Happy Mood Hacks: 7 Things To Do That Work

Happy mood is something that you want right?

One day in time, you might wonder why some people are having everything going well for them?

Do you think that there are reasons why they are just fortunate people and you are a very unlucky person?

If you feel like an unfortunate person, you usually will have sad mood.

The only possible reason for this is that those people know the secret of how to happy mood or overall happiness is through their thinking.

If you are implying that whatever is in your thoughts, actions and your subconscious, they will draw automatically into your life.

It means that if you have negative thinking, it will draw bad mood or sad mood it into your everyday life.

If you have a negative action, it will have negative impact into your life.

If you have a negative subconscious, then the negative implication will draw into your life.

So how do you teach your mind to focus on how to have a happy mood that you wish for?

Here are methods on how to do them:

1. Learn to forget after you forgive.

If you want to be in a happy mood, whatever negative impact that ever come to your life, you must forgive and do not ever look back. You just have to let it go. Think that nothing ever really happened to you. These wrongdoings that happen to you are to be discharged from you. It is not a vital event or happening. If this happens, you will feel the liberation moment. Feel the freedom. You forget those and start getting better things in your own life. Move on. You will have you happy mood with you.

2. Be kind and treat others with good deeds. That is just how they would like to be treated.

It has been backed by science about being kind to other people proven will make you happier and feeling the satisfaction. One study in Great Britain, about measuring life satisfaction. Groups of 86 people doing act of kindness for 10 days, experienced a significant increase in happiness. There are benefits to acts of kindness, linked to happiness. This study suggest that when you perform an unselfish act or kindness, your brain releases serotonin (hormone that lifts your spirits). If you treat people with kindness, that is how exactly you will be treated by other people. If you are being treated kindly by others, you will feel happy. Try yourself giving small money to a poor person on the street, this will instantly make you happy. If other people know about this, they will praise you with your action.

3. Challenges are opportunities, not problems.

The term problems are not in the happy people’s brain. They just think how this opportunity should be done next and accomplish them. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What do you to go from here to reach your fulfillment? These are how happy people think. Any situation that suddenly appears, is just something to be done, no more, no less. They are opportunity not problems. This thinking will certainly make you feel happier.

4. Any goals you have in your mind, you have to believe you can achieve.

If you want to achieve any goals but you doubt yourself, this means you are not ready yet and you will never reach that goal. You have to believe in yourself and never doubt your ability to achieve any goal you have. By doing this, you will get closer to your goal.

5. Focus on what you want.

Do not think about something you hate and do not belong to you. You have to consistently concentrate on the positive requirement or want or need. You will not have this resolution in one night. Put this mindset every single day for your practice for life.

6. Be thankful for what you own.

Even if you are a religious person and you are very rich, you have to be thankful for what your have. No matter if you are super rich, moderate or even on the lower financial scale, be thankful. You will see many rich people are happy and many rich people are unhappy. The secret of rich people who are happy are being thankful for what they have. This is also the secret why many poor people are happy and many more poor people are unhappy. They are rich people or poor people who knew what makes them happy was not “items they have”.

7. Do not compare yourself to others.

You have to know that every individual is different than other individual. One individual can perform better task than others. But that is not what happy people think. If you want to be happy, start comparing what you were or you did were before, compare to now. You do not compare them what happen to other people. If someone is better than you, this means that the person have better gifts and capacities. If someone else has a better accomplishment, this means they have their own strategies and speed.

What you have to do right now is to pick as many of these things.

Begin to do them as much as could right now.

You will know in the end as you add these activities to your life, they will start to boost your happiness mood and usually never go back to where they were before.

If you are the happiest person, you will be the most successful person.

No doubt!

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