Mountain Bikes For Heavy Riders (A Guide)

Mountain Bikes For Heavy Riders

Mountain Bikes For Heavy Riders

Many people spend their entire lives being heavy weight.

Some of them would like to lose weight even though it is hard to do.

Some heavy weight people (over 300 lbs ad 400 lbs) is doing better than committing into diet program for weight loss but the weight just do not go away.

A healthier activities for heavy people is including getting regular exercise, such as cycling with mountain bikes.

Many heavy weight cyclists or heavy riders experience discrimination.

A heavy person, weight over 300 lbs and 400 lbs (need mountain bikes for 300 lbs and 400 lbs), who is doing a daily routine exercise may be healthier than a thinner person who gets no exercise at all.

Generally, a human body that is doing exercise regularly is a healthy body, whether the body is fat or thin.

Being overweight and being a bike riders or cyclist is not contradictory.

Riders with their bodies dancing on the pedals up the hills, does not have to have a skinny body.

Thinner body might go fast on mountain bike, but it would not be a fun cycling.

So if you are over 300 lbs or even 400 lbs (need bikes for 300 lbs man), do not see your number on the scale. Do not ever think that you are too big to get out on a mountain bike. Just get out there, start cycling, have fun and most importantly have fun. You do not have to think that you will lose weight or not, the best part is you be getting healthier.

Many challenges such as do not have the right to ride a bike, feel pressured to lose weight or feel like they do not belong on the cycling path. There are also other challenges such as finding an appropriate clothing, gear and bike for heavy riders.

Most professional mountain bike riders would select mountain bike based on budget, comfort, and confidence when riding. Riders would be on the trainer, so before purchasing one, he or she can see and feel the flex in the bike when pedaling.

What are mountain bikes?

Mountain bikes are designed for riding away from a smooth road or riding on rough terrain or off-road use. The design is to achieve stable handling, compact frames, stable handling, clearance for knobby and wide tires, and designed with a higher handlebars for a more upright position.

For an uneven ground, or rough hilly terrain, these mountain bikes will generally come with low-range gearing. A nice trip to Lake Chelan would be reachable and conquerable.

These bikes could be designed for specific purposes, such as racing or downhill or cross-country racing.

Mountain bikes can be equipped with gear such as suspension and disc brake systems. Mountain bikes are very popular because they are comfortable to be an all-around bicycles due to versatility.

Every time you purchase a mountain bike, you would see that they come with warranties. This warranties actually voided if the rider is too heavy or weigh more than 220 lbs. Many mountain bikes are designed for bike riders who weigh less than 220 pounds.

When you see on the scale that you weigh 250 lbs or slightly above 220 lbs, you should think about getting a mountain bike designed for heavier people.

Before buying a good quality mountain bike for heavy rider, check that there is no weight limit on the warranty.

So what are the things to consider when purchasing mountain bike for heavy riders? Here is some good advice.

Frame material

For heavy riders what frame material is best? Is it a carbon, aluminum or steel frame? Should it be a very large bottom bracket? Is stiffness become a priority?

Many bicycles manufacturers today produces mostly aluminum frames as being demanded by many purchasers, even though there are advantages to an all-steel frame for any rider. These advantages including comfort and durability.

For heavy riders, titanium, aluminum and steel frame material would make an excellent choice. All of these materials would remain strong or vigorous under normal riding setup, setting and situation for exercise, recreation and fitness purposes only.

You should not select the extremely lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber racing bike frames. It would not hold up heavy riders above 300 lbs or even 400 lbs.


Different than bike frame, the bike’s wheels are the most common failure point. Especially mountain bikes for heavy riders, even among mountain bike riders who are only about 225 lbs or slightly above average weight. The wheels is the most important part to consider or maybe need an upgrade.

Understanding the rim

A new bicycle typically comes with 32 spokes per wheel. More spokes per wheel is better. Entry level mountain bikes usually have single-wall rims, but better bikes have more durable double-wall rims.

The majority of bicycle rims today are cast aluminum alloy. This mean they are manufactured by pouring molten aluminum into a mold the shape of rim. They are most popular because they are very strong, rust proof and lightweight

Aluminum rim can withstand heat very well and are generally more attractive than other material. They manufactures in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. Aluminum rims are a good choice for a balance of performance, cost, and aesthetics.

Aluminum rims can be as light as 300 grams and as heavy as 900grams. A good bike touring rims are generally in the 550 grams to 800 grams range.

Double Wall Rims

Aluminum mountain bike rims can be single, double and even triple wall. Many good touring bike rims are in double wall and it refers to the number of aluminum layers to the rim.

