7 Fun Things to Buy Under $200 in 2021

If you fixed a $200 budget to buy something fun for yourself or someone else, there are a lot of things to go about from amazon. If you have been wondering what to buy for $200, you will find various things. You might be looking for gifts for your parents or your children. You will find every sort of thing on Amazon for just under $200. Here, in this article. We have pointed out some of the most fun things to buy. 

Factors to Consider

Before you spend $200 on something nice, keep the following considerations in mind.


Whatever you want to buy may be amazing and entertaining, but be sure the item is helpful to you so you don't have to toss it away once you've had your fun with it.


The object you intend to purchase should last a long time. If it breaks down after a few uses, you've just wasted your money.

Money Well Spent

$200 is a significant sum of money! And you don't want your money to be wasted. So, invest on something that will provide you the most bang for your buck.

Below are some of the fun things to buy on Amazon with $200 in 2021




Buy Now

Aila Sit & Play

AI featured learning

No need to subscribe

Free updates on content

Perfect for early preschoolers

Kindle Voyage

1440x1080 pixel touchscreen, 300ppi

Wi-Fi along with 3G

Only 188g.

Typecast Retro Typewriter

Adjustable imprint options

Black and red ink ribbon included

Comes with both upper and lower case characters and even symbols and numbers

Four line spacing options

Bongo Bamboo Retro Speaker

33 feet range

15 hours battery life

Dual passive subwoofers

Made of bamboo

Tree of Light

Touch control

Sleep mode

Aesthetic design

Wireless charging

Bluetooth speaker

Amazon Fire TV Stick

8 GB storage

5G supported

Alexa control supported

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

1-year warranty on hardware

Battery life up to 35 prints

ZINK Zero ink tech

1. Aila Sit & Play

7 Fun Things to Buy Under $200 in 2021

The AILA Sit and Play emerged on the market at the same time when remote learning was gaining popularity across the world. Young reviewers described the product as a little computer, but with a touchscreen.

It enables youngsters to interact while they learn about numbers, alphabets, as well as other educational materials. This is exactly what parents are searching for now that their children are at home. 

The gadget is a tablet-sized touchscreen and it's set on a squatting pedestal. They are positioned at eye level for a small table, making them perfect for children. The displays are meant to link to a smartphone app that allows parents to monitor whatever their kids are watching and even send a pre-recorded film to the child's screen if desired. AILA does not charge any subscription fee, although the content is refreshed every 3 months.

AILA also tells children stories that they can adhere to since the words are easy and simple, and it encourages children to explore through the material with songs and melodies, allowing them to sing along and even dance.

Content is divided into age groups, starting with newborns, who are taught to recognize colors or even learn to play by themselves, and progressing to toddlers, who are taught to distinguish between you and me as well as recognize actual words, shapes, numbers, and patterns.


  • Since its run by AI, the child gets what he should be studying next
  • Excellent animation
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Can only be paired to one device at a time
  • Some might have trouble pairing to the device

2. Kindle Voyage

7 Fun Things to Buy Under $200 in 2021

The screen is the first topic of discussion here. Amazon has built an e-reader that really feels far more like a design house instead of something you'd stuff into your bag and pray so it doesn't shatter, thanks to the raised bezel.

The resolution of the screen has been increased to 300PPI, which is a significant improvement from the previous one and this makes any image or book you choose to look at, a much more pleasant experience on the eyes. 

The Amazon Kindle Voyage has a relatively more consistent backlight - this isn't the most vital feature, but it could be annoying when you're continuously browsing a page for a dark spot. What's essential is the atmospheric backlight sensor, which adjusts the screen brightness as you move between day and night, as if you're a short-time traveler.

Because Amazon understands that their Kindle is designed for commuters, it's only natural that the Voyage would be designed to make it easier reading a book while jammed between two people's armpits. These buttons are soft-touch, which means they need a certain amount of pressure but don't have a tactile click. When you activate the page-turning, the haptics will tell you.


  • Huge collection of books
  • Less expense
  • Portable
  • Privacy


  • Can’t be exchanged like real books
  • Harmful for the eyes
  • The interface is similar to other models

3. Typecast Retro Typewriter

7 Fun Things to Buy Under $200 in 2021

The American Crafts typewriter, with its vintage style, provides an aesthetic touch to every writer's study. It's easy to make intriguing cards, invitations, and creative layouts using a basic metal framework and different ink ribbon colors.

This typewriter, like the Manual Royal, is a totally manual, classical typewriter that does not have digital pairing features. The package does, however, come with two red and black ink ribbons.

However, a few customers have reported problems with this typewriter. Due to misplaced teeth on the frame, some keys miss spaces, causing the device to skip along the same line all the time. This might or might not be a show stopper, based on your writing requirements.


  • Its retro design makes it the perfect decorative item
  • Metal construction on the inside
  • Compatible with standard ink
  • Ink ribbons can be customized through the manufacturer


  • The keys of the typewriter skip the same part on every line
  • Some parts are made with thin plastic giving it a cheaper feel

4. Bongo Bamboo Retro Speaker

7 Fun Things to Buy Under $200 in 2021

Bongo is among the most distinct and elegant Bluetooth speakers available right now, with an award-winning construction. It's constructed entirely of natural bamboo, and the speaker covers are made of antique linen cloth, giving it a vibrant outdoor feel.

