????Top 5 Best Tow Behind Sprayer : A Better Reference Guide

????Best Tow Behind Sprayer

Tow Behind Sprayer

Keeping a lawn to look attractive is not an easy task!

Don’t you think?

You must do constant upkeep and monitoring of your lawn.

If you want to save effort on labor, save money and save time One way to cut down the time and manual labor in maintaining a well-manicured lawn or garden is to employ the help of the best tow behind sprayer.

This sprayer works as a versatile tool for any gardener.

Tow behind sprayer has spot sprayer and pressure gauge that can be used for applying fertilizer, watering plants, or spraying herbicides and pesticides.

It can be easily hitched onto a lawn mower or an all-terrain vehicle or ATV.

Tow behind sprayer is also works to help you in cutting down time and the fatigue that uses a backpack sprayer. The efficiency of tow behind sprayer can spray herbicide, spray liquid fertilizer and spray herbicide.

With this advantages, you want to maximize its efficiency by considering to purchase for the best tow behind sprayer carefully.

Things you have to know before purchasing the best tow behind sprayer

Several good consideration are needed before getting one tow behind sprayer with pressure gauge and spot sprayer is an investment for your lawn or garden. A durable and functional sprayer will do the simple job which can spray pesticide, watering the lawn.

The site profile and terrain will determine what to select for a specific tow behind sprayer. Some tow behind sprayers are fitted with tires and designed to resist high impact with obstacles on uneven terrain. Other tow behind sprayers only have plastic wheels for flat terrains.

Tow behind sprayer can be determined by reading from many valuable information websites such as website experts about field of golf and greening industry. Forum websites about lawn and turf management with tips on how and what to expect from town behind sprayer and other spraying equipment or tools. Other information from educational articles can also help you to determine and choose the best tow behind sprayer with pressure gauge and spot sprayer.

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The advantages and benefits of using a tow behind sprayer


Say you have a lawn or garden that has surface area over about one acre or two acre. Undergoing to sustain and preserve such a wide are lawn or garden constantly can be rather take a long time, especially if you are using a backpack sprayer to spray fertilizer or spray pesticides or spray fertilizer all over the area.

Spending money as an investment for a tow behind sprayer enable you to sufficiently great way to cut the time required because of its importance to cover every corner and every inch of your lawn or garden. The time you save can be used for enjoying an afternoon tea or evening tea or a nice beer or reading a book or even all of them at once after you spray the pesticide or spray the fertilizer on your lawn depending on the time of day.

Ability to adapt to many different function on a lawn or garden

When purchasing a tow behind sprayer, you are making a commitment of a long term investment to this gardening tool. You purchase tools that helps you go for just one sprayer, to tools that can serve multiple purposes and function. Tow behind sprayers are applicable and suitable to spray pesticides or spray herbicides, to apply fertilizer, for watering, can also apply rock salt.


Imagine when you have a two acre lawn or garden, you have to do all the spraying while carrying a backpack sprayer. Which depending on spray-tank capacity, most backpack sprayers weigh anywhere from 15 to 45 pounds fully loaded and some might weigh higher. It is however can be done successfully, but it is a backbreaking job don’t you think?.

Deploying a tow behind sprayer for spraying application, on the other hand, is so much better and easier for your back and knees. They will not promote problems with your back and knees.

You will do the spraying those healthy and nice looking two acres of garden or lawn successfully in a shorter amount of time, while saving both your back and knees the trouble of carrying heavy loads and have more time relaxing afterwards.


One of the key factors as to why you should invest in tow behind sprayer is that it can keep you away from exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. If somehow the tank leak, you can minimize the amount of contact between you and the chemical products you use. With the sprayer you will have no contact with the tank compared to a backpack sprayer.

Tow behind sprayer features to look at

When evaluating a brand or unit of tow behind sprayers, the main features to look at are the diaphragm pump, pressure gauge, the tank, spot sprayer, pressure valves, the hose, spray nozzles and tips, wands and booms.

1) The tank. The tank of a tow behind sprayer should be made of fiberglass for its durability. Most tow behind sprayer fitted with a plastic tank which caused the tow behind sprayer more affordable or cheaper than those with fiberglass tank.

