Cool Things to Buy With 300 Dollars

There are often times when we have a good amount of money at hand to blow, but we just cannot decide where to spend them. It might be tempting to waste it on things which might not be of great value to you, but we suggest you spend those hard earned cash of yours on something useful. Here is a list of some cool things to buy with 300 dollars, for you to either treat yourself or spend it on a gift for your friends or family. 

Cool Things to Buy With 300 Dollars





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BigMouth Dumbbell Beer

It’s a glass shaped as a dumbbell

It can carry 24 oz of the bear

Made of high quality glass and is easy to clean


PF WaterWorks Drain Stopper

Can be used with external power source

Made with a Grip n Rip Technology

Contains multiple netted grooves which makes it easy to get rid of hair buildup


Wekapo Inflatable Lounger

Pillow shaped and comfortable to lounge on

Comes with a headrest

Stays inflated for 5 to 6 hours



Can be controlled via Bluetooth

Uses a 360 degree fingerprint ID system

Can memorize about 120 fingerprints


Hot Stones

Comes with two working stones and four placement stones

Well-polished which prevents irritation

Made of natural lava rocks


Sonic Bomb Loud Alarm

Produces sound of 113 decibel

Includes a backup battery

Flashes light when it turns on



Designed with smart sensors and a lighting system

Uses a 3D time tracking technology

The cube is to be used with a mobile application


The Buckshot Pro

Comes with a lithium ion battery of 2600 mAh

Contains a LED flashlight which has four lighting modes

Includes and power bank

Has many mounting options


1. BigMouth Dumbbell Beer

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Six pack abs seems fine, but a pack of six beers is much superior! The Dumbbell Beer Glass by Bigmouth Inc. is a hilarious joke present for weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts. Title holder beer drinkers will know that training 24 ounces in one go is the best way to practice for the strenuous beer drinking Olympic Games.

For true beer drinkers, this beer glass will be the perfect training equipment. These one-of-a-kind beer glasses will house up to 24 ounces of the beverage of your choice. Simply fill up the glass, find a seat, and begin pounding out reps! This is a real Big Mouth Inc. commodity, such as their large wine bottle glass, which houses a whole bottle of wine. So do not fall for inferior knockoffs.


  • The glass is easy to clean
  • Could be used as a nice gift
  • Made of high quality glass


  • Needs to be hand-washed only

2. PF WaterWorks Drain Stopper

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PF Waterworks manufactures drain stoppers which are never-clog drains mostly used in bathtubs, which cuts blocked up hair into small pieces allowing it to run freely down drain pipes.

Most of us are familiar with the effects of clogged hair in the shower drain, be it due to rapid hair loss or cutting hair in the bathroom. Hair soaked with soap scum accumulates in the drain gutter, causing bathtubs to overflow. Strong chemicals with a lot of stubborn stains, and plunging or removing a hair plug looking like rats nest from the drain or pulling out single strands of hair at a time are all needed for cleaning.

With the much technological advancement in the world today, these tactics have been the only solutions for centuries, until now. Drain stopper is a fantastic hair shredding tool for bathtubs having drains ranging between 1.25-2 inches in diameter, which suits most bathtubs.

Simply press the top of this stopper using either your hands or feet until hair has built up, and the Quadrat blades will immediately cut the hair into small bits that can be quickly drained.


  • Easily gets rid of clogged drains
  • Can be used in most bathtub drains
  • Easy to clean and install


  • The silicone ring might come out due to water force

3. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger

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The Wekapo Lounger is an automatic one key inflatable lounger which is the ideal indoor or outdoor lounge chair or air bed. This inflatable lounge chair, which comes with an incorporated AirVorTech air pump, inflates within 60 seconds anywhere you place it.

It comes in a small shoulder bag. Both adults and children can deploy the lounger with a click of the button on its built-in air compressor. You can use the lounger as an air sofa at the pool or the beach, and also as an air bed when you have an extra company at home.

The adaptability and reliability of this lounger is up to the mark. It is puncture resistant and can protect itself from sharp points while being lightweight enough to use it as an air float in the pool.


  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Made of high quality material, so that it doesn’t get punctured with sharp objects
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor for multiple purposes


  • Takes time to inflate in windy weather

4. ULTRALOQ Smart Lock

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The UltraLoq Smart lock system is one of the most highly regarded smart security systems on the market, with several users praising it for its dependability and stability. If you're interested in smart locks to install in your house, the UltraLoq will delight you with its best features. Most smart locks use one or two systems to open the locks.

The thing is that no one enjoys being shut out of their home due to a shaky Bluetooth signal. The UltraLoq smart lock is unique in that. It has six different ways to open the lock, including various fail-safe options. The door will automatically open as you enter, just by using the app on your phone. 

