3 Top Most Comfortable Shoes For Diabetics

Most Comfortable Shoes For Diabetics

Most Comfortable Shoes For Diabetics

Most Comfortable Shoes For Diabetics. Diabetic shoes have been used for so long to specifically prevent diabetic patients to suffer foot ulcers. Its use is recommended by doctors or podiatric physician. Almost all diabetic patients wear diabetic shoes.

What are diabetic shoes?

Diabetic shoes are specifically designed shoes which may work to reduce skin breakdown and feet problems for diabetes patients. But unfortunately, a new diabetic patient does not know the risk of not wearing diabetic shoes. By not wearing diabetic shoes, an ulceration ulcer below the foot may develop just hours away. Diabetic shoes will be an important part to avoid complications, like calluses, ulcerations to amputations.

Comfortable shoes for diabetics patients must meet strict guidelines and must be prescribed by a doctor and podiatrist or other qualified specialists. It must have a feature of orthotic insert and removable heat mold able. With this feature, foot injury can be avoided. The size, the color of today’s diabetic shoes are design to be the most comfortable shoes for diabetics, due to the nature of the diabetic patient.

Benefits of diabetic shoes:

  • The shoes must be extra deep in order to accommodate diabetic orthotics or insoles.
  • To support lateral and medial rear foot stability, the shoes have a built in firm heel counter.
  • Have feature of preventing skin breakdown.
  • The shoes provide many pain relief as a result of the quality of the material that they are made of.
  • Because it distribute the weight properly, it provide better stability than regular shoes.
  • Promote good flow of blood circulation.

After a few research, we came up with 3 top most comfortable shoes for diabetics for you to consider:

Most Comfortable Shoes For Diabetics (Men)

#1. Dr. Comfort Performance Diabetic

This Dr. Comfort Men’s Performance ($150.57) is made of the combination of leather and mesh. It is specifically designed for a comfort shoe and as a therapeutic shoe. The design is stylish and it is lightweight. It is also has the advantage of  arch stabilizer for enhanced support of the diabetic feet. If you are looking for comfort as your priority, this is the one to choose.

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#2. New Balance Men’s MW840 Health Walking Shoe

This shoe has 100% synthetic material and the sole is made of rubber. New Balance Men’s MW840 ($94.95) is a pair of shoes designed for diabetics foot patients. The collar or the tongue is mesh with breathable preforations. It is design ed for a comfortable higher instep. For diabetics patients means it is adapting with wider forefoot and narrower heel design. The mid sole cushioning is impact absorbing type for a more comfortable wear all day long. 

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#3. Orthofeet Broadway Men’s Casual Diabetic  (Proven Pain Relief)

This Orthofeet Broadway Men’s Casual ($135.95) is a comfortable shoes design specifically to give an Orthotic support. When diabetes patients walk it will hove the cushioning on the heel pad and the right arch support anatomically. You would not feel the pain instead it will enhance comfort and helps lessen the severe pain at the hips, lower back, heel, foot, and the knees. Every time you step, this pair of comfortable shoes will add spring, soften the step, improve stability and giving much comfort to foot motion. You will have a pin free steps all day. 

The shoe designed with extra depth design and wide toe box to completely remove the pressure pressure on hammer toes and bunions. This feature just e perfect protection for those who suffer arthritis, neuropathy and diabetes. .

For those who suffer from diabetic feet, bunions, hammer toe, pronation, Plantas Fasciitis, corns, sensitive feet, foot pain, heel pain, arch pain, knee pain, and back pain, will feel all the support and benefits they need in a shoe.

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Other option: Orthofeet Tacoma Casual Shoe Diabetic

With the same features as the Broadway, this pair of shoe just one option to choose between leather and a more casual shoe. This Ortheofeet Tacoma ($119.95) can also eliminate problems of diabetic feet. With the perfect cushioning, the comfortable wear will be beneficial to those who need help with the pain.

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Most Comfortable Shoes For Diabetics (Women)

#1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6

This synthetic fabric shoe is built with rubber sole and the shaft measure is low top from arch for good support of the feet. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 ($169.99) is made by known brand, designed to accommodate medical orthotic. It has a good traction on all terrain, uphill and downhill. The cushioning will provide a smooth transition during impact of the ground. It is comfortable to wear and the outsole is durable for long lasting use.

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#2. Propet Women’s Cronus Comfort Sneaker

Women’s Propet Cronus Shoes ($74.96) are a comfortable shoes designed to accommodate hammer toes, swollen feet and bunions. The cushioning is the key as it gives extra comfort. It can be removable to accommodate diabetic insole and custom orthotics. Not only that the shoes is durable for long lasting wear and it is also lightweight. This has been A5500 Medicare coded as a diabetic shoe.

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#3. Mei MACLEOD Womens Diabetic Shoes

The Mei MACLEOD Womens Diabetic Shoes ($37.99) has rubber sole and can be adjustable to accommodate swollen feet. The upper material is made to be easy to clean and lightweight. It is perfect for diabetic feet, hammer toes, bunions, pronation, back pain, knee pain, heel pain. 

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One think for certain, people with diabetes or poor blood sugar level can physically harm many parts of the body. That includes the feet, the vessels and nerve that go to the feet. For this, they are easily to have foot problems. Diabetes lift to a higher level for the risks of getting careful consideration ulcers and wound on the feet. The consideration must be taken seriously because it will lead to amputation. In addition to this health problem, diabetes also have a very strong affect of the ability of the patient’s body to heal themselves. This could happen because the feet is getting less oxygen and blood, therefore it will take a bit more time to recover from even a very minor skin irritation. The outcome of the diabetes to the feet is that it will be more prone to edema or swelling.

When your blood sugar spike to a higher level, will make the blood circulation taken to an inferior level. This will promote harmful nerves in your feet or we can call it as neuropathy. You will lose the feeling of your feet. When you do not feel your feet, you will have a difficulty time to realize that you injure or cut your foot. The cut can lead to infection if it is not treated properly. While the poor blood circulation can be difficult heal infection and cuts.

The problems become harder to solve or heal when you develop open sores on  bottom of your feet or toes. The other problem would be, you will develop thick areas of your hardened skin or also called calluses. People with diabetes would have the following :

  • gangrene

Blisters or athlete’s foot might be just a minor foot’s problem, but if you have diabetes these problems can be a serious concerns. Because of the longer time it take to heal, it can grow into a very dangerous infection and one day it may lead to amputation. So any or even a very minor foot problem should be taken seriously and should always consult with a doctor if you have diabetes.