Hawaii Packing List Male

Hawaii Packing List Male

Hawaii Packing List Male

Hawaii is one of travelers’ favorite vacation destinations.

Many travelers visited Hawaii for many times for vacation especially during summer.

The island’s tourism industry including jobs supported statewide, generated tax revenue, visitor spending, arrivals, and air seats, reached its highest peak according to statistics (2017) released by the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

According to the stats, visitor spending increased 6.2 percent to $16.8 billion, generating $1.96 billion in state tax revenue.

The number of visitors arrival rose 5 percent to a record 9.3 millions, that create new 204,000 jobs in Hawaii.

Hawaii islands are such a beautiful place to travel, with many variety of amazing activities for everyone.

You can have a long relaxing vacation by being on the beach, have dinner at luxurious restaurants, go trail running, backpacking, hiking and camping, scuba dive or ride in a helicopter.

You can do them all of this in 24 hours.

For a male visitors, knowing about all this many in activities, what to wear in Hawaii?

What should you bring on a trip to Hawaii?

Read on for these useful tips and information from a the local to answer those question.

Hawaii Packing List

The outfits

If you are a male, you can determine what clothes that you chose to bring by seeing the activities you will be doing.

The clothes you should bring on a 7 day trip to Hawaii:

  • 3 swimsuits or trunks
  • 6 casual shirts
  • 3 long pants
  • 1 pajama
  • 8 pairs underwear
  • 1 pair of sneakers
  • 1 hat

Swim 9839171

Swimsuits or trunks

When you go to the beach, you will need to wear swimsuits or swim trunk.

Wear a swim trunk that has the feature UPF 50+ for sun protection like Kanu Surf Men’s Miles Swim Trunks ($18.99).

It is made of quick dry microfiber, it is lightweight, comfortable and durable for activities on the beach, pool or just lounging around.

You can also swim in the pool or in the water wearing Speedo Men’s Endurance+ Polyester Solid Jammer Swimsuit for a low Moisture absorption and quick drying.

Shirts5 5203832


On the Hawaii trip, you will need 6 casual shirts.

Considering the sun exposure, you want to protect your skin from UVA and UVB of the sun’s ray.

You need to bring 6 shirts like Performance Fishing Shirt SPF UPF 50 Dri Fit Mens Long Sleeve ($39.99) to stay cool on the beach all day long without worrying about the sun.

With 100% microfiber material will wick your sweat away.

Or you can also put in your luggage the Vapor Apparel Men’s UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Short Sleeve ($16.95).

It is protected with UPF 50+ UV sun protection, anti odor, moisture-wicking technology, and anti-microbial technology.

Pants5 9808205

Long pants

Pants are also must have the sun protection features.

You can choose the most popular Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant ($7.81 – $413).

With UPF 50+ for sun protection and and fabric to keep moisture away to keep you dry and cool.

It is a durable, comfortable, convertible pant with side pockets with hook, one zip-closure security pocket, loop closure, elastic waist, gusset detail, zip-off legs and mesh pocket bags.

You can also choose the Baleaf Men’s Quick Dry UPF 50+ Outdoor Hiker Cargo Pants ($19.99 – $26.99) for almost the same features.

Pajama 2644358


When you are going to sleep you should consider wearing a cool pajamas.

Like wearing Tony and candice 100% Cotton Long Sleeve Sleepwear ($20.99 – $27.99).

Or having the Cool-jams Moisture Wicking Men’s Pajama Top Separate ($46).

This pajama can wick away heat and moisture, that will help with night sweats.

The fabric is a quick drying, 4 times faster than cotton material.

Even though it is not cotton, but it feel like cotton which is soft, lightweight, compact, anti bacterial and odor free.

Adidas 1492500


If you are always sweating, it would not matter what you are doing, either you are on the beach or just sitting on a chair outside, you just run hot in Hawaii.

You can purchase different kinds of compression or athletic boxers, to stay dry and supported.

Like these adidas Men’s Sport Performance ClimaCool Boxer Underwear ($16.99 – $68.50).

The underwear give a perfect balance support, comfort, and keep you dry.

The other option will be Hanes Men’s 3-Pack X-Temp Performance Cool Boxer Brief ($14.79 – $20.99).

This underwear is perfect for Hawaii vacation for its designed to adapt to your activity and temperature to keep you cool and dry.

The fabric use will wick away the possible moisture and it is ultra lightweight.

Sneakers 4352919

Sneakers or casual shoes

Since you will be doing so much walking around Hawaii, the shoes you wear must be comfortable for walking.

The NIKE Men’s Tanjun Sneakers ($37.64 – $342.32) is the right choice for that purpose.

The pair of shoes is made of breathable textile upper and foam outsole for lightweight cushioning, absorb impact shock, give extra durable and provide comfort on all day walking,

Other option is the adidas outdoor Men’s Terrex CMTK Walking Shoe ($49.99 – $192.79) with continental rubber outsole and lightweight EVA mid-sole for extra comfort while walking all day.

Hat 6778654


Wearing a hat would be an added protection against the sun.

You should consider purchasing a hat with sun protection features.

Like the MissionEnduracool Cooling Performance Hat ($16.49) that will wick away sweat. It does not use chemical for cooling, it is lightweight, protected by UPF 50 against the harmful rays of the sun.

The fabric pulls sweat and encourages quick drying.

The other hat would be Topex Mens Sun Hat ($11.98) with UPF50 protection, quick dry and fold able features.

Gear and gadgets

The gear and gadgets you should bring on a trip to Hawaii:

  • Drybox
  • Underwater camera
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Binoculars
  • Polarized sunglasses

Drybox 4955589


While on the trip to Hawaii, you can protect your keys, your phone, keys, ID and wallet by using a small waterproof box.

Like the OtterBox Drybox 3250 Series which can submerge to 90 feet depth.

It is crush proof with outer rugged poly carbonate construction and with interior foam for added protection inside.

The hinge pins and latch pins are made of stainless steel.

Olympus 5233143

Underwater camera

You would have to have with you underwater camera.

You do not want to miss the beauty of underwater world in Hawaii.

Equipped yourself with the Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera with 3-Inch LCD ($399.00) which can be underwater to the depth of 50 feet.

It is equipped with field sensor system with GPS, compass, temperature sensors, and manometer.

The camera is dust proof, crush proof to up to 220 pounds, shockproof from 7 feet, freeze proof to 14 degrees, and anti-fog lens.

Snorkle 9622611

Snorkel gear

Do you love snorkeling in Hawaii?

You should love it.

It is one way to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii waters.

You can choose the Prodive Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set ($29.99) for the snorkeling activities when you hit the water.

The snorkel has the impact resistant tempered glass diving mask.

It is watertight and with anti-fog lens, easy adjustable strap.

Occer 5703545


Sightseeing is one of the important part of your trip to Hawaii.

You might consider bring a binocular to ease the activity and see the clear view from far away.

By using the Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars ($35.99) you can pull down the rubber eyepieces and getting close to lens and so you can see easily.

This will give a comfortable viewing while wearing eye glasses or sunglasses.

This compact binoculars has 15mm large eyepieces, can see more clear image.

Sunglass 6723978

Polarized sunglasses

You need to protect your eyes from sun exposure and glare during the trip.

You do not want to ruin your trip by not seeing the views clearly because you do not wear one.

Consider this ATTCL Men’s Sports Fashion Driving Polarized Sunglasses ($24.00) with ultra light metal frame, mirrored lens and polarized for maximum protection from sun glare.