6 Huge Reasons Camping (WON’T) Make You Happy


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Camping (WON’T) make you happy.

Many people, perhaps including you love camping. Camping is a great way to go out and get together with close family or close friends. During camping, you can close the bond with each other through activities such as fishing, hiking, use the campfire and even hunting. There are numerous opportunities to make the most of your camping trip.

Camping can be cheap. Just pack e few gears and get on with the activity. It is free if you camp in a free camping spot or your backyard.

Similar to relaxing or yoga or meditation, camping can convert your busy mind to a relaxed state of mind that contribute naturally to your happiness. The words happiness, fun, peace, escape, and adventure is closely associated with camping.

Memories from these special camping experiences and moments will help you feel emotionally closer to your close friends or close family you came with. This will absolutely make you as campers feel happy. With this happiness,  the experience of camping will be much more meaningful.


Reasons why camping will not make you happy (disadvantages of camping)

With these many benefits of camping, is there a downside of camping?

Let’s take a look.

  1. You decide to go on camping alone. This will not give you enough experience with other people and will not have things to have fun with.
  2. Share bathroom with other campers. If you are on a camping trip on a camping spot, the available bathrooms are usually shared bathrooms. Do not expect too much from this.
  3. Not having a good night sleep using your sleeping pad. Sometimes you have to deal with bugs at night or the cold temperature. This will just bother you a lot.
  4. Other activities and all your cooking and will be conducted outside. You will not be comfortable when there is rain, heat, bugs, and wind that can impact your happy activities.
  5. Forget what to bring. During your camping trip, you forget to bring your medicine. You forget to bring your first aid kit. You forget to bring your socks.
  6. Concern about your safety. Because it is outdoor, you are not sure if it is safe to be camping with the danger of being encountered with wild animals.

So with all of these reasons, should you stop?

Absolutely not!

You still have to enjoy camping.

Why camping is good for you

  1. Even when you are just planning a camping trip, you will find an increase in happiness. Imagined anticipation of planning for the camping trip is the thing that can make you happy.
  2. Do not forget to bring your camera. Taking photos of happy and fun activities is worthwhile if you share and tell other people about your experience. Camping trip photos and stories are an opportunity for bonding with family and friends over happy memories.
  3. List things what to bring before the camping trip. If you forget things, you could ruin it.
  4. Use your camping trip time to focus on physical wellbeing. Much sleep, light exercise, and sunlight are all very important parts of a fulfilling and happy life. You can boost your happy mood exposing to sunlight. Good sleep is an opportunity to catch up on some sleep that you never have the chance to do.
  5. Connection to other people is very important. They are factors that can make you happy.
  6. Be sure the location and the condition of the camping site are safe. Do a little research or you can ask around about them.

Do you still have to go camping?

Yes. Of course!

Camping is a fun pastime if you can afford it.

There are a lot of interesting places in the USA that are a great place for a camping trip.

You can focus on the campsite that is safe and a good fit for you and can make you happy.

Camping with your friends and family will absolutely make you happy.

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