Pre Emergent On Bermuda Grass That Really Works

Pre emergent on Bermuda grass

Pre emergent on Bermuda grass. Pre emergent herbicides has a function of inhibiting a key enzyme to prevent any crabgrass appearing in lawns or any other garden areas. Usually, the best time to apply this key enzyme is in fall and spring, so it can terminate weed seeds. This key enzyme will not disturb other plants around it. When spring starts, pre emergent herbicides should be applied more than once and can be mix with fertilizer to prevent germination of crabgrass or other undesirable plants.

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The timing of applying pre emergent herbicides

So in order to prevent any weed to germinate, the best thing to do is not trying to control it, but to prevent it from germinate and growing. Apply the pre emergent herbicide in early March (March 1-as late as March4) Or in the winter, spread the pre emergent herbicide in early September.

The reason for this date is because crabgrass seed will start to germinate when temperature is more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit with one-half inch deep for the application of pre emergent herbicide. If the pre emergent herbicide are applied during that time, it would be the best time before the temperature reaches at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise the seed of crabgrass will sprout beforehand.

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How to apply pre emergent herbicides

  • Before start applying, the surface area of the lawn must be measured so that the herbicide will be spread in accordance to its instruction manual. If the amount of herbicide is applied more than necessary, the soil, lawn and plants could damaged.
  • After applying the herbicide with spreader, it is best to water the soil to activate the pre emergent herbicide.
  • When crabgrass still appear even after application, do the spread the second time, especially for missed areas.
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About Bermuda grass

Bermuda grass is the most widely known type of lawn grass especially in the warm and hot regions in parts of the world. Places like the Southern half and Southwest of United states or a hot regions like the Caribbean. Bermuda grass is often seen on golf courses used as turf, sports parks or arenas where it may have traffic so the grass have resistance to traffic.

It is suitable for large areas and it might not be suitable for home lawns. It needs a good sunlight and a good irrigation or water drainage. If the place is a shady type, the grass could not grow well. The grass can recover from damage quickly and have a good resistance to drought.

Grass 1941107

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Grass 1941107

Pre emergent herbicides on Bermuda grass

The kind of herbicide use depends on what kind of weeds that has effected the lawn. The timing and application of pre emergent on Bermuda grass may differ, depends on the type of weeds. Without proper application, it will destroy the lawn or garden and start from the beginning.

Let us look at the application according to weeds.

#1 Crabgrass weeds

The safest and the best pre emergent herbicide for crabgrass weed is Dimension 2EW Dithiopyr. Or other herbicide that has the ingredient of Dithiopyr.

Dimension 3946171 Pre-Emergent Herbicide – Dimension

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Key Features/Benefits

This herbicide product may control goosegrass, foxtail, Poa annua, spurge and crabgrass all season long. This low odor and non-staining herbicide may be applied in large areas like landscape, golf course, farms, sports parks. Must read label direction for best application.

#2 Chickweed

Chickweed is a winter weed and can be controlled with 2-4-D Amine.

Amine 9634599 Southern Ag 2, 4 – D Amine Weed Killer

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Key Features/Benefits

This product is rather cheap because the application rate is 1 to 4 pints per acre. It may controls many weeds. 2- 3 tablespoons in 3 – 5 gallons of water to cover 1,000 sq. ft. Must read the label instruction before use.

#3 Wild Onions

This plant can destroy a soft Bermuda lawn and may stay under the soil. The right choice is to use a herbicide labeled for broad leaf weeds.

Bgone 3049534 Ortho B Gon Weed Killer

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Key Features/Benefits

This product is will wild onions and also the roots. It will not harm the lawn or soil if use as directed. 1 bottle may apply for 6,400 sq. ft.

Pre Emergent On Bermuda Grass

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