Top 18 Best Turntable Under $300

Best Turntable Under $300

So you are seeking to dig deep into the awesome world of vinyl record collecting, or probably you would like to dust off your old classics.

Truth is…

You do not need to do so.

As a matter of fact there are numerous variety of affordable turntables which can give exactly what you required, perfectly at that.

Your goal of today is to make sure you discover the turntables that has the price of $300 available on the market in the United States.

One particular turntable that is best suited to your personal needs and requirements.

When it you are talking about serious music listening and take serious care for your old classic records, a high end turntable is something you have to choose.

Numerous audiophiles do not care about the price when it comes to good quality turntable.

A good turntable with extraordinary quality and sleek looks is essential.

Such good quality turntables will not damage your valuable records as long as you are using them.

There are some really awesome and fantastic turntables that will cost you less than $300.

Vinyl records are very cool.

They provide music with a romantic, warmth and elusive that audiophiles continue to have passion with.

See these list and buying advice for you choice.

#1 Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable
Audio Technica 6034319

This Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable is beautiful and can provide great value for the money you spend. Usually people Audio-Technica’s brand name about headphones or microphones. It has been a favorite brand name among pro DJs and musicians for a long time. The brand then got into the vinyl record player market which offer awesome audio performance with the replacement of record needles, for affordable price that can be comparable to such competition like market leaders, Stanton and Ortofon. The design is classic that include Line Out and USB options and good performance steady skip-free groove tracking. You can not go wrong with this turntable, especially if you are a starter or want be safe to look for an established brand that you think will not let you down.

Main features

Revolution per minute speed selection – you can select and adjust the speed of the turntable 33 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm. Ensure yourself to seek for a turntable that deliver the appropriate rotation speed for the records you want to play. If you have a collection of 78 rpm records to play, pay attention to the numbers.

High-torque direct-drive motor – the benefit of having this motor is that it start up fast and highly consistent speeds. Higher torque means the platter is less vulnerable to the stylus or your hand. A higher torque means that the platter getting faster to a constant speed faster, this will result in less sound distortion.

Converting – you can convert music from your vinyl record to digital audio files via USB connection. USB output to connect to computer and digital recording.

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#2 Audio-Technica ATLP60USB LP to USB Digital Belt Drive Turntable
Audio Technica Atlp60usb 1885638

This Audio-Technica ATLP60USB LP to USB Digital Belt Drive Turntable can help you record you record into digital files like MP3. This turntable is equipped with USB output that let you do direct connection to your laptop or computer. You can record with recording software (Audacity for both MAC and PC), with an integral dual-magnet phono cartridge, with USB cable and also with adapter cables.

Main features

Convert record – the USB output and included audio recording software deliver all that is essential to change vinyl record into portable music or audio files like MP3.

Simple operation – it will automatically returns the tonearm when your record end and smoothly places the stylus on records. It can deliver the 33-1/3 revolution per minute and 45 revolution per minute records.

Lessen vibration – this will give the anti-resonance and die-cast aluminum platter for reduced vibration.

Belt drive – the belt-drive design means it separate the platter from motor vibrations. Because of less vibration it will boost sound clarity and deliver high fidelity audio.

High quality cartridge – it is equipped with a high quality integral Dual Magnet Audio-Technica phono cartridge with exchangeable diamond stylus.

Connectivity – it comes with built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier and with RCA output cables, USB cable. Their function are for connecting to a computer or laptop, audio system and powered speakers.

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#3 Fluance RT81 High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable
Fluence 4158813

The Fluance RT81 High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable can provide you with everything you could always want from a turntable. One component it does not have is onboard preamp. If you have an amplifier or a receiver comes with a dedicated phono input, this turntable is the right to choose from. Very strong, sturdy and solid built and construction. The value is fantastic and great price range. Immoderate well design piece of audio equipment. The result is a beautiful sound and aesthetics. Compare to may turntable with the price range, it had one of the most entertaining sounds, good recordings and a healthy bass kick.

Main features

Pure performance – you will have a conclusive listening experience from vinyl record for beautifully natural and warm music or sound, bring you to the highest performance.

Accuracy – plunge yourself in a kinetic music procreation with the Ortofon Super OM 10 elliptical cartridge that can provide lowered distortion, better enhanced linearity, higher channel separation and reduced distortion.

