Quietest Hair Dryer : A Better Reference Guide

Quietest Hair Dryer

Quietest Hair Dryer – super quiet hair dryer

You want to dry your hair?

You are in a hurry and it is early in the morning!

For many women, hair dryers are tools that saves a lot of from serious difficulty regarding hair styling.

If it had not been invented, women who are going to work, would have wet hair with water dripping down their suits.

With hair dryer invention, women really having a small gift of dry hair when going to work.

While drying the hair, it does not have to be noisy right?

Picture this situation. You are in a rush to work because you wake up late in in the morning.

Your kids might be still in the room sleeping and you do not want to wake them right?

It would be annoying if you do not use a quiet hair dryer.

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The choice is yours, you wanna disrupt your kids’ sleep or purchase the quietest hair dryer for your hair.

If you want to keep it quiet while drying your hair, you can choose one of these hair dryers as your reference guide.

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What you have to consider when purchasing a quiet hair dryers?

When you look in to the market today, every hair dryer are not the same. How to pick the right one is not an easy task.

Beside of the quiet feature, hair dryers should be useful, good to use, durable and effective too.

So, there are many factors to consider when you want to purchase your perfect hair dryer.

The level of noise a hair dryer producing

The noise level is the most important factor to consider when you are looking for the quietest hair dryers.

Hair dryers have different feature that is way they have different noise level.

If you want to purchase the quietest hair dryers, you should consider hair dryers that have noise level under 60 decibels.

Even though you can consider hair dryers with noise level below 80 decibels which are noisier.

The heat setting of hair dryers

This feature allow hair dryers users to modify or change the temperature and speed of hair dryers, depending on the style of the hair.

If a hair dryer has more heat settings, it would be the more useful because it will make the drying process faster to finish.

So choose hair dryers with the most heat levels and speed to provide the most benefit to your hair.

The heat technology of a hair dryer provide

Today’s hair dryers are using modern heat technology.

It can be tourmaline, ceramic or ionic heat technology. Heat technology is an important factor in styling and drying your hair to look better and dry.

Heat technology must be in perfect fit so it will not give damaging effects on your mane.

If you want to purchase hair dryers but you also want to have a safe use for your hair, look for a quiet hair dryer that uses more modern heating technology.

Weight of the hair dryer

If you have a thick hair, you might want to consider purchasing hair dryer which is lightweight.

You really do not want the heavy hair dryer don’t you?

Before choosing one, you better be sure to see the weight of your hairdryer before purchasing. You might consider the weight of a hair dryer between 1 to 2 pounds.

The power of the hair dryer

If you see your hair dryer has a high wattage, it will give you a quicker and more efficient with a lower wattage.

With a higher power means more noise it will produce.

If you want to purchase the quietest hair dryer, you might want to sacrifice noise over efficiency.

The power of the hair dryer or the wattage should be in your attention before purchasing one

The length of the cord and how easy a hair dryer to use

You need to tell to yourself that a hair dryer can be operated with only one hand, while the other hand is holding a comb or brush.

Regarding this movement, it is important to purchase one that you can easily moveable.

Because it is a corded hair dryer, you need to purchase a very long cord length.

Find the longest cord length if it is possible.

Longer cord length would be very beneficial because when you find the electrical output is a fair distance, you would bump into trouble.

A hair dryer will be easy to use when switches and button are placed easy to reach, without disturbing while you are using the hair dryer.

Let us look ate 3 best quietest hair dryer:

Whisper 6164150

This Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic is the perfect first choice for the quietest hair dryer, efficient and affordable.

Weight. The weight of Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic is only 16 ounces which is ultra light or it is lightweight.

We mentioned above about avoiding a heavy hair dryer when you want to dry your long and thick hair.

This hair dryer is just the right choice for that feature.

You can do the maneuvering with ease because it weighs less than 2 pounds.

You will not feel you had just finish your heavy arm workout after 30 minutes of drying your hair.