Even though not attractive enough, some bike rims are still made in steel, and usually very cheap single-wall rims. For more durability, metal eyelets would be inserted on the spoke holes of the aluminum rim. Spokes are made of stainless steel spokes.

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Spoke Holes

Mountain bike wheel rims are available in a variety of spoke hole configurations. The common mountain bikes setups include 32, 36, 40 and 48 holes. More spokes have more advantages as it decrease load across the hub, spokes and rims.

For mountain bike heavy riders, 40+ spokes are the safest to use and using 700C bike wheels with cassette hubs. Lower number of spokes (32 and 36 holes) are for thinner mountain bike riders (below 220 lbs).


Eyelets are made of aluminum and the function is as sleeves that will reinforce the strength of spoke holes. Manufacturers of rims does not produce all rims with eyelets. Manufacturers use eyelets to build lower weight rims without compromising on strength (a drop of 70 grams off the rims weight with eyelets).

Double wall rims can come with double socket or single socket eyelets. These double eyelets will evenly distribute the spoke tension across both walls of the rim. This will reinforce the rims to be stronger and even lighter.

Some rims can achieve a lighter and stronger without eyelets, while relying heavily on extra-thick aluminum walls. So you do not have to have touring rims with eyelets, but you still can consider eyelets to lower the weight a little bit.

Rim Widths

19mm internal width: 25-62c (1.0-2.2″) tyres
22mm internal width: 32-62c (1.2-2.2″) tyres
25mm internal width: 37-62c (1.5-2.2″) tyres

Here is some recommendation of mountain bike for heavy riders.

1. Looking for a bike with at least 29-inch wheels instead of the normal 26 inches. Most mountain bikes are for people with weight no more than 220 lbs so they are fitted with 26 inches. If you weight over 220 lbs, 29 inches wheel are more suitable, faster and more durable.

2. Do not purchase mountain bikes from a department store. These mountain bikes are not reliable, cheap, but look shiny. They do not have the strength for heavy riders.

3. If you have decided to buy a bike, you can upgrade some of the parts to fit the need. The most important upgrade would be the seat and the wheels. You probably need a wider seat for heavy riders to get a comfortable ride. And the tires might not be suitable for heavy bikers.

4. As mentioned before, look for wheels with at least 40+ spokes for a rear wheel. For front spokes go for 36 or more spoke wheels.

List of Mountain Bikes For Heavy Riders

#1 Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er
Mountain Bikes For Heavy Riders

The Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er is fit for heavy riders. It can handle dirt road, trails or the ride to work.

The frame is 29er Butted 6061 Aluminum material which is suitable for big riders. It also accommodate heavy riders with 30.9mm diameter wide seat, give more control and add more stiffness.

The rear and front disc brakes give more power in stopping in any trail or road situation and conditions. The wheels are 29 inches and double walled for more durability.

With the big tire, the bike will easily roll over any obstacles. For a lot safer use for heavy bikers, you might want to upgrade the Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er spokes holes to 40 or 48 holes and 29 inches wheel.

The price is under $500 and considered as best mountain bikes under 500 by many reviews websites. Suitable for mountain bikers.

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#2 EUROBIKE EURX9 Mountain Bike
Mountain Bikes For Heavy Riders

Another recommendation for the mountain bikes for heavy riders is the EUROBIKE EURX9 Mountain Bike. With 29 inches Magnesium alloy wheels, 3 spokes for greater control on different types of roads.

The handle is ergonomic design with dual disc break for stopping power. It also suitable for tall riders between 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 2 inches.

The 2i Inches double wall aluminum wheels for durability and easy to control. The total weight is only 34 Lbs only that makes it faster and lighter.

The price is under $500 and considered as best mountain bikes under 500 by many reviews websites. Suitable for mountain bikers.

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#3 29″ Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike
Mountain Bikes For Heavy Riders

The 29″ Mongoose XR-PRO Men’s Mountain Bike, had been carefully constructed using quality components, that makes this bike that is strong in several areas.

The components can be upgraded and the design is stylish and appealing. The frame is made from aluminum and full suspension.

The wide bars of the mountain bike is comfortable for heavy riders. Tires are 29 inches by 1.95 inches with wide alloy rims.

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What are types of mountain bikes?

Many beginner bikers have only one knowledge about types of mountain bike. Even though all-mountain bikes are designed to hold up the off-road terrain and constant broken parts, there are many types of bikes made for different disciplines. How to ride and where to ride can make all the difference. There are many types of mountain biking.

