Checklist For Flying With A Toddler

Checklist For Flying With A Toddler

Checklist For Flying With A Toddler

When you are traveling with your toddler, you have to have your checklist for you and your toddler.

It will not have have problem when you travel on a plane by yourself.

It would be an added attention when you travel with your cute toddler.

You might imagine what would happen on a long flight.

Will your toddler cry the entire flight?

Is your toddler will be having an easy and comfortable sleep?

What other passenger will response when they get annoyed by your toddler?

You will have to admit, it might be tough traveling with toddlers.

You really do not want to spoil your excitement for a flying trip.

To answer those questions, you might need help figuring what stuff to bring along when flying with your toddler.

You need to execute and devise a smart and practical plan for getting all the stuff you need to feel safe for you and your toddler.

There are actually a few tips and tricks that worked about actually being on a plane with a toddler.

You can use this checklist as your primary one, but you can add or subtract stuff you need or do not need.

You must know that you want to enjoy every moment when you and your toddler are flying.

Making all your hard work totally worth it.

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Things you need to know about flying with toddler

Before we go on the checklist, you want understand first what to expect when you travel with your toddler.

#1. You need to book a non-stop flight if it is a long trip.

You have to expect long schedule of stretches around your toddler’s nap.

If you can not have a non-stop flight it might foil your plan for flying with a toddler.

Flight delay might do just that during the stop.

A non-stop flight can get your toddler a short nap while in the air and it will be a wonderful relieve.

If you really have to have a connecting flight when flying with your toddler, do not waste a nap on a layover.

That would be the perfect time to let your toddler get the rest he or she needs.

Between flights, you have to release your toddler to what ever she or he wants to do.

It is better to have you toddler feel free on the ground rather than feeling confined at 30,000 feet in the air.

#2. Have an aisle seat.

Your toddler is so curious that she or he wants to see out the window.

Your toddler would be glad you are in the window seat because of the view that would excite them.

But considering the nature of movement your toddler has, it is better to have an isle seat.

Your restless toddler would want to get up and walk couple of times.

Your toddler might want and ask for item that is stored in the overhead bin and could do this a number of times.

The isle seat would be an easier place if your toddler needs a trip to the bathroom or to use the potty or for a diaper change.

If it is possible, you can have an entire row, and have both the window and the aisle seats.

#3. Expect for the security line.

A light umbrella stroller would be handy to keep your kid moving while you are in the airport waiting for security checkpoint.

You can stroll it to the Jetway and leave the stroller at the plane’s door, and it will be there for you at the door upon landing.

You do not have to worry about holding up the line.

Just take your time, be patient, collect your wits, and try to make it fun for your toddler.

#4. Do not board early.

Early boarding means about an extra half hour on the plane and this is something your toddler do not want to endure voluntarily.

It might be hard to plan for the right time for boarding, but you have to be wise about waiting to long before boarding.

#5. Flight attendants are your best friend.

This is very handy when you are traveling alone.

You have to ask the flight crew for help with toddler air travel.

It is their job anyway.

You can have trouble lifting your bag and put them in the overhead bin.

The flight attendant is here to help you with that.

They would nor reject your request and would nicely comply.

Whenever you need blankets, pillows, water, snacks, meal, it is part of the airline’s service.

Ask them for those needs and they would be very happy to serve you.

#6. Bring on extra supplies.

Bring with you as many toys and food you can fit into your carry-on luggage for toddler air travel.

If you fly on economy class, you maybe do not have the privilege to get food from the airline.

Flight delays happens all the time.

You have to expect mealtime during delays or during flight because of the unexpected delay.

Bring portable meals anyway like crackers, string cheese, mini sandwiches, protein shakes as meal replacement or cut-up vegetables.

Do not bring small pieces of toys because it get lost easily.

Bring as many as diapers as you could possibly need, endless wipes and hand sanitizer.

Bring also a minimum of one change of clothing for your child, and an extra T-shirt for you.

