How To Grate Zucchini Without A Grater (Best Food Processor)

As cooking has become a necessity for making healthy meals instead of opting for take-out, it's crucial to have kitchen equipment that makes your life easier. Something as simple as grating a zucchini, to meet your favorite recipe's requirement, can be troublesome if you don't have the right tool. So, without further ago, let's check out how to grate zucchini without a grater. 

Best Food Processors




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Breville BFP800XL

LCD with auto timer 

Comes with a 3.8-liter large bowl and a 2.5-liter small bowl

Wide feed chute

Magimix Compact 5200 XL

Built-in 1,100 watt motor

Holds large capacity (16 cups)

Promotes quiet operation

Cuisinart FP-13DGM

Comes with a 10 mm grid dicing disk

Features a SealTight Advantage system  

Dishwasher safe removable parts

Hamilton Beach

Large feed chute that promotes less prep time

Comes with a built-in bowl scraper attachment

Supports 2 speeds


Promotes multi-blade mechanism 

Features booster arms to prevent food from getting stuck

Comes with a 5-year warranty

1. Best Food Processors: Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor – Best Overall 

Breville Bfp800xl Sous Chef Food Processor

Here’s a professional-grade food processor that is built to process big batches of any food item you can think of. Starting from vegetables and fruits to pasta and pie dough, this food processor will get you covered. 

This appliance comes with two bowls out of which the large one can be used for processing food for the whole family while the small one can be used for smaller processes such as making sauces. With this food processor making hummus will be effortless. As for vegetables, grating them in this food processor will be extremely quick too as it’s powerful. 

Plus, the solid appliance does not make any noise while you’re getting all the hard parts of the cooking prep done. Even though this model falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, it’s worth it due to its features, built, and durability. Without a doubt, the Breville Sous Chef model is the best food processor for both professionals and home-cooked meal enthusiasts.


  • Attractive design, suitable for kitchen with modern interior
  • Features an extra-wide feed chute that reduces time to pre-cut fruits/vegetables
  • Includes both small and large bowls
  • Count up/count down auto-timer displayed on the LCD


  • All the parts of the food processor are not dishwasher safe

2. Best Food Processors: Magimix Compact 5200 XL Chrome 1100 Watt Food Processor – Best for Large Capacity

Magimix Compact 5200 Xl Chrome 1100 Watt Food Processor

This food processor from Magimix is ideal for large capacity as it comes with a 16-cup bowl to fit huge quantities of food items at once. To help you process lesser quantities, it also comes with a 12-cup midi bowl and a 6-cup mini bowl. The sharp grating and slicing disks of this appliance will help to cut all sorts of fruits and vegetables effortlessly. 

The Magimix food processor has an easy 3-button operation with an induction motor that adjusts its operation based on the density of the food items. It has Sabier chopping blades installed therefore you can be sure of a powerful cutting operation. Overall, this appliance is an excellent option for any kitchen, especially where food is processed in large amounts.


  • Comes with slicing disks and grating disks in two sizes – 2 mm and 4 mm
  • Offers 3 bowls to fit various capacity needs
  • Holds a large capacity with 16 cups
  • Powerful, yet promotes a quiet operation


  • Expensive

3. Best Food Processors: Cuisinart FP-13DGM Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor – Best Mid-Sized Food Processor 

Cuisinart Fp 13dgm Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor

Here’s a food processor from Cuisinart which is one of the best food processor brands. The appliance features an adjustable slicing disk that ranges from 0 to 7 mm allowing you to choose your desired thickness. The reversible shredding dish is suitable for both medium and fine shredding. Plus, the dough blade can be used for prepping everything before baking sessions. 

With the SealTight Advantage system on this appliance, you don’t have to worry about food particles spilling out of the bowls. Also, the device comes with a cleaning tool that can help you to clean all the corners with ease after every use. All in all, if you want to purchase a medium-sized food processor to grate, shred, dough, and prep food items in your kitchen, get this one from Cuisinart.


  • Designed with a reversible shredder and an adjustable slicer
  • Features stainless steel blade suitable for cutting, blending, and emulsifying
  • SealTight Advantage system with a wide-mouth entry point
  • Rubberized buttons that are easy to clean


  • Doesn’t come with any disk storage

4. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor – Best Budget Food Processor 

How To Grate Zucchini Without A Grater (Best Food Processor)

This appliance from Hamilton beach is the best food processor for small projects. The 10-cup capacity device is suitable for preparing food for small families. Not only can you use it to grate, shred, and chop vegetables and fruits but you can also utilize it to make various types of sauces to obtain a creamy texture. 

This appliance allows easy storage due to the compact size of course but also because it comes with limited tools such as a slicing and shredding disk, and a metal chopping blade. After every use, you can simply flip the lid of the food processor and neatly fold the cord inside. So, if you’re in search of a budget-friendly processor that helps to prep food quickly, grab this one right away.


