber lenses and it simply block blue light which is harmful. Blue light could increase risk of eye damage from macular degeneration. Many people wear this type of sunglasses. Among them are boaters, hunters, skiers, and pilots who use them to heighten contrast. Both polarized lenses and anti-reflective coating can reduce reflected glare. Polarized lenses are popular among water and snow sports.

Mirror-coated lenses

This lenses works to limit the amount of light entering the eyes, to make it more comfortable. Mirror coatings or flash coatings works to reflect sun light on the front surface of sunglasses lenses to cut the amount of light entering the eye. It is a perfect used for a bright day for snow skiing.

Gradient lenses

Lenses are are tinted with the darkest is located on top lenses. These lenses makes the best sunglasses for driving, because they shield your eyes from overhead sunlight. But it allow a lighter light through the bottom half of the lenses to see the dashboard of your car clearly.

Double gradient

It is the same as gradient lenses but the middle has a lighter tint and the top and bottom has darker tint. It is also a good choice for the best sunglasses for driving.

Photochromic lenses

This lenses can adjust the level of darkness based on the amount of UV light.

Multifocal sunglasses (lenses).

These sunglasses are for people over the age of 40. Any type of sunglasses can be made with progressive lenses, bifocals lenses or trifocals lenses to accommodate people over 40 years old.

The best sunglasses for driving : better reference guide

As of now, you might have a good idea on how to choose. The following are some of the best sunglasses for driving sunglasses you can consider.

Every sunglasses is designed to make you look stylish, to drive much safer, and more comfortable. We are sure that one of these will be the best sunglasses for driving.

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The William Painter Titanium Polarized sunglasses is best for your outdoor activities such as walking to driving. It claim to b ethe world’s lightest nylon polarized lenses (blue color).

You do not have to worry about getting a scratch because it is scratch resistant and the best part is that it is 100% UVA / UVB ray protection.

You can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and dust with this sunglasses. You should always bring this sunglasses with you whenever you go outside. It is also has cool looks, you will like this sunglasses a lot.

It is constructed from aerospace grade titanium, and provides comfort and durability. With this sunglasses you can reduce eyestrain, block blinding glare to penetrate your eyes, which makes driving safer.

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Maui Jim Sunglasses Sugar Beach 421 is another best sunglasses for driving, is popular and achieve successful product. This sunglasses feature lenses technology that shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare. The style is modern, durable, patented technology in color. It give a level of comfort and maximum view. The size and curved shape give side angle protection.

The weight is just 4 ounces, the frame is lightweight made from injected nylon and constructed from plastic polycarbonate.

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Serengeti Velocity Sunglasses from Serengeti are specifically designed for traveling or driving. It is using polarized lenses to reduce glare and increase color and contrast. This feature are designed to improve clear view on the road. These lenses will block any lighting condition.

With gradient lenses with a darker top to block bright light and a lighter bottom for a clear view of the dashboard. The Velocity sunglasses are in a stylish aviator shape and come in a few different lenses and titanium frame colors.

Serengeti is a brand who has been committed to developing advanced sunglasses lenses technology for more than 45 years.

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No matter how much money or budget you have when you are trying to purchase sunglasses, you have to strongly consider purchasing sunglasses for driving with the most important feature with 100% blocking UV rays.

The feature will prevent accidents to occur caused by sun glare. Not to forget about the comfort and look it can provide for style and fashion.

The best sunglasses for driving is all about safety, comfort, durability and style.