#7. Ease ear pain.

Bring a sippy cup for takeoff and landing.

The air-pressure changes in the cabin during takeoff and landing.

The sucking will help from hurting child’s ears.

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Flying with a toddler checklist

#1. Backpack for toddlers.

The very first thing to do is finding a backpack for toddlers.

It is the container to stuff toddlers essential on and off.

You need a backpack with tons of pockets, and you may add insulated pocket to keep your food.

The style would be unisex bag so that both of you and your spouse loves wearing them.

The backpack should be easy to carry, durable, and reliable.

#2. Stroller.

As stated before, stroller is the #1 most important thing when traveling with a toddler.

You should purchase a stroller that is compact and can easily be folded and unfolded.

Should be super lightweight and when folded should be completely flat.

#3. Medium size toys.

You should bring along a few games, toys and entertainment for your toddler.

You want to get your toddler engaged on the plane and thoroughly entertained.

Just do not bring out the toys out all at once.

Take them put one toy at a time and do a slow rollout of other toys.

#4. Coloring book, sticker book and other book.

Your toddler might be obsessed with coloring, and stickers that would make them excited and entertained.

Your toddler might want to hear bed time stories when they get tired.

You could read them to him or her before she or he fell asleep to get her relaxed and nice.

#5. iPad.

You can bring your iPad with pre downloaded games or show.

Your toddler can experience educational games, matching game, learning to paint on the iPad.

You just have to make sure you download those creative, interactive, and educational games at home.

Because if you do it on the flight usually the is no WiFi or the WiFi is usually slow.

#6. Snacks.

Snacks will come handy when you fly on economy class with limited or no food provided during flight.

This will keep you toddler do not feel hungry.

#7. Diapers.

This is very important too.

Because you never know what is going to happen on the plane regarding your toddler, you want to make sure you bring more diapers than the usual on the plane.

You just want to make your toddler as comfortable as possible during the flight.

#8. Baby wipes.

You should carry with you baby wipes everywhere you go.

Use baby wipes that can be used as a face and hand wipe as well.

You might to constantly wipe your toddler’s hand on the plane to kill those germs.

To make it easy to bring along the baby wipes, put them in little travel purse or small travel purse size bag.

#9. Hand sanitizer spray

Hand sanitizer spray works like magic to clean and kill bad germs effectively.

The hand sanitizer spray usually does not dry out your skin.

It is as much important as baby wipes.

#10. Toiletries.

Bring along a bag of toiletries with products such as shampoo, body wash, lotion, for you toddler.

You might purchase one travel kit because they literally have everything you need in a travel size container.

#11. Blankets.

Your toddler might get cold during flight.

If the airline does not provide blankets, you have to bring her or his own blanket.

She or he might feel more comfortable using their own blankets rather than blankets provided by the airline.

#12. Sweaters and jackets

Bring along jackets and sweater and put them in your backpack to have an easy access.

#13. Medicine.

You never know what would happen during the flight.

You might as well get prepared when suddenly your toddler get sick without warning.

Much like a first aid kit, you should include all of the things that your child might need if he gets sick on a trip.

You will be prepared for symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, ear pain, or diarrhea.

Over the counter medicine you should include:

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  • Pain reducer (ibuprofen and/or acetaminophen)
  • Cream for itching
  • Antihistamine for allergy
  • Cold and cough medicine
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • First aid kit


If you are not sure about what medicine to include, you might consult to your doctor or pediatrician.

#14. Empty plastic bags.

They are for dirty diapers or dirty clothing and maybe a lot of other unused stuff.

#15. Socks.

You might need to change your toddler’s socks because they get wet unintentionally.

Socks are use to get your toddler warm enough.


Traveling by plane does not end when you have a toddler, but it would the way to pack change quite a bit.

Even with so many things to bring along, you make it as a fun activities.

Because you are flying with toddler, it should be fun all the way right?

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