  • Features a powerful motor of 500 watts
  • Easy to use settings: On, Off, and Pulse
  • Promotes compact storage
  • Delivers two speeds to give you control over the output


  • Not a quiet operation

5. Zyliss Manual Food Processor – Best Non-Electric Food Processor 

How To Grate Zucchini Without A Grater (Best Food Processor)

If you’re looking for a non-electric food processor that you can use in your kitchen as well as bring to your camping trips, here’s the best food processor for you! Designed to be used with an easy pull mechanism, this appliance can help you grate, chop, and blend food products quickly.

The blades inside the food processor work in opposite directions allowing the food item to be chopped quickly as you pull the handle. Plus, the stationary arms placed on the top and bottom of the appliance push the food toward the blades. As it does not require power, you can use it for barbecue sessions in your backyard or bring it to your camping trips as well.


  • Sharp blade for quick operation
  • Great option for small kitchens and traveling
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly affordable


  • All the parts are not dishwasher-friendly

How To Grate Zucchini Without a Grater

Use a Food Processor

The best alternative to a grater is a food processor. If you do not mind not acquiring the exact texture that you can obtain from a grater, you should simply use this appliance. Once you're done processing your zucchini, you just need to drain the excess water and proceed. 

Peel and Dice

If you have a vegetable peeler and a sharp knife, you can use the peel and dice method to grate zucchini. First, use the peeler to shave the skin as well as the edges of the zucchini. Then, hold the vegetable with a firm grip while shaving it away with strokes. You'll be left with thin, grated zucchini strips ready for the next step in your desired recipe.

Use a Knife and Chopping Board 

You can use a sharp knife and chopping board to grate zucchini. You just need to make sure that you cut it in the middle and place the flat section of the zucchini on the board to make cuts at a 45-degree angle from one corner. 

How To Choose The Best Food Processor

There is a myriad of food processors in the market from various brands that will do almost the same job. However, you should choose a food processor based on your requirements in the kitchen. These appliances can vary significantly in terms of size, functionality, features, and of course price. So, you must consider the following before purchasing a food processor that will be the best option for your kitchen.

Size of the Appliance

The size of the food processor is pertinent for determining the number of food items you may want to process at a time. You can find large-capacity food processors that hold up to 16 cups but there are mini appliances as well that may accommodate only 3 cups. If you would like to grate, chop, and blend the majority of your food items it's ideal to choose a food processor that comes with one or two bowls with the larger bowl with at least a 12-cup capacity.

Width of the Feed Tube

The feed tube of the food processor determines whether you have to pre-cut all your vegetables and fruits before putting them in the appliances. So, if you want to save time doing so, look for food processors that have a wide feed tube/chute so you can directly put large chunks into the appliance. 

Disc Option

While the majority of the food processors come with the standard grating disc and slicing disc, some offer additional discs with different thicknesses. If you often end up making dishes or salads where you need vegetables with various thicknesses, you should look into food processors that offer more than one disc option.

You can also find food processors that come with blades that offer adjustable cutting sizes or reversible blades. These are more suitable for professional use. 

Controls and Speed

A food processor is supposed to shorten your prep time in the kitchen therefore you might as well look into appliances that have simple controls. The ones with on/off/pulse will work great for any kitchen. As for the speed, food processors that offer at least two speed settings are surely better than the ones that offer a single speed. 

Pulse Function

Some food processors have a pulse function that prevents the food from turning into mush especially if the power of the blades is extreme. To simply grate or shred, pulse a few times and you'll be left with the desired result. 

Special Features

Some additional features of a food processor may include a recipe book/app or different color options to sync in well with your kitchen interior. 

Can You Use a Blender to Grate Zucchini?

While a food processor is an excellent alternative to a grater, a blender is not. A blender is suitable for processing any food item when you want the final result to be liquid. If you're trying to grate zucchini in a blender, you'll end up with mush instead of a grated version of the vegetable.

On the other hand, a food processor's end result is solid or semi-solid products so you can easily throw in all your vegetables to chop, shred, or grate them to your desired outcome. 

What You Shouldn’t Use A Food Processor For

While a food processor can cover almost all the prepping processes before you cook, you shouldn't put any hot food items inside this appliance. Although you can take that route if the bowls are heat-resistant that's not the case in the majority of food processors so you should refrain from using it to blend or chop any hot food items.


As mentioned in this article, there are multiple alternative ways to grate a zucchini if you do not have a grater. However, the most ideal and cost-effective option is to use a food processor because with this appliance you can not only grate but chop, shred and blend all types of food items.

Based on your prioritized feature, you should get your hands on one of the food processors featured in this article and see how it changes your life! Hope this article was helpful for you!

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