Best Dermatologist Recommended Dark Spot Remover

Dermatologist Recommended Dark Spot Remover

Dermatologist Recommended Dark Spot Remover. Even after daily recommended treatment for skin health, like drink more, sleep more and using the right skin care products, skin problems still can develop. These treatments may not be enough to remove hyperpigmentation, dark spot, freckles. It takes time and sometimes money just to get rid of dark spots.

Causes of dark spots

Dark spots may appear in different places of the body and could range in size, from a small spot, medium spot and large dark spots. Dark spots may appear developing from a high concentration of melanin. Melanin is the main substance responsible for the pigmentation of the skin. Dark spots can easily form because of the exposure to the sun or even artificial UV light. Another cause is the picking of a rash or a pimple. Pregnancy may also raise the estrogen level that can cause dark spot. For people at the age of more than 50 years old may notice the appearance of blemishes in the skin tone known as age spots.

How to get rid of dark spot

When showing a dark spot problem to a dermatologist, they would recommend procedures that require multiple treatments to see any results. These procedures are: laser, peel, and facial treatments. If we are talking about the cost, these procedures are relatively high cost, high maintenance, and not accessible to everyone. To avoid high cost, a dermatologist may recommend brightening skin care products.

There are a lot of brightening skin care options in the market. We would recommend using natural skin care that can still deliver long-lasting results. Here’s a full list of dermatologist recommended dark spot remover that will help and work.

Dermatologist Recommended Dark Spot Remover

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TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum

Truskin 1582428 TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum

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Features for your consideration

If you’re interested in removing a dark spot, it will take more than one week to see the result. For better result, please wait for at least 14 days. The time it takes for positive results to show up really varies from person to person. If you’re looking to see the full results possible, then you’ll want to use this for a period of six months minimum.

— Pick #2 —

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum

Aura 9107647 TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum

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Features for your consideration

This product has active natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Retinol (Vitamin A), chamomile flower extract). The ingredients will leave the skin feeling refreshed and replenished. With these ingredients, it can be a moisturizer, toner, helps collagen production, providing antioxidants, reduces fine lines, essential fatty acids, wrinkles and dark spots.

— Pick #3 —

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum

Aveeno 7041541 TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum

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Features for your consideration

This targeted cream is clinically proven to reduce dark spots and discoloration for radiant so it gives a healthy-looking skin. Total Soy Complex is the main ingredients. It is known to smoother and softer the skin over time. Not just dark spot corrector, this cream can also good for tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness, and brown spots. It may help reduce the look of dark spots, discolorations, and uneven tone to improve skin’s radiance in just 1 week.

Questions and answers about dark spot

Where do dark spot came from?

Answer: When you see dark spots appear on your skin, this means that your skin’s pigment or better know as the melanin is in a large quantity or the other way around where the skin is poorly distributed of melanin. The after effect of overly quantity of melanin become visible at the surface of the skin which are in a form color of flat brown, gray, or black spots. The dark spot usually occur on sun-exposed areas of the skin. They may be called as liver spots, senile lentigo, solar lentigines, or sun spots.

The main cause of dark spot is the sun. The sun is responsible for this imbalance. Besides the sun there are many factor that can cause the dark spot to appear.

  • Puberty that can cause acne
  • Pregnancy that can cause pregnancy mask
  • Menopause that can cause age spots
  • Chemical reaction to perfumes
  • Other Ultraviolet light exposure beside the sun

Where are types of dark spots?

Answer: There are several types of dark spots:

  • Dark spots which are caused by sun exposure or called actinic lentigo or solar lentigo. It appear as smooth, brown color or other darkness color of the skin. The areas of the dark spot are the most exposed by the sun like the face, shoulders, hands and cleavage.
  • Dark spots which are caused by skin aging or called Lentigo senilis. It appears on people aged above 40 years old.
  • Dark spots which are caused by pregnancy or called melasma or pregnancy mask. It appears on the face like a mask and start appearing during hormonal changes
  • Dark spots which are caused by scarring and inflammations like acne.

If the dark spots color are not all the same color, what should I do?

Answer: You have to be aware that there is a resemblance between dark spots and melanoma. Please consult with a dermatologist or doctor to detect and determine for any dark spot that is different from the others in terms of appearance, shape and color.