Different types of mountain bikes

Cross Country – types of mountain bikes

The cross country mountain bike is the most common types of mountain bikes. It will drive the mountain bikes through trails for extended periods of time.

With the long period of time of biking, the obstacle along the way is not the main focus like other forms of mountain bike. But it require great endurance.

The riders must have control of the bike in order to do maneuvering through the trail.

Cross country trails is the types of mountain biking that involve long periods of descending the mountain and climbing the mountain or hilly trails with uneven ground.

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With this type of trails, you might consider upgrade your tire with the cross country tires like this here.

All-mountain Bikes

This types of mountain biking require more action. All-mountain bike will participate more things that will block the way, more challenging obstacle and varied rough and uneven terrain.

It is like riding through the natural terrain of the mountain. It does not have trails or path to follow. More like a surprise jumps and drops along the way.

To do this, you must have the courage, the control, the experience and the great skill. With this unpredictable terrain you would need different type of mountain bike or the all-mountain bike like this here.

Downhill – types of mountain bikes

The purpose of downhill types of mountain biking is speed. Unlike the all-mountain or cross country trails that involve a lot of curves and snaking paths, implying the name downhill, it is a downhill trails or riding straight down through the mountain terrain for the fastest time.

This types of mountain biking, do not use a specific trail at all. They focus and try to control to get down the mountain at the fastest speed possible.

For competitions and races, bikers need to achieve blazing speeds. The activities making it a very thrilling discipline for spectators and even for riders.

The bikes would be send up to the hill. Then experienced riders going down through the most extreme types of mountain biking that requires high skill and control. Riders are faced with a very dangerous rough terrain of mountain that have jumps and changing obstacles along the way.

For downhill types of mountain biking, bikers need better gear for safety. These are the gear for downhill mountain biking.

1. Full-face helmet (Demon Podium)
2. Goggles (Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles)
3. Gloves (Arltb 3 Size Bike Gloves)
4. Short (Baleaf Men’s 3D Padded)
5. Armour (Riding Armor Pants)

Dirt Jump – types of mountain bikes

The name dirt jumping is just as the name implies exactly. Instead of riding on a mountain, it is considered a sport being held in a customize dirt park.

It has to with many jumping and requires control, strength, and airborne acrobatics.

The gear required are almost the same as downhill type of mountain biking.

Freeride – types of mountain bikes

This type of mountain biking is the combination of downhill types of mountain biking and dirt jumping types of mountain biking. It is like an art of tricks and art of mountain biking.

You need to have plans in order to take up free riding, because you will encounter with a variety of different types of trails and riding areas.

There are actually no rules or law or guidelines to follow free riding types of mountain biking. Riders will have to be creativity and have skill to take over different terrain.

This type of mountain biking takes advantage of natural trail, such as ladders, ramps, and beams.

Mountain Bike FAQ

What mountain bike should I buy if I am a heavy riders?

Answer: purchase the best bike you can afford. You may consider the list above or you may consider how you want to ride and who you want to ride with.

What clothes do I need to buy?

Answer: when you are a beginner of mountain biking and you are a heavy rider, you do not have to buy special clothes. You really do not need to wear skin-tight shorts because mountain biking has numerous variety of available styles for bike shorts and clothing. Mountain bike shorts look like casual wear so you really do not need them.

What gear do I need to buy?

Answer: as with clothes, you really do not need gear since you are a beginner. You can just carefully ride the mountain bike with safe riding in mind. But when you get to be serious, you may consider buy gear for better safety.

Where can I ride my mountain bike?

Answer: do not ride on footpath because they are for walker. Ride on trails even if it is not a rough terrain. You may think the local woodland or you can go farther to the mountain and look for guidance of best trails in the country.

Do I need special skill?

Answer: just watch Youtube or read from articles found in Google and learn how to shift, avoid obstacles and climb on your mountain bike.

How do I maintain my mountain bike?

Answer: the most important thing to proper maintenance is to clean the bike. You can watch this video on how to clean your bike.

What equipment would I need for mountain biking?

Aside from being a beginner, you need the obvious ransom like a water bottle and protein bars, do not venture onto a mountain without these.

Inside a waterproof and collapsible backpack, prepare a first aid kit, chain lube, spare tires, solar phone charger, flashlight, sunscreen, tire pump and lever, a reliable GPS, derailleur hanger and multi-purpose tool for basic repairs.

These equipment are for managing safety hazards, unpredictable events or mechanical issues you might encounter along the ride. They must be suitable for mountain bikers.