Playback precision using the speed control – the motor is isolated that would hinder and prevents unexpected noise and vibrations. At the same time the speed control mechanism will make sure a consistent platter velocity (0.07% Wow/Flutter).

A heavy base supporting – enjoy yourself in a lively way in the very attractive and very pleasant solid wood cabinet with a highly accurate metal platter and resonance damping feet, that can be adjusted. This will make sure supreme isolation from unexpected even the smallest vibrations.

Impressive clarity of sound – be gentle with your records by utilizing the balanced S-shaped tonearm for a precision tracking of the record groove and no electronics in the signal path. It is intended for a pure, clean and superior and detailed sound.

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#4 Pioneer PL-30-K Audiophile Stereo Turntable
Pioneer 8462970

The Pioneer PL-30-K Audiophile Stereo Turntable seriously have become high quality turntable with playback quality and audio fidelity. This turntable can be linked or connected to any speaker system or receiver. The sound quality is exceptionally well. The built in preamp sounds pleasant and pleasing. It can be paired perfectly with any sound system. Pioneer had been making turntables for numerous years, well respected products and best built around the market. Several professional DJs use Pioneer products because of their durability and reliability.

Main features

Aluminum platter and dust platter – this additional equipment are usually available on the turntables that come in a higher price range. So you are very lucky when you buy this model because of this.

Lightweight – weighing only at 5.07 ponds, this turntable can be easily transported from one place to another with not much effort.

Easy operation – this turntable can be operated in a fully automatic mode. This means that the focus is more on sound quality than the overall look. It is a belt driven turntable that can be turned people to DJ-ing and scratching record. The sound vibration levels are much lower than direct drive and it does not easily skip. The easy operation including hitting the Play and the platter that will automatically turn the motor “on” and start rotating. After that the tone arm will begin to go lower to begin playing. When the record is finished, it will automatically raise the tone arm, and change the position back into its original position and the motor will stop too.

Tone arm – it is set high and decent. It feels solid and smooth. It has an automatic system that will set it back to its place after the record has finish playing. Numerous models enter level turntables are manual.

Speed – the turntable is capable of playing 33 rpm and 45 rpm vinyl records. It is operated by a simple switch that changes the speed from 33 to 45, while most vinyl record players does not have this feature. There is a pitch that can be activated with a pitch control feature. The quality of the cartridge is very good quality. The variable speed and the automatic functions on this turntable are great.

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#5 Music Hall – MMF-1.3 Turntable
Musichall 9747600

This Music Hall – MMF-1.3 Turntable can be categorize a great turntable in terms of both build and sound quality. It is a very solid turntable with a good price. This turntable can be plug straight into any receiver. This turntable includes everything you need to play vinyl record without fuss, tweaks and hassles. This is a belt driven turntable comes with a built-in pre-mounted (Audio Technica AT3600L) cartridge and phono preamplifier. You can immediately start playing record as soon as you are unboxing the package. All you have to do is to make an easy cable connections to practically any system of your choice. Place a record on the turntable and you just enjoy the warm, detailed, and engaging music. It is engineered to deliver great sonic and stems.

Main features

Speed control – this turntable do and perform a great job with your vinyl record. It will play all of your record available including golden oldies and 1060s rock and roll music. There is a built in speed control circuit to make sure the electronic precision and accuracy of the three speeds it can provide. In just one twist of a knob allow you choose the preferred 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, or 78 rpm playback speed. A thick rubber mat sitting upon an aircraft grade aluminum platter soften and dampens ambient vibration to produce an awesome music sound the very best that it can sound at the maximum.

Phono preamp – the majority type of turntable needed that you insert the connection into a dedicated Phono input on your receiver, integrated amp or preamp. Most receivers, integrated amps or preamps do not have a built in Phono input. When you buy one turntable, you need to buy one phono preamplifier if you do not have already own one to plug your turntable into. After that you plug the preamp into your other gear. The MMF-1.3 will save all the hassle and expense by including a built in phono preamp. You just simply plug it directly into any line level input on your receiver, preamp, or integrated amp.

Quality cartridge – it comes with a pre mounted high quality Audio-Technica cartridge aligned with precision. It is a very gracious and nice sounding moving magnet cartridge with a diamond stylus. It works perfectly with the turntable’s dynamic balanced aluminum tonearm.