If the dark spots color are not all the same shape, what should I do?

Answer: The cause of dark spot is too much melanin develop at the surface of the skin. The dark spot shape that develop may not be the same. However, you have be cautious to see a dermatologist or doctor to check and confirm.

Will dark spot endanger my health?

Answer: When you see dark spots appearing on your face, they usually are not dangerous for your health. Once again, if you see dark spot with different color and different shape please see a dermatologist or doctor.

My dark spots are itchy or has changed shapes or change color, what should I do?

Answer: The only thing to do is please see a dermatologist or doctor.

Are dark spot consider to be hereditary?

Answer: Skin type may be inherited from your parents. It would be wise and important to regularly care and protect your skin. By using anti-dark spot treatments you can solve the problem.

What is the different between acne scars and acne dark spot? Can we use the same treatment?

Answer: They are different kinds of spots. Acne spots are caused by inflammation that develop hyper-pigmentation. Acne spots can be treated with an anti-dark spot care routine. While the acne scars, are deep and colorless marks that can not use anti-dark spot for caring and treating it.

After sun exposure, dark spot appear on my face. What can I do?

Answer: Sun exposure is the main reason dark spot appear on the skin. When dark spot already on the skin, it will be reinforced by sun exposure. While new dark spot will appear after sun exposure. To avoid or reduce sun exposure, it would be wise for you to wear SPF 50 sun scream and protective clothing. Apply a non-photosynthesizing anti-dark spot cream under your sun cream with SPF 50 as a to prevent sun exposure.

Is it normal when I apply sun cream the dark spot will not disappear?

Answer: The sun will reinforce existing dark spot and promote new dark spots appear on the skin. By limiting the sun exposure does not mean it is also a treatment for existing dark spots. To treat existing dark spot, apply a daily anti-spot routine. Apply a non-photosynthesizing anti-dark spot cream under your sun cream with SPF 50 as a to prevent sun exposure.

Can anti-dark spot creams photosynthesize the skin?

Answer: You can find many products of anti-dark spot creams can photosynthesize the skin. Look for the label of an anti-dark spot cream. To prevent the appearance of dark spots, it use a skincare product with a non-photosynthesizing formula if you will be applying it before sun exposure.

Is SPF 50 sun cream good enough to protect the skin from sun exposure?

Answer: When you do not want the existing dark spot to be reinforced, apply an SPF 50 sun cream before sun exposure and to renew the application every two hours. Protect you skin at all time between 12pm to 4pm by protective clothing and avoid being outside during that time. Usually a SPF 20 sun cream should be enough to protect the skin being exposed by the sun if the sun is not too strong.

If I have a tanned skin, will dark spot remover ruin my skin?

Answer: Dark spot remover creams will not limit your ability to tan your skin. It should be good for tanned skin which regulates the production of melanin for uniform and lasting tanned skin. Just apply moisturizer after sun exposure to your skin, in order to maintain your tan longer.

Can I use tanning lotion when I am prone to dark spot?

Answer: It will not be advised when applying self-tanning lotion to the skin prone to dark spots. The reason for this is is because self-tanning lotion can promote a more prominent shade and make them more visible.

Why dark spots are appearing when you aged?

Answer: Aging is one of the causes for the appearance of dark spots at the skin’s surface. The presence of melanin can be treated and regulated using dark spot remover treatments, which will eliminate the brown color and reduce the sizes of dark spots.

Dark spots are appearing on my hands, what should I do about it?

Answer: You often overlooked your hands in the skincare routines. So when the hands are exposed to the sun and are prone to aging, dark spots tend to appear there. Please apply skincare routines to the hands to prevent dark spots appearing.

Dark spots hand been appearing since my teen caused by acne, what should I do about it?

Answer: During teenager, acne and pimples may appear in the face. And as acne and pimples heal, a few number of melanin form. This melanin becomes scar that appears darker than the skin surrounding it. Inflammation and sun exposure may promote the excess of melanin production. The treatment for this problem is to apply a fluid best dark spot remover care product everyday plus using sun protection cream.

What is the definition of pregnancy mask?