The good choice for quality and affordable price is by choosing a tow behind sprayer with a composite tank. It is made from reinforced plastic material that can withstand all chemicals and lawn products so it is durable enough.

The size of the tank can determine how you want to go back and forth for refills. The bigger the size of the tank the less amount of refills.

2) Diaphragm pump. It is the most vital feature is the diaphragm pump which will spray suspensions or mixtures.

3) Pressure gauge. Most tow behind sprayers are equipped with pressure gauge and flow rate meters. This pressure gauge is a very important part of tow behind sprayer that will help gardeners regulate the amount of chemical being released by the tow behind sprayer. It is highly advisable to look for pressure gauge when choosing a tow behind sprayer.

4) Hoses and spray nozzles. Hoses and spray nozzle are suppose to be adjustable so gardeners or users can produce different mist type of spray to a stream output. When users or gardeners spray pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and defoliants may only require misting. You can use a spot sprayer.

5) Boom. The boom attached at the rear of the tow behind sprayer. A boom fitted with nozzles that can spray herbicide in hard-to-reach spots for quality gardening and killing the weed.

The safety

  • Read towing or hauling safety instructions in your vehicle or ATV manual.
  • To operate tow behind sprayer with filled sprayer attached, you must be older than 16 years old. Anyone below 16 years old are prohibited.
  • Before driving the tow behind sprayer vehicle, you have to make sure that the sprayer is securely attached to the vehicle.
  • You must carefully handle the vehicle when hauling or towing filled sprayer with hazardous chemicals to avoid loss of control or overturning.
  • You must keep the speed of the vehicle to a minimum so that you can maintain control. You must reduce the speed of the vehicle prior to turns.
  • Be careful when going for a wider turns and you have to give more distance to stop.
  • Do not do any sudden maneuvers with the steering of the vehicle. Do not do sudden stop or starts that could create movement from side to side that will endanger the chemical to spill.
  • You must slow down the vehicle on sloped or rough or uneven terrain. Find the most level and flat terrain as much as possible. Do not drive across a slope, but drive up and drive down slopes. You might consider use a vehicle that is equipped with a roll over protection system (ROPS) for uneven terrain.
  • Do not add another cargo on the tow behind sprayer.
  • You must be sure that you turn off the vehicle and sprayer and set the block wheels or set brakes before leaving them unattended.
  • You must store the product after use, in its packaging along with the product manual.
  • When being stored, make sure that the tow behind sprayer is out of reach of pets, animals and children.
  • During winter, you must find an indoor storage area for tow behind sprayer.
  • Clean the tow behind sprayer after every use.
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So let us now get to the list of tow behind sprayer.

Best tow behind sprayer list for a better reference guide

#1 Precision Products TCT25
Precision 8783532

Precision Products TCT25 tow behind sprayer and spot sprayer, 12-Volt. With tank capacity of 25 gallons lawn chemical, it can cover area of about 2 acres of land. The coverage area is determined on how you set the flow rate settings of the sprayer.

This Precision Products TCT25 has a boom which can be dismantled when being stored. The sprayer pump is safely mounted on a non vibration pad to prevent movement.

When you are trying to assemble this sprayer, you can simply follow the instruction guide.

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#2 Ironton Tow-Behind Broadcast and Spot Sprayer – 13 Gallon
Tronton 1999466

Ironton sprayer and spot sprayer, 12 volts DC. With tank capacity of 13 gallons lawn chemical, it can cover area of about 1 acres of land. It has a durable pump which is chemical resistant components.

There is a gallon mark to easily see how much is left in the tank. Can be used to spray all kind of pesticide and approved for herbicide use.

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#3 Ironton Tow-Behind Broadcast and Spot Sprayer – 13 Gallon
Chapin 6180068

Chapin 97600 12-volt EZ Tow Drip-less Fertilizer (spot sprayer), Herbicide and Pesticide Sprayer is a 15 gallon tank tow behind sprayer. This sprayer can easily be towed behind a vehicle or lawn mower or all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

When you have small yard, this is the one to choose. You can monitor the content of the tank because it is a translucent tank.

