Top 3 Fast Relief Probiotics And Magnesium For Constipation

Probiotics And Magnesium For Constipation

Probiotics And Magnesium For Constipation

Probiotics And Magnesium For Constipation. What is a normal bowel movement? It happens when the waste formed as a result of the absorption of unwanted nutrients, water, electrolytes. You will feel a relief when the bowel movement occur because the stool easily pass through your digestive tract without any interruption. The opposite of bowel movement means that you can will have constipation or your bowl movement is not normal. You will feel a bad feeling or discomfort because the stool can not easily pass through your digestive tract.

So what can cause an irregular or not normal bowl movement or constipation? Well, the obvious reason including you consume a low fiber diet, you repeatedly ignoring the urge to go, you are not drinking enough water, or you are not doing your routine exercise. But constipation also has less well known causes, including taking certain medications and supplements, or suffering from potentially serious medical conditions. So here is the list of causes of constipation:

  • Painkillers medicine
  • Chocolate
  • Calcium & iron
  • Low-fiber/high-fat food
  • Stress

With symptoms of constipation, you should take medication to relieve. A variety are available in both nonprescription and prescription options. Most people will get the help they need from inexpensive, nonprescription drugs, such as stool softeners and laxatives or other natural supplements like dietary supplements.

Probiotics And Magnesium For Constipation
Probiotics And Magnesium For Constipation

Combination medication

#1. Effervescent Magnesium and Vitamin C: Magnesium and vitamin C when taken simultaneously have been proven to promote bowel evacuation and stimulate the bowel movement.

#2. Fiber and Prebiotics: Soluble fiber can manage the stool to be soft and easy to move. The fiber can function as a prebiotic, that will establish and maintain beneficial bacteria in the stomach. Psyllium, is one of the choice that is rich in soluble fiber, has been proven to relieve constipation. Other option of fiber supplements including glucomannan, inulin, and partially hydrolyzed guar gum.

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#3. Probiotics: some probiotics like Bifidobacterium lactis (B. lactis), B. lactis and Lactobacillus casei may have positive effects in adults who is syffering from chronic constipation.

With these medication you could relieve your constipation for as fast as 30 minutes after taking one dose. So here is the list of recommended fast constipation relief.

Zenwise Health’s Advanced Digestive Enzymes ($21.97) has many good for digestive health such as Inulin Prebiotic, CFU of multi strain probiotics, Papain, Amylase, Lactase, Turmeric, Protease and Lactase to support bowel movement and easing discomfort. It can also help your body digest gluten, protein, fats, fiber, and cellulose.

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This LifeExtension ($15) is a dietary supplement that can act fast to relief occasional constipation. The ingredients contains no harsh chemical and it is safe to consume for up to three times per week. By taking one dose of Magnesium and Vitamin C simultaneously will promote bowel movement to relieve constipation. Each of this vegetarian tablet contains 1,000 mg of high quality vitamin C and 10 mg of Dihydroquercetin.

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This Advanced Strenghth Probiotic ($41.99) is very popular and said to be the industry leader of probiotics capsules. Each capsule contain Lactobacillus Acidophilus Plantarum Paracasei and Bifidobacterium Lactis. You will receive the benefits including the regular bowel movement, digestive health, reduce bloating, manage healthy cholesterol level, improve mood and reduce fatigue.

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Other option for fast constipation relief

This Psyllium husk caps ($17.24) is a dietary supplement as a natural soluble fiber. It is well known and very popular in the market today. The function is to maintain a regular bowel movement and gastrointestinal health. The supplement is Non GMO, glten free, corn free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and sot free. It has many positive statements from verified purchaser in Amazon.

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BeLive’s Prebiotic Fiber Gummies ($12.99) is ahighly effective prebiotics fibers. The ingredients including Inulin and Chicory Roots. It can lower cholesterol level, manage blood sugar level, manage constipation, and may helps lose weight. The supplement does not contain gelatin or animal products.  It is allergy free, gluten free, peanuts free, soy free, eggs free, fish free, no GMO. Good for kids and adults that comes in gummies form for easy chew.

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