It provides clear and robust streaming Bluetooth audio beneath that bamboo shell, excellent enough to fuel a banquet, beach escapade, and even your own personal listening experience.

The Bongo lasts up to Fifteen hours on a single recharge This is plenty of power for such a compact device. The Bongo measures 6.5 x 2 x 3 in and weighs only 1.4 pounds, making it simple to keep in your carry-on or bag for a whole day of playing. The Bluetooth capability allows you to use that as a portable speakerphone as well for hands-free communication.

With two back 1.75-inch separated passive bass emitters and a set of 1.5-inch supercharged "rare earth" speakers, Bongo delivers a punch for such a compact speaker. The wood enclosure echoes nicely with the music, producing a natural feel. It's simple to link and has a Bluetooth range of 30 feet or more. Its classic style, mobility, and contemporary sound will win you over.

The speaker makes it simple to attach. Pairing is a breeze with the Bluetooth 4 version. It should be compatible with a wide range of devices, including Apple products and other Bluetooth devices. It's likable because of the beautiful natural wood and feel.

The majority of people would be curious as to where you purchased your speaker from. On the other hand, the audio quality is really fantastic. The superior powered speakers and two passive subwoofers are credible for this. The clear highs, the robust mid-range, and the deep bass will appeal to you.


  • Easy connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0 version
  • 33 feet range
  • 15 hours of battery life


  • The sync button causes problem sometimes

5. Tree of Light

7 Fun Things to Buy Under $200 in 2021

This lamp might look like another lamp with just a cool sleek design. But this is not just a lamp. This lamp features a Bluetooth speaker and wireless charging for your phone as well. The tree lamps Bluetooth is the 4.0 version.

To be honest, BT 4.0 is quite outdated and ineffective, but then again who cares? It's just another function on your lamp.  The speaker really isn't the finest out there, but it gets the job done and has good audio quality.

The lamp also has a wireless charger that charges quickly. Your cellphones that allow wireless charging will be charged swiftly. This function is especially useful if you put your phone on charge before going to bed.

If you put the lamp beside your bed or on a bedside table, you will be able to charge your phone by placing it on its surface. The lamp is also simple to set up.


  • The light intensity can be adjusted
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Wireless charging for your phone
  • Easy to setup


  • Expensive
  • Some users complained about the wireless charger not working

6. Amazon Fire TV Stick

7 Fun Things to Buy Under $200 in 2021

The 2020 Amazon Fire TV Stick is a competent HD player with a good user interface as well as some significant upgrades over the previous 2019 model. HDR and a 60fps frame rate are included in this 2020 edition, delivering clearer and richer visuals if your television supports the same standards.

You will not get genuine 4K resolution here, but for 4K or HD TVs with capable upscaling, this is really a sensible mid-price purchase that won't set you back more than an Ultra HD device. If you want 4K, you’ll need the 4K Fire Stick for that.

The 2020 Fire TV Stick is difficult to evaluate because Amazon has introduced a new variant, the Fire TV Stick Lite. The introduction of a mute button and volume control on the remote of the step-up model, and the functionality to link and manage additional AV equipment, are major improvements.

It will be a greater chance for assuring harmonic collaboration amongst your soundbar, streaming stick, and yourself if the home theater setup is larger than just a TV and streamer.

The volume control is quite useful, and returning to the Lite version's remote is tough - we have to constantly use a different remote to boost or reduce sounds. The voice-controlled Fire TV framework and periodic upgrades to streamline and enhance the user interface using the 2020 Fire TV Stick a far more pleasant experience.

The often overwhelming presence of Amazon-owned or Amazon-affiliated material, including adverts for Audible memberships on every menu panel, is less acceptable. If you're a Prime member, though, this should be alright.


  • HDR and 60 fps
  • Dolby Atmos audio
  • Volume controls


  • No 4K
  • Constant Ads

7. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

7 Fun Things to Buy Under $200 in 2021

The HP Sprocket Studio is a new spin on the brand's series of portable photo printers, producing polished 4 x 6-inch prints instead of pocket-sized 2 x 3-inch photos. This implies you can receive a picture worth framing minutes after snapping a snapshot with your phone.

To transfer sheets of colors onto a substrate, The Sprocket Studio adopts a technique called "dye-sublimation." It's a more time-consuming procedure than normal inkjet printers; however the outcomes are superior to what you might get with a typical printer.

To get started, download the companion app of HP Sprocket to your smartphone, which includes a variety of editing tools to make the prints stand out. These editing capabilities can be pretty useful; however, others may find the edits a touch kitschy.

The Studio, unlike the smaller printers, must be connected to an electrical outlet when in operation. When you factor in its increased size, it's not quite as portable as the alternative instant printers of HP. But you can bring it on the go with a Power Bank.

The Sprocket Studio is significantly larger than most Sprocket printers. It has a bigger footprint compared to the Sprocket Select, which measures 142 x 89 x 18mm and has a footprint of 169 x 273 x 68mm. The printer is a heather gray one that HP named "snow," and it is flecked with dark green flecks that look like speckled eggs, giving it some personality. It appears to be very polished and clean on the outside.


  • Easy to use
  • Tons of editing options
  • Quality pictures


  • A power source is necessary
  • Not ideal for everyday use since it’ll be costly

These are some of the best gifts you can buy for under $200. It can be for your parents, your children, your friends, or maybe even for your significant other, you can find a lot of things to go on with. These are just some of the examples of some of the best items available.

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