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#6 Victrola Wood 8-in-1 Nostalgic Bluetooth Record Player with USB Encoding and 3-Speed Turntable
Victrola 1024x1024 1459250

The Victrola Wood 8-in-1 Nostalgic Bluetooth Record Player with USB Encoding and 3-Speed Turntable is a very unique turntable that mix vintage design with modern technology. This turntable is ideal for vinyl record admirers equipped with its 3 speed turntable and can provide playing a radio, CD player, and cassette player. It can deliver a stream of your music from any Bluetooth enabled device ranging from up to 33 feet away. Record and play songs with the comprised 1 gb USB stick. It has the record player that is belt driven and capable to play at 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm, in order to play all of your favorite albums and vintage vinyl records. You can record directly from CD, cassette or vinyl record directly to USB. You do not need a laptop or a computer to do so. To maximize your radio tuning, the AM/FM radio is equipped with a rotary tuner. The turntable also features a 3.5 mm Aux-In jack with cable for wired device, headphone jack and RCA jack. You can easily control this turntable using a full function remote control. The look is very stylish and vintage because it is made with real wood.

Main features

Three speed turntable – the turn table can deliver a 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm to play all of your vinyl records and favorite Albums. Luxurious real wood construction

Bluetooth – the Bluetooth enabled device just makes it easier for you to stream your chosen music. You do not need cords for playing any music you want.

Recording – you can record without any interruption from CD, cassette and vinyl to USB. You would not require any computer. The cord included has length of 60 feet.

Play music – with stereo speakers and remote control, you can manage to play any music from AM/FM radio with rotary tuner, CD player, and cassette player. Since it is using a stereo speaker, it has the ability to reproduce the physical movement apart or separation of instruments. Stereo speaker are best used to reproduce the sensation of hearing an orchestra or a band performing live. The signal underline different instruments or sounds in the right and left channels. It is is considered to have more depth, reproducing the sound of each individual instruments located in different areas of the stage.

3.5 mm aux-in – you do not have to worry if you do not have Bluetooth connection, you can utilize the 3.5 mm aux-in for music from wired device (includes cable), RCA aux-in and headphone Jack.

#7 Crosley C100A-SI Turntable with S-Shaped Tone Arm with Adjustable Counterweight
#7 Crosley C100A-SI Turntable with S-Shaped Tone Arm with Adjustable Counterweight
Crosley 1860317

The Crosley C100A-SI Turntable with S-Shaped Tone Arm with Adjustable Counterweight has built in high tech with sleek metallic body that can bring the vintage memory to the future. The smooth s-shaped curves of aluminum tonearm that will get you in the mood of music experience. It can get flashy with the adjustable pitch control that let you to depart from a standard speed. It has a built-in preamp which will accommodate you to rock with any powered speaker system. It would be a blast blast when paired with powered speakers. You can also insert your own preamp in and push the button or flip the switch to enjoy any kind of music on your preference and tones. Any powered speakers can be plugged in with RCA output ports, for you to customize your exceptional music experience. It is equipped with ABS construction that provide a sleek, robust and solid foundation. On the top of the turntable there is a modern transparent lid that can be lifted up to control the tunes, or shut to protect records from being mess with careful adjustments. It utilizes a belt driven mechanism to allow itself turn at two speeds to play 33 rpm vinyl record and 45 rpm singles. You will be covered at either speed using the 45 adapter. The needle is a diamond-tipped Audio Technica needle to accurately get every detail of every cut. For controlling speed, the adjustable pitch control applies a strobe light beaming onto the platter dots to make less powerful and easier to control those fussy record albums that pull sharply low or high. This will give each note optimum sound.

Main features

Dust cover – it has a transparent lid on top to block dust from building up and damaging your records.

Belt drive – it utilize a belt driven mechanism. This means it uses a belt to spin the turntable platter. The motor is placed off to the side and has a belt that wraps around the platter. The location could be on the outside edge of the entire platter. The other possible place would be on the outside edge of an inner platter where the outer platter placed on. The belt delivers an easy way to move apart the motor from the platter. Most belt-drive turntables would take a few seconds to go to full speed. Sometimes, the belt will wear out and need to replacement.

Speed – this turntable can play 2 speeds including 33 1/3 rpm And 45 rpm vinyl records.