Has a straight hose for a more convenient use. The boom is 7 feet spray area for wider coverage. The pressure gauge is very visible for an easy monitoring of the sprayer.

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#4 NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer – tow behind sprayer
Northstar 4573390

The versatile NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer make you capable to do both accurate and wide spread spraying on the field. This tow behind sprayer can offer easier priming, good durability and great resistance to corrosive chemicals and harsh environments. An easy to withdraw tow-bar, removable axle and wheels, foldable boom arms for an easy and compact storage. Gallon marks on the tank is intended for easy reading of the fluid level. You can easily empty the tank from the bottom. Industrial-grade NSQ Series on-demand pump means a longer life and fast priming. Filling the tank is an easy task because of the large fill neck. The 21 gallon tank is ultraviolet resistant and it can be utilize for all pesticides.

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#5 Brinly ST-25BH Tow Behind Lawn and Garden Sprayer
Brinly 9411948

The Brinly ST-25BH tow behind sprayer is designed to do very well for many function. The valves, tubing, tank, powder-coated steel frame and other components are designed and built unaffected by corrosive garden chemicals for long lasting durability. Applying liquids to large bushes or tall trees is easy and simple to this 12-foot hand sprayer. The swing-away booms and mounted tank are designed to deliver better and easy maneuvering through tight areas, lawn gates, asymmetrical trees, and around retaining walls.

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Before buying tow behind sprayer with pressure gauge and spot sprayer, you must read all the considerations and must also read the safety manuals. These sprayer must fit your need and it would be a good investment since it has many benefits.

Sprayers are mechanical tools that are explicitly intended to shower fluids rapidly and effortlessly. They arrive in various diverse varieties. A tow behind sprayer of this sort is an incredible method to cover extensive regions, for example, gardens rapidly and effortlessly.

A tow behind sprayer regularly comprises of a tank for conveying the fluid to be splashed, an engine (frequently 12 volt) for siphoning out this fluid, shower spouts on a blast that naturally scatter the fluid a descending way over an obvious territory (state 5 or 6 feet), a weight measure, a body with wheels on which the sprayer is mounted, and a hose connection with a hand wand for manual showering.

The gadget is towed along behind a riding grass trimmer or other tractor vehicle as the fluid is showered. A tow behind sprayer is regularly utilized for splashing yard synthetic compounds, for example, herbicides or composts. Coming up next are a portion of the upsides of this yard and garden device.

This is a genuinely evident favorable position that a tow behind sprayer has over, state a hand held tank sprayer (regardless of whether it’s mechanized): It just can cover all the more square feet in considerably less time.

It can spread the herbicide or other garden or yard substance basically as quick as the tractor vehicle (typically a cutter) can run. What’s more, the blasts with the spouts regularly give an inclusion territory more than 6 feet wide per yard pass. What is more you can add a tow behind sprayer to perform two occupations on the double: cutting the garden and splashing the yard with chemical.

In the event that you are grasping a concoction sprayer and showering it surrounding you, you will have a more prominent possibility of breathing in the substance or getting it on your skin.

A tow behind sprayer lessens this contact on the grounds that the splashing is happening behind you as you move far from it. While customary precautionary measures make hand held splashing safe in a general sense, it never damages to diminish contact when conceivable, and tow behind sprayers achieve this.

The painstaking quality of inclusion feasible with tow behind sprayers is normally superior to anything hand held sprayers in view of the mechanical idea of the procedure. A rider cutter going at a consistent speed with spouts that shower a positive sum for each second will give uniform and intensive inclusion.

Somebody strolling with a sprayer could without much of a stretch miss spots or overlook which territories they had just showered, making the activity less intensive. In the event that somebody is cutting the yard in the meantime, keeping track is particularly simple – the cut regions have just been splashed and the unmowed parts still need showering.

For every one of these reasons a tow behind sprayer is a decent work sparing, exhaustive gadget. In the event that you consistently shower your yard it bodes well to get yourself one of these convenient bits of grass and garden gear.

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