Answer: Better known as melasma or pregnancy mask are dark spot appears on the face cause by hormonal changes during pregnancy. It spreads from the forehead to the cheeks, but it can also be limited to the forehead and eyes or both areas.

If U have pregnancy mask, what should I do?

Answer: When the hormonal changes during pregnancy return to normal, the pregnancy mask can disappear. This happens after giving birth. Unfortunately, the dark spot can reappear as soon as the skin exposed to the sun, and it can stay permanently. So after giving birth, proper sun cream and best dark spot remover must be applied routinely.

How to avoid getting pregnancy mask?

Answer: Pregnancy mask can be avoided by remaining vigilant throughout pregnancy and the months following delivery.

After giving birth, will I get the risk of pregnancy mask?

Answer: Yes it can still appear after giving birth. This is because the nature of high hormone levels in the body and skin even after giving birth. When you are still breastfeeding, pregnancy mask risk can still occur.

Can birth control pills increase number of dark spots?

Answer: Birth control pills release hormones that can cause dark spots to appear.

Why dark spots should be treated?

Answer: Dark spots are annoying and make the look dull. It would be very important to treat any dark spots on a daily basis. The treatment means to prevent them accumulating on the face.

Can smoke cause dark spots?

Answer: The chemicals in cigarette smoke can make the skin age prematurely and damage the skin. The micro-circulation and irrigation of tissues can be disturbed by Nicotine. This will cause a complexion to become grayish and dull. The skin itself can not renew its cell. You must quitting smoking and must do daily cleansing in the morning and in the evening, with dark spot remover.

How can I treat dark spot when I have a sensitive skin?

Answer: When you have a sensitive skin, your dark spots should be treated with formulas that have the nature of preventive, curative, non-irritating, and non-photosynthesizing.

How to remove dark spot naturally?

Answer: There are certain natural methods for treating dark spots. To effectively effective and produce visible results, a natural active ingredient should be used at the right concentration and a suitable cosmetic formula.

What dermatology use to treat dark spots?

Answer: Usually, a dermatologist or doctor use laser treatment and the chemical peel in treating dark spots. They may be effective but they are expensive and can be abrasive to the skin. But according to experts, these treatments will bot prevent dark spots from reappearing and their effects are not definitive.

What to do daily to treat dark spots?

Answer: Use these methods:
– Use dark spot remover serums and or creams to deeply treat existing dark spots and to limit their appearance
– Apply a night peeling product with a peeling action to activate cell renewal
– Apply a peeling mask or scrub to eliminate dead skin cells, once or twice a week
– Wear sunscreen every day and take care not to spend time in the sun. Protect your skin with sun protection on a daily basis.

Can the best dark spot remover can also remove tattoo?

Answer: Dark spot remover creams regulate the production of melanin. Tattoos are made up of inks and colorants, injected into the skin. They will not be affected by dark spot remover.

Can the best dark spot remover can also remove freckles?

Answer: Freckles, also called ephelides, will not be removed using dark spot remover, unless it is caused by sun exposure.

How can I spot the difference between dark spot remover and skin whitening product?

Answer: Whitening products are medically prescribed products designed to correct the natural skin color. While the dark spot remover are over the counter cosmetic care products, to reduce dark spots by regulating the production of melanin, promoting bright, even color to the skin.

Can dark spot remover effective on dark color skin?

Answer: The dark spot remover can work on any skin color.

How skin scrub product can help dark spots

Answer: Using a scrub can not make dark spots disappear. But it can help dark spot remover for preparing the skin during the removal.

When I do not have dark spots, can I prevent it from appearing?

Answer: It is quiet simple. Just protect the skin from sun exposure. Use a strong sunscreen on a prolonged sun exposure, and use protective clothing. Dark spot remover can help prevent the appearance of dark spots.

What nutrition can help me fight dark spots?

Answer: Nutrition is an important part of the skin’s health. Your lifestyle actually reflects what you eat. Allowing a diet rich in anti-oxidants will help protect the skin from free radicals, which are responsible for wrinkles and dark spots.

Should I wear gloves to protect the hand from getting dark spots?

Answer: The sun is responsible for the appearance of dark spots. Wearing gloves is a good idea when you are trying to protect the skin from the UVA and UVB rays.