10 Best Variable Speed Pool Pump 2020 Guide


Best Variable Speed Pool Pump. In terms of energy-saving and performance, variable speed pool pumps have more benefits than traditional pool pumps or single-speed pool pumps.

There are a few reputable brands of variable speed pool pumps. These brands provide the highest quality tools at the most affordable prices. Some of variable speed pool pumps are Hayward, Harris, and Pentair.

Choosing the right variable speed pool pump for your pool needs a little research. With research, the process will be a lot easier and help make you confident and not make a mistake with purchasing decisions.

With variable speed pool pumps, you can save around $150 every month while maintaining your swimming pool. If you still own a single-speed pool pump, it is the best time to replace your malfunctioning pool pumpers with modern types to offer you the utmost form of filtering.

So what is the best variable speed pool pump? Let’s get started.

List of the Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

1. Hayward W3SP2600X5 Super Pump Pool Pump


The Hayward Super Pump Pool Pump brand has been around for more than twenty years and is well known for its high standard pumper. This Hayward pumper can provide efficiency, provide a constant 3,450 revolutions every minute, and can spin a swimming pool rapidly.

This pumper can block and remove air that goes into the suction pipe. This centrifugal type of pumper has self-prioritizing functionality.

The pumper can not slow its pace because it is a mono-speed type of pumper. That is why there is no way that you can try to cut down the cost of electrical bills.

The high-speed pace is possible due to its incredibly strong pump, durable and efficient too. Its affordable price makes it available according to your budget.

2. Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed High-Performance Pool Pump


Pentair brand is one of leader, innovator and manufacturer of quality pool equipment at reasonable prices. The new IntelliFlo variable speed high-performance pool pump is energy efficient because of its built-in timer and eight programmable speed settings.

The operation is a fully automated pool pump that saves you money and time. The IntelliFlo is an excellent choice if you want to have low power consumption as your priority.

Pentair IntelliFlo pumper is predesigned with a three-horsepower operation for the highly efficient pumper. It is equipped with a built diagnostic feature to aid you with troubleshooting, whenever something goes haywire while in action.

The pumper has a fully integrated keypad, which provides convenience while operating it. It comes with a one-year limited warranty for more comfort.

3. Hayward SP3400VSPVR Ecostar 2.7 HP Variable-Speed Pool Pump


This Hayward model of pumper is an ideal choice if you want to save money and to look for a trouble-free pumper. With a three-year warranty will give you comfort that provides coverage for any cost of maintenance after you have installed it.

This version of Hayward’s pumper is relatively less noisy when being operated. To house pool debris and leaves, it is predesigned with a big-sized basket.

You are more likely to make a replacement after a few years of operation. It comes with eight custom speed operation, that is why it is highly effective and energy conservative.

4. Harris H1572748 ProForce 1.5 HP Inground Pool Pump


If you are looking for pumper that is durable but inexpensive, this Harris pumper is the right choice for you.

Harris is one of the most affordable pool pumps in the market today. You can install this compact and straightforward design pumper.

It comes with the large filter basket that makes it easy to maintain.

5. Sta-Rite P6E6VS4H-209L IntelliPro Variable Speed High-Performance Pump


The IntelliPro Variable Speed Pump can provide you with 90% energy savings and can let additional pool feature without cutting down its efficiency.

That is why this pumper gets numerous positive reviews from verified purchasers, professionals pool operator, and public utility companies—these reviews including about the energy efficiency, reliability, and less noisy operation.

This pump has advancement in chlorinator and filter performance. It can also help you cut down algae buildup.

6. Hayward W3SP2603VSP Super Pump VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump


This Hayward super pump is effortless to install with less noisy motor for silent operation. The value is excellent, has much functionality, and have good overall performance.

Equipped with fan cooled 1.65 HP TEFC motor with competitive control systems and universal compatibility. This Hayward Super Pump is the ideal choice for replacement of variable speed pool pump.

The fully programmable digital control pump interface makes cleaning and pool maintenance a breeze. You save money while in operation, because of its energy management system.

You can consider this pumper a safe buy if you are looking for a high-quality variable speed pool pump. The durability and well priced of this Hayward pumper make it a popular choice for you as pool owners.

7. Hayward W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump


This Hayward W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump is less noise in operation while being a highly effective pumper. The pumper is predesigned with a timer to aid you to time their operation and make amendments as needed.

This pumper has an impulsive control scheme which makes it dependable. The permanent motor magnet is like what most variable speed pumpers do.

You will not have any trouble when installing, and you do not have to worry about its durability.

8. Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP Dual-Speed Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump


This Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix is a dual-speed pumper that with its flexible pumper can let you alter the orientation of flow while in operation.

You can choose between 3,450 revolutions per minute or 1,725 RPM. When it is time to save energy, you can lower the pumper’s flow.

This pumper is customizable to be used in different dimensions. You can alter the direction of the pump’s discharge, from vertical to horizontal.

9. Pentair SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pool Pump


If you’re looking for a simple and convenient pumper to use, this Pentair 342001 SuperFlo is the right choice. The pumper offers overall excellent quality, even with only a three-speed operational system.

You will operate with less complicated for a user to manage. With a fast operating system, this pumper is predesigned with a self-prioritizing function to avoid air to enter. It comes with a retentive memory, that will start from where you stopped during a power failure.

With an easy setup, this pumper will operate with less noise.

10. Pentair 023005 Variable Speed Pool Pump


The Pentair 023005 is a durable pump with great design and an easy scheduling interface. The digital display shows scheduling modification you carry out on this pumper with a variety of settings.

You can be sure that this pumper is the most energy-efficient, quiet, dependable, economic, and powerful pump. When you want to operate, it is easy to set up and install.

What factors to consider before purchasing variable speed pool pump

1. Installation

Numerous variable speed pool pumps have to call professional help to install to get it right while running. Today’s variable speed pool pumps have compact designs.

They are also manufactured to make installation easy to do. However, it would be better to call for professional help when setting up a pool pump for the first time. This practice will make sure optimum performance and protect the warranty terms.

2. Energy-efficient and material use

Having a variable speed pool pump is to get energy savings compared to single speed pool pumps. One model of a variable speed pool pump can save you up to 90% energy compared to the energy used by a single-speed pool pump.

The external and internal parts of a variable pool pump must be made of durable and high-quality materials. With so many usages, a pool pump can increase its reliability and longevity with these materials.

3. Safety and performance

The performance of a variable speed pool pump can be determined by the size of the pool to circulate and filter water without any trouble. If you have a medium-sized pool, 1.5 to 2.0 HP motors is the best choice to get the best performance.

A large-sized pool requires more than 2.0 HP motor such as 2.7 HP motor to create more horsepower to pump out volumes of water.

While in the operation of pumping the water out of a pool, you should look for variable speed pool pumps that come with in-built safety features. These features will ensure protecting the motor and electrical parts from extreme temperatures, water, voltage fluctuations, and chemical hazards.