Adjustment – it is equipped with diamond stylus needle which provide good balance and solid operation. Has an adjustable pitch control. Has an adjustable tone arm. Anti skate adjustment. The anti skate adjustment is needed to maintain good channel balance, minimize distortion, obtain equal volume from the right and the left channels, reduce record wear and minimize stylus wear. These can be accomplished if the needle tip can remain centered in the record groove as the tonearm ride along the record.

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Teac 4112231

The Teac TN-400S Turntable is designed and manufactured by Teac that is a one very well-suited record player. This means that is reliable at an affordable price turntable that offer out look good display and decent sound. It mixes high fidelity with high style that features three speed operation with an S-shaped tone arm. It also can perform a cutting edge performance with a stylish, sleek, and look good design. It combines a motor assembly, phono and line level outputs and integrated digital conversion to provide a modern rendition of old vinyl record.

Main features

Manual precision belt drive – this turntable has a manual belt drive. The belt-drive is 3 speed to play all vinyl records at your preference. The turntable provide a high-inertia aluminum die-cast platter driven by DC motor (high torque) via a Neoprene® rubber belt with its durability, and a low friction spindle machined from a stainless steel block. This will absolutely offering a precise speed with consistency and tonal accuracy. The bronze spindle which is durable maintains precision speed for long period of time.

Function and form – its cabinet is decorated to minimize undesired resonance, while the matte and sleek finishes provide a stylish accent and sophisticated accent to any design theme. High-density MDF Chassis reducing vibrations and provide a strong and robust performance.

MM type cartridge phono equalizer amplifier – you can absolutely enjoy your preferred vinyl record with any amplifier you own. If you do not own one, you can buy one and combine with the turntable for a great experience music. It supports both line and phono level output, this will let you to play vinyl without or with a phono equalizer.

Analog phono/line output and built in USB digital output – this turntable uses an analog to digital converter made by Texas Instruments. This will let you to transfer music via USB to your PC for collecting your vinyl collection. A pair of gold plated RCA connectors are implemented for durable and reliable connections to your receiver’s phono or line level inputs.

Gold plated terminals – the turntable has gold-plated terminals to get the corrosion resistant component. This means that the head shell connectors is prevented from oxidation of the connectors and to make sure many years of reliable performance and to provide exceptional audio fidelity.

S-shape tone arm – this turntable utilizes a static balanced S-shape tone-arm. This will make sure a quick and effortless setup and provide excellent tracking.

Speed – it will will play vinyl record at 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm. Especially it is combined the ability to convert with the extreme quality analog to digital conversion. The combination makes a powerful turntable as an ideal choice for enjoying, collecting and archiving your preferred music.

Phonograph cartridge – it comes with a replaceable audio technica AT100E equivalent MM cartridge especially created for highly precision reading. The sooner you set up the turntable, you quickly can enjoy the high quality sound with outstanding pure clarity and detail sound.

#8 Teac TN-400S Turntable

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#9 Victrola 6-in-1 Wood Bluetooth Mid Century Record Player with 3-Speed Turntable
Victrola 1 3318607

The Victrola 6-in-1 Wood Bluetooth Mid Century Record Player with 3-Speed Turntable is perfect choice for playing CDs and vinyl records. It combine together vintage aesthetics with today’s technology. Its is a stylish and versatile player. You can make up your mind by choosing from 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm and 75 rpm playing speeds. The included phono cartridge reproduces the analog sound of your vinyl records. An FM radio is attached and built in so you can tune in to your favorite local music radio. When you are a collector of your favorite jazz band cassette from the 1980s, you can enjoy them with cassette tape player mounted onboard the turntable. You can also stream your preferred music band or music artist. It is a simple matter. All you have to do is connect to your smartphone or any compatible device with its Bluetooth connectivity and start enjoying music through the speaker. For wired connection, you can use the 3.5 mm auxiliary input jack.

Main features

Bluetooth – this turntables comes with Bluetooth Version 4.2. This means it has measures to increase speed and privacy while streaming, and it also brings IP connectivity to all Bluetooth devices that support it. Using this Bluetooth version means making automation a lot easier. The Bluetooth profiles are the A2DP and AVRCP. The Bluetooth frequency range between 2.402GHz-2.480GHz. You can pair with other smart Bluetooth connected devices from an operating distance to up to 10 meters.

