5 Words You Should AVOID If You Are Trying To Make A Sale Badly


How to make a sale. When it comes to sales or when it comes to closing the sale, there are words do you want to use to close to sell more of your products and services. There are also words that you absolutely want to AVOID. Today, there are things to learn of something very practical. There are 20 words that you want to avoid in sales.

#1 To be honest with you. You have heard of that one before from a sales person. Like, “To be honest with you, this is the best price that we can give you”. Or, “To be honest with you, we will never give this deal to anybody else”. What happens is right after you say “to be honest with you” means you have not been honest with your prospect the whole time. You have been lying to the prospect since the day you met or since the time tyou start the conversation with your prospect.

#2 Trust me or trust us. Have you ever heard of that one? “Just to trust me on this, it is a great deal. Just trust me”. Usually when people have to say “trust me” do you really trust the person who said it? No right! “Trust me” is such a bad word to use. If you want someone to trust you and if you are trustworthy, do you have to tell people “trust me”? Well. no. Because your actions speak louder than your words. Action we show through your action would demonstrate if a prospect or someone or anyone to trust you or not. So you have to avoid use those words “trust me”.

#3 Sorry to bother you. Picture this: Why do you bother me if you feel so sorry about calling? Just do not bother me in the first place. Sometimes there are phone calls you get and then, “Sir, sorry to bother you for calling you…” Well do not call if you do not want to bother anybody. You hang up the phone and after saying why are you calling me in the first place. Why are you bothering me in the first place? Why are you wasting my time? Before you do anything, when it comes to closing and sales, usually the prospect has the power over you. If you as the sales person does not have the power in order to close, you have to level the power with the buyer or the prospect. You have to have the power over the prospect. The minute you are apologizing, just before you say anything, just before you would propose anything, just before you give them any solutions, or just before you find out if you could help them or not, by saying “sorry to bother you” you immediately going to a lower status of power. You definitely do not want to do that. So you do not have to apologize for what you sell. You do not have to apologize what you can bring to the table. And you do not have to apologize if you’re going to offer them something. Do you now why?
If you believe in what you do in sales, do not apologize. Your time is just as valuable as the prospect’s time. Just because the prospect give you money, just because they were transacted, it does not mean that your time is not valuable or less valuable than your prospect. People only buy from you because you could help them solve a problem. Your product or service is here to help them solve their problems.

#4 Just following up. As a sales person have you ever used this before? Are you feeling guilty of using these words? “Sir I’m just just following up with you. What are we talking like three months ago or we talked last year, I am just following up the work”. The word “follow up now”, you might think well what’s wrong with that word? A lot of people use it and many sale person use them all the time. The problem is this, think about when someone says that to you “I’m just following up with you”. The words “follow up” is being used for so long by so many sales people, automatically it triggers a response to the prospect. They will say, “Ah, you are trying to sell me something”. Now that is the problem. The last time you didn’t close the sale when we met and you want to sell me now? At this time you want to sell the prospect by saying “just following up”, the prospect immediately want to say, “I really do not have time for this”. Go directly, straight to what the problem is. You can even ask better more effective questions. There’s so many better ways to do this his another work.

#5 Buy. People love to buy but they hate to be sold. Even though they love to buy but they don’t like the idea of buying. Because the word “buy” means that it is going to cost money, right? Or have to spend money, right? People do love the action of buying but the word “buy” triggers the feeling of “when you have to buy something you gonna have to spend money”. So do not use the word “buy”. Let say that someone comes to you and say, “do you want to buy this now?” You immediately would want to say, “No, I do not want to buy them”. Instead of using the word “buy”, use the word “own”. Or “take this home with you”. Or “take this advantage”. So, do you want to buy this? The answer is “no”. Or if you say, “do you want to take this home with you or do you want to own this?” The answer would be “sure I would”. It does not give pressure to the prospect. The word buy will give and triggers a lot of resistance in sales.

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Whoever your competitors are, discover those 5 words you want to avoid in sales or any closing scenario. In the game of sales, take your level to the next by avoiding those words. There maybe things you have done in the past or even things you have ever done before. It can be wrong and it can be right. By just doing that, (avoiding words) you just develop a skill set for self confidence and get more sales and closing in the future.

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