Its 360 degree fingerprint scanner scans your whole fingerprint if you want fingerprint biometric protection. When the system gets locked or unlocked, it is indicated by an LED ring which glows green, and for any incorrect fingerprint it turns red. To keep prying eyes at bay, you can set a unique passcode, which also will be useful if you are unable to scan your fingers. 


  • You can open the lock just by shaking your phone in front of it
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with an external battery for emergencies


  • If you do not close the door firmly, the lock might not secure the bolt

5. Hot Stones

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Autoimmune disorders, anxiety and stress, body pain, poor sleep habits, tensed muscles are some signs all share in common. All of these can be treated using hot stones of high quality.

You will be able to enjoy a spa experience being at the luxury of your home with these Hot Stones, which are more than mere ordinary hot stones. They are volcanic stones that include feldspar quartz and pyroxene oxide and have been hand-shaped.

These stones are used to ease muscle pain, fatigue, and assist you in creating a spa-like atmosphere without needing to pay for a professional masseuse. They are easy to use and their advantages are comparable to those obtained by paying a licensed masseuse. Hot stones are usually of high density which ensures that heat is retained and distributed evenly.


  • Comes with a guide a mat to help you get the most out of them
  • Comes with different sizes to be used to target different muscle groups
  • Helps you relax after having a long day


  • You have to be careful with the heat

6. Sonic Bomb Loud Alarm

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The Sonic Bomb Loud alarm clock would be the last resort for waking a hard sleeper. This extremely loud alarm clock comes with a unique bed shaker system which would startle and awaken any person who is having difficulty waking up after a restless night's sleep.

You'll literally jump out of your bed to the tune of this alarm which sounds like a rock concert at 113 db. The bed shaker uses a power of 12V. It's the equivalent of connecting a car battery to the mega bed shaker.

If you do not wish to wake the whole house up, you can just activate the bed shaker and turn off the sound while setting the alarm. The Sonic Bomb Alarm's settings and time can be battery-backed for about a week.


  • You can adjust the tone and control its volume
  • Comes with easy buttons and switches
  • You can set multiple alarms with snooze options


  • The sudden shake might be harmful for you are sleeping in an uncomfortable position

7. GoCube

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GoCube Edge is a Rubik's Cube which has been totally revamped to become a new mega puzzle. With the new cube makeover, you'll become re-obsessed. If you've downloaded the GoCube app, you'll be able to improve puzzle solving skills by playing fun games that teach you how to progress from a novice to a skilled cuber.

It includes games such as simon, maze, cube hero and shooter. You can solve the cube in one hour while being timed, tracked and analyzed using an Inertia Measurement Unit, which measures orientation and direction. In no time, you'll be learning and polishing your skills while matching your solution and timing to those of other online players.

When you're about to take on the challenge go interactive and compete with others to rise to the top positions on the leaderboard. The GoCube is suitable for all ages, from young children to nerdy programmers with super intricate brains. 


  • Fun and at the same time educational
  • People of all ages can play with it
  • Gives you the chance to battle with your friends online


  • You need to memorize algorithms to solve it

8. The Buckshot Pro

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The Buckshot Pro is a multipurpose Bluetooth speaker that can be used anywhere and on any trip. These Speakers have a torch with various illumination modes as well as rechargeable power bank which keeps your small gadgets powered up.

The speaker's durable exterior casing makes it waterproof, dust proof, and also shock resistant, so it can be used for any trip from the ocean to the top of a mountain and anywhere in between. The multi-purpose strap on the Buckshot Pro offers you almost limitless mounting choices for any situation.

If you can't get away from the workplace entirely, there is also a built-in microphone for taking calls. Every musical taste can be satisfied by its HiFi sound having a startling amount of bass. When you're vibing to your favorite songs, the flashlight with multiple modes pierces through the darkness.

Hi/low lights, strobe or a SOS mode, including a lantern mode are among the many options. The Buckshot Pro speaker is equipped with rechargeable lithium ion batteries of 2600 mAh, that helps keep it charged until the trip is over. 


  • The flashlight helps bring light to a dark place
  • You can mount it to any position suitable for you
  • Contains a built-in microphone
  • Its lightweight and portable


  • The speaker is not durable

Factors to Keep in Mind

Before you buy a cool thing with $300, make sure to keep in mind some of the following factors.


Whatever you want to buy might be something cool and fun, but, also make sure that the item is useful for you so that you don’t have to just throw it out after having fun with it.


The item you want to buy should be long-lasting. If it breaks down after a couple of use, then you’re just wasting your money.

Value for Money

$300 is a lot of money! And you don’t want your money to just go in vain. So, buy something that will actually provide you the value for your $300.

Final Thoughts

We bring to you a list of nine cool things to purchase with $300, which are not for any average Joe out there, but for someone having a bit of extra cash to spare. We hope this list has been helpful for you while you are in search for a nice and unique Easter present or for something that not only looks cool, but also comes of great use to you.

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