Finish – the product is finished with wood grain. Wood grain can provide highest quality material, create high resolution image and beauty in creation design. The turntable come to life in splendid 3 color and perfect wood grain lines, boost the imagination and increase the spirit with exceptional definition. Wood grain finishes has been tested for weather resistance, ruggedness, durability, and chemical.

Other feature – 3 speed record player, CD player, cassette players, FM radio tuner. RCA output, headphone jack and 3.5mm aux-in. Output power of the amp 5 W and 5 W with frequency response from 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The speaker type is a 2-way speaker with impedance of 8 ohms and input Power Maximum 6 W.

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#10 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable with Built-in Stereo Speaker
Byone 6063270

This 1byone Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable with Built-in Stereo Speaker comes in a traditionally styled brown or black wood look finish. It has a mounted built in speakers in a two way system. The speaker reproduce a rich, clear, and full sound. You can convert from you vinyl record to MP3 format so they can be shared or listened to. It comes with the choice to listen to all their 33 rpm, 45 rpm or 78 rpm vinyl format recordings. The turntable has the Bluetooth capability which is functional with devices including laptop, personal computer, iPhones, tablets, Android phone or MP3 players.

Main features

Recording – this turntable has the ability to deliver the vinyl to MP3 recording. By performing the recording, you can collect your oldies vinyl record to MP3 format files for later playback on your mobile devices wherever and whenever you like to play.

Built in Stereo Speakers – the turntable is equipped with 2-way crossover system with 2 x 4 watt that would make it possible to reproduce a pure, clear and optimized sound across all jazz, rock, country, pop, classic and any type of music you prefer.

Bluetooth – this turntable uses the Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR that establishes great standards for pairing devices. It will provide consistent security, scanning, pairing, and authentication. This Bluetooth version should demand less power, be more secure, and be easier to use. While pairing devices, should be consumer-friendly and more consistent. It enhances security, simplifies pairing, and devices can be connected together fast.

USB – there is a USB-MP3 button when you want to turn on the USB mode. When you see the blue indicator light is turned on it means the USB mode is on. After that you can insert your USB device into the USB input on your turntable. In a few second the USB device with MP3 files will start playing. You can press the forward buttons or reverse button to choose your preferred track.

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#11 Crosley CR6233D-RE Dansette Bermuda Portable Turntable with Aux-in and Bluetooth
Crosley 1 7266727

This Crosley CR6233D-RE Dansette Bermuda Portable Turntable with Aux-in and Bluetooth has a built-in speakers, which will not deliver really hi-fi audio. and with the speaker, it is adequate enough to play oldies and classic pop. With its look, will take you right back to the 1960s vinyl era. With the old look, a USB support and Bluetooth will combine the old look with today’s technology. This turntable is really for first time user who just want to have a good listening.

Main features

RCA jack – it has the RCA Jacks output analog line-level signals and the jack could be connected straight to a pair of active or powered speakers or the proper input of your stereo system. The red plug can be joined with the Right channel while the White can be joined with the Left channel.

Aux input – with this input, you can join any audio device to this unit and play your preferred music through its speakers. In order to do this, rotate the Function Knob to Aux In mode. connect the 3.5mm auxiliary cable between your audio device and the Aux In Jack of this unit and start playing.

Platter auto stop – you can stop the platter to stop automatically whenever the record come to an end by turing the Auto-stop Switch to be set to ON position.

Pitch control – there is a Pitch Control Knob, where you can decrease or increase the speed of the turntable by about 10%. Just rotate the Pitch Control Knob clockwise to increase the speed. Rotate the knob counter clockwise to decrease the speed.

Other feature – the turntable provide 2 speed of 331/3 rpm and 45 rpm. The needle uses its own Crosley NP5. The built in speaker is 3.5”, 8Ω, 5 watt x 2 units.

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#12 Denon DP-300F Fully Automatic Analog Turntable with Built-in Phono Equalizer
Denon 9740327

The Denon DP-300F Fully Automatic Analog Turntable with Built-in Phono Equalizer has an improved performance with lesser vibration with the heavier base construction design. The head shell of the tonearm is removable to make cartridge replacement very easy. The turntable comes with standard mount head shell. This means that any standard mount cartridge with the weight between 5 to 10 grams can be balanced and mounted. There is a feature for an automatic startup feature that will let the turntable to begin play with only touching a button. When the play end, the tonearm will be returned back to the armrest smoothly to avoid the stylus and record being damaged or scratched. The material of the turntable consist of strong die cast aluminum. This material will produce consistent rotation for smooth flap free operation. A manual lifter mechanism is also present to let you place the needle on the record anywhere you prefer, so you can skip to a other different song in the middle of a side. It include a built in phono equalizer to pair the player to an integrated receiver or amplifier. It is powered by belt drive system, a DC servo motor and has rotation speeds of 33 1/3 rpm or 45 rpm.