Tourmaline technology. This Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic uses tourmaline technology for reducing frizz and while drying your hair, it is gentle.

The tourmaline heating technology is one of the most recommended technologies for safe heat usage that will not damage your hair.

While it is safe for your hair cuticles, and you will have your hair looking shiny and smooth.

Power It is a perfect hair dryer when it comes to the power.

It is powerful enough but also quiet enough while drying your hair.

The wattage of this at 1875 watts, and with wattage would be enough heat to dry your hair with efficiency.

Most hair dryers has wattage between 800 to 1800 watts, which are lower than Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic.

At 1875 watts, this dryer will dry your hair faster and in short order.

Because it is powerful, you have to choose between power or noise level.

It is not actually very quiet but it is a bit quieter than a regular hair dryer.

Temperature settings​. This hair dryer features 2 speed settings with a variable 4 temperature settings.

So it is a quiet hair dryer which also gives you a variety of styling options.

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3800 1 1254680

If you are looking for a quiet hair dryer that’s even more powerful than the 2 above, then this might be the dryer for you.

Also, for those of you who are concerned about reducing carbon footprints and saving the ozone layer, this is definitely worth looking into.

This Parlux Professional 3800 is a hair dryer that can fulfill your needs.

High power

The wattage of this Parlux Professional 3800 is 2,100 watts which will significantly will do the hair drying in less time.

Because of the higher the power rating, more heat it will be produce.

The 2,100 watts is far more powerful than most hair dryer which are between 800 to 1800 watts.


The weight of the hair dryer is under 1,6 pounds so you will not have an arm workout.

If you are thinking about the weight of a hair dryer is your burden, Parlux Professional 3800 is much lighter than a common hair dyer you may find in the market.

You can use this hair dryer on thicker hair with comfort.

Of course the lightweight features makes it very easy to operate.

Recycle material

The material used for this hair dryer are recycled outer package and recycled plastics.

By using recycle material it would be the greenest dryer in the market.

With the fast drying speeds mean less overall energy is used and would be a safe hair dryer to use.

Variable temperature settings

This hair dryer also has 4 heat settings which can help you manipulate the heat options to improve hair styling options.

Many heat settings can enable you to try different hair style that needs different degrees of heat.

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Pana 6762179

Affordable, functional and quiet. These three words describe the features of Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Hair Dryer.

With these features it is very gentle on your hair.

Designed with Panasonic nanoe technology that can draws moisture from the air and will infuse 1,000x more moisture particles into hair.

The technology will help a shinier and smoother hair, reduce frizz and prevent hair damage.


When you purchase one Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Hair Dryer, it comes with three useful attachments.

They are a diffuser, a concentrator nozzle and a quick-dry nozzle.

By having these attachments, they will increase the functionality of Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Hair Dryer sufficiently great.

Implying the name quick-dry nozzle, it will dry your hair much faster.

While the diffuser will help reduce frizz and adds volume to the hair.

The concentrator nozzle will provide control over of the air flows.

Long cord and many heat settings

When you have no electrical outlets anywhere near you, the cord on this dryer is measured about 9 feet in length.

It has three different heat settings, to easily adjust to your style and hair type.

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Most modern-day hair dryers are made with a small fan and electric heating coils run by a universal motor.

These motors have high starting rotational force that can run at high speeds, and the weight are generally lightweight and the size is compact.

The downside of their elasticity is they have a certain characteristic to be very noisy.

They produce the movement of air happening with great speed in a very condensed area.

According to The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), sounds with anything above 80-90 dB can be consider can cause permanent hearing loss.

Chainsaw, city traffic, lawn mower, subways, motorcycle engines and hair dryers fall into the Extremely Loud category at 70-100 dB.

You can install soundproof windows when you are having trouble with the noise of city traffic.

You can do nothing to reduce the noise of hair dryer.

You can just invest for a new quiet hair dryer.

But there is one way reduce the noise by attaching a diffuser to the end of your existing hair dryer.

You can also reduce the disturbance of hair dryer noise by hair drying in a bigger room.