Main features

Built in phone equalizer – if you do not have an amplifier or reciver that does not have phono input, you can utilize this turntable since it does include a built in PHONO equalizer. With this you can connect directly toa mini component or integrated amp.

Automatic player – when you select the 30 cm or 17 cm record size, with an easy operation you will see that the tone arm will move automatically and plays the record. When the record is at the end, the tone arm will get back to its place.

Tone arm – this straight tone arm will absolutely provide the maximum performance of cartridges with exceptional tracing capabilities. The supplied cartridge (DSN-85) can be replaced with a numerous of commercially available cartridges.

Die cast aluminum – this turntable has been designed and constructed of die cast aluminum. The material was chosen to achieve high inertial mass for steady and stable rotation. The thickness of the vibration resistant turntable sheet is 5 mm and utilizes hologram vibration analysis to improve the capability to hold a record.

Manual arm lifter – this turntable is outfitted with an arm lifter mechanism to accommodate manual operation. This arm lifter is to make sure you will be easy to place or remove the needle from anywhere on the record for other songs.

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#13 Crosley CR704D-PA Musician 3-Speed Turntable with Radio, CD/Cassette Player, Aux-in and Bluetooth
Crosley 2 3007458

The Crosley CR704D-PA Musician 3-Speed Turntable with Radio, CD/Cassette Player, Aux-in and Bluetooth has the design of an exterior cabinet that will eagerly excite every music lovers. The technology itself contribute themselves greatly to become one of the best machine in your music listening collection. The vintage look inspired both in style and substance. The perfect mix of sophisticated tech and styling including analog AM and FM radio, CD player, cassette player and a 3 speed turntable. You will feel being turned back in time.

Main features

Belt driven turntable mechanism – this turntable have motors, they are connected with a belt loop and offset from the platter. The belt loop start to spin as soon as the motor is turned on, and rotates the platter. The advantage of the belt drive is that it has a minimal vibration and noise effect of the turntable because the motor is isolated from the platter. This will give an exceptional sound and stable rotation.

Bluetooth receiver – you can easily stream digital music from your Android phone or iPhone straight through your turntable’s speakers.

The operation – to turn on the turntable, just simply press the power button to the on position. Change the function speed to phono mode. After that you have to set the speed control speed to you desire either the 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm or the 78 rpm. You must put back the tone arm to its place after the record is at the end.

Other feature – if you still have old music from the 80s, you can turn them on using the turntable’s cassette player. You can also tune in to your favorite local AM or FM radio station and fine tune the frequency by using the with airplane tuning dial. The other features are CD player and full range stereo speaker.

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#14 Teac LP-R550USB CD Recorder with Cassette Turntable
Teac 1 1987759

The Teac LP-R550USB CD Recorder with Cassette Turntable is a great choice for a complete audio system. It provide features including, AM or FM radio, CD player, turntable, cassette player, and support a USB audio interface. One great feature is the capability to record from radio, cassettes and vinyl to either computer or CDs or external drive via USB. For high quality listening and good extra boom, it is equipped with built in bass reflex stereo speakers. You can even add an additional external speaker via RCA output. The RCA inputs is designed to facilitate the connection to external audio equipment and play it through the built in speakers. It can plays three speeds, 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm. To prevent from scratching the record, the stylus has a cue arm so that you can place it smoothly. When the record end, it will return automatically to its place.

Main features

Recording – you can start collecting your favorite music by recording from vinyl record, CDs, AM or FM radio, and cassettes to your laptop or personal computer via a USB connection.

Internal bass reflex stereo speakers – the turntable is equipped with bass reflex speaker which is designed so that the back wave of a speaker cone is sent to an open port to support overall bass output. These unique design ports are commonly placed on the rear or front of the speaker cabinet and the depth or the diameter can vary. This channeling through such a port can be successfully enhance bass response, lessen distortion and increase output volume and extension compare to a sealed enclosure speakers. A bass reflex speaker sub woofer features just one or more than just one open ports to channel sound and improve performance. This feature have characteristic to be even more successful with larger cabinets. As a speaker cone resonates, sound waves are made from the front and the rear.

RCA pin jack input and output – it has a set of input jacks, located and attached on the rear panel of this turntable. It is used for connecting existing audio player equipment such as DVD player. The jack output is for connecting to an external speaker for more additional power of sound. Analog 2 channel audio signal is sent through or received at these jacks. To record or just play music from an external source such as cassette tape deck or CD player, connect the source to the proper jack using the attached RCA cable.

3-Speed turntable – this feature will let you to play virtually any commercially released records including 45 rpm, 33 1/3 rpm, and the classic 78 rpm records.

AM and FM radio – you have the capability to tune in to your preferred local radio broadcast with the attached AM or FM radio. While in FM mode, tune in to an FM station, extend the antenna and find the best position for the reception. You have to repositioned if you change its place to a new location. In one area where FM signals are lack of power to give a good signal, it will be essential to use an outdoor FM antenna. And for the AM station, you will need the AM loop antenna. To stand this antenna on a surface, insert the tab into the slot in the antenna base. Simply connect the wire to the AM antenna connector on the rear of the turntable. Place the antenna until you have the best reception.

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#15 Pyle PTCDS7UBTB Vintage Turntable – Retro Vinyl Stereo System With Bluetooth, Cassette and CD Player, USB Reader, SD Card and Speakers-Record AM/FM Radio
Pyle 7076767

This Pyle Pyle PTCDS7UBTB Vintage Turntable will absolutely let you to delight the classic turntable style equipped with modern technology. The built in Bluetooth let the wireless music streaming in play through its speakers. It works with smartphones, laptop, personal computer, and tablets as long as they are connected with Bluetooth. The turntable can record from vinyl to mp3 that will give you the capability to turn your of vinyl records into a compact digital audio collection.

Main features

Recording – you can now turn your vinyl records collection into a compact digital audio files. You can share and save them after the recording. Quick and effortless digital audio file creation records to your SD memory card or your USB flash drive. You can start record from the cassette player, CD player and Bluetooth streaming audio. After the recording you will get the file type as .mp3.

Bluetooth – if you want to play music from your favorite devices such as iPad, tablet, Android phone, laptop or computer you can stream via the built in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming. Stream your music or audio through the turntable’s speaker system.

Speedif you have a choice of 331/3 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm, you can just set the button for the preferred speed.

Radio – you can tune in to local AM or Fm radio station by manual tuning. First you have to select the desired band by Radio band selector AM or FM or FM-Stereo. Tune to your preferred station by turning the Tuning knob on the front panel. You can adjust the volume knob for the destination level. To tune the FM and FM-Stereo reception is by setting the Radio band selector at the “FM” position. Find the best signal reception when you find a weak signal reception. And for the FM stereo, set the radio band selector at “FM-St” position for receiving the best stereo programs signal. The FM-Stereo LED indicator will light up to display that it is receiving the FM stereo program. Best tips for AM reception is by focusing on the built in AM bar antenna. If the AM radio reception is weak, slightly turn or re position or rotate of the knob which will improve the AM reception. And for the FM reception, focus on the built-in FM wire antenna which hang at the rear cabinet. This wire should be extended and unraveled for best reception.

Aux (3.5mm) input connector jack – you can connect to another audio device, including MP3 player or a portable CD player to this system through a 3.5 mm diameter plug or jack. You can start connect one end to the 3.5 mm diameter headphone jack on the external device. The other end can be connected to the Aux-in jack on the back of the unit. You have to set the Function selector to the Bluetooth or Phono or Aux position. When the connection is set, it is possible to play back the music available on the connected device and the portable devices including MP3 player or Android phone, or iPhone or portable MP3 player.

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#16 JENSEN JTA-475B 3-Speed Stereo Turntable with CD System, Cassette, and AM/FM Stereo Radio
Jensen 2951797

This JENSEN JTA-475B 3-Speed Stereo Turntable with CD System, Cassette, and AM/FM Stereo Radio is as the model name reflects that this is not just a turntable. It is a well round multiple player which can play radio, CD and cassettes. This turntable wanted to put many things in this turntable and still offer it at an affordable price tag, which they have the ability to do so. That one is more simple thus more reliable. However, if you want all the extra features the JTA-475B can offer, you can go for it and even if one of the components goes wrong, you can still use the other parts and probably even if that happens you won’t have a headache as you didn’t spend a fortune on it.

Main features

Multi function – the turntable can play all music from cassette, CD player, radio, and turntable. A real all in one device.

Radio – it can play the AM or FM radio from your favorite local station. To play the radio, just press down the POWER button, slide the FUNCTION selector to the TUNER position. Then you have to slide the BAND selector to your desired band including AM, FM or FM stereo. Find your preferred station with the TUNING knob. The AM antenna is placed inside the turntable body. If signal reception is weak, change the position of unit until getting the strongest signal. For best FM reception, wire antenna located on the rear. When any FM station is distorted and weak, switch the BAND selector to FM Mono mode.

Speed – this turntable can support 33.3 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm vinyl record.

Other features – belt drive type, detachable dust cover, RCA x 2, mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm, 4 watt amplifier.

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Turntable setup for beginners

The outs and ins of turntables

You might think that all turntables, not considering the price, do importantly the same thing, even numerous type of them look almost the same. They look like the clone of other turntable.

The construction of turntables. You have to find out if the base is solid. The base should be made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) or any kind of metal and not plastic material. When finding them online, you should see what they are made of. The basic thinking is to lessen the effect of resonance and vibration while a vinyl record is playing.

The platter. If you pick a heavier platter, the better the result of record playing would be. If the is heavier, this will help minimize vibration and make sure a solid connection between tonearm, stylus, and record.

Direct drive or belt drive. In modern turntables, there can be direct or belt-driven. The belt-driven turntable, a motor is placed to the side and will rotate the platter via a belt. The separated motor means to minimize vibration while rotating. While the direct drive, the platter is placed on the motor’s shaft.

Manual operation or automatic. This means that you are responsible for making sure that the stylus is placed on the record properly. When the record ends, the tonearm has to be lifted manually. While the fully automatic means that, by just pressing a button, the turntable will do it all. It will start the motor, deposits the needle onto the record, lifts the arm, when the record ends raises the arm and shuts the table off.

Cartridge. Almost turntables come with a pre installed cartridge, if not mention otherwise. The cartridge fastened to the front of the tonearm. You might be have to manually balance the arm and set the proper stylus pressure. For a good quality operation, you better look for a well known, brand name stock cartridge.

Consideration before you buy a turntable under $300

#1 Choose between direct drive or belt drive

The above list of best turntables are belt-drive models. So, you want to know the difference between these two types? For the direct drive turntables, imply to its name direct, means the rotating platter is mounted to an electric motor, to spin the platter. The advantage of this type of drive is that it gives you a constant and accurate rotation speed. The other feature is it offers higher playback startup speeds. It delivers a higher torque, which minimize the vulnerability to vibrations from the outside. But because the platter is mounted to the motor, this can cause vibrations. Vobrations means affecting the sound quality of the record. While the belt-drive turntables use an expandable belt mounted to the motor to spin the platter. The mechanism is similar to the way a bike chain that turns the wheel as you spin the bike’s pedals. This separation reduces vibrations caused by the motor and eventually absorbs shock for a pure and cleaner sound.

#2 Choose the right rotating speed

Three main speed formats are known when it comes to vinyl records. These are 33-1/3 rpm, 45 epm, and 78 rpm (rpm = revolutions-per-minute). On older vinyl was 78 rpm. But this speed is slow and not even produce today. You need this type of speed when you have a box of old records collected somewhere. The 33-1/3 records were smaller and of course faster speed and with the ability to a higher playback. The 45 rpm are the newest and most recent records production in the vinyl era. These were a bit more durable, similar playback and are mainly used for singles.

#3 Bluetooth and USB availability

If you are living in modern world of today, you must consider the Bluetooth capability of a turntable. Bluetooth will let you you store and stream your music on any device you desire such as Smartphone, iPod, or tablet, then pair it up to hear your whole music collection. Many turntables can also link to Bluetooth speakers with still good quality sound. The USB availability allows you to link your turntable to a Mac or PC and convert your vinyl to digital files.

#4 Stylus features

You usually called it the needle of a turntable. It is shaped like a cone, diamond tipped piece that lay on the record. As the record start rotating or spinning, the stylus moves up and down in the grooves, delivering the vibrations through wires (in the tone