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8 Shoes For Swollen Feet 2020 Buyer’s Guide

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Specialist Shoes For Swollen Feet. Best shoes for feet that swell. After a long day at the office or busy with daily routine, sometimes after in the evening, the feet swell.

Nobody can avoid swollen feet because it happens from time to time. About 40-50% of Americans suffer from swollen feet.

That is why many shoe brands trying hard to produce and create the best-swollen shoe to offer comfort.

Swollen feet are a usual symptom and not to be concerned about, particularly if during the busy day, you have been standing or walking a lot.

This symptom could just disappear in a short time.

It would be different when the feet stay swollen and begin to have other symptoms, this could mean a signal of serious health problem.

This is the time when you have to see the doctor immediately.

What is the cause of swollen feet?

There are several causes that could develop swollen feet.

#1. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, swollen feet are common.

But if the swollen feet is accompanied by other symptoms or stay longer than usual, then you should see the doctor.

Other symptoms that may occur: vision changes, infrequent urination, abdominal pain, headaches, nausea and, vomiting.

When you are pregnant, your body produces at least 50% more body fluids and blood to fill the requirement of developing your baby in the womb.

This is just normal.

Normal swelling, (edema) is can be seen in the face, feet, hands, legs, and ankles.

This extra fluid is needed to soften your body during pregnancy, which is capable to expand as the baby develops.

These fluids help to make the pelvic joints and tissues to be ready for delivery.

The fluids will gain about 25% of weight during pregnancy.

You will feel the swelling when you are in the fifth month of your pregnancy and can keep increasing while you are in the third trimester of your pregnancy.

Other factors that may affect swelling including the heatwave of summer, standing in long periods of time, many activities during the day, low potassium diet, high caffeine diet, high sodium diet.

#2. Foot injury

When an athlete suffers an ankle injury, it can lead to swelling.

For an easy treatment is by wrapping ice all over the injured ankle or wrapping it by a compression bandage or by simply elevating the foot on a pillow or stool.

If it gets worse, it means the treatment needs a more serious medical treatment. Please see the doctor.

#3. Infections

If there is a nerve problem around the feet, it could cause swelling.

People with nerve problems are at high risk of suffering an infection.

The infection will make the feet swelling. An infected foot is often causing distress or pain and can make it very hard to walk or stand.

An infection can happen after your foot got injured. Infection can occur when bacteria get into a wound, such as from a skin crack or a cut skin.

Toenail fungus and athlete’s foot are normal fungal foot infections.

Patients with diabetes Mellitus and ingrown toenails can have a higher risk of getting foot infections.

An infected foot should be properly treated to avoid the spreading of infection.

If you do not treat a bacterial infection in the foot, this can become cellulitis, which is a very serious skin infection. It can spread to your bloodstream and lymph nodes

#4. The side effect of medication

Many types of drugs may cause swollen feet.

Such as diabetic drugs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, androgenic and anabolic steroids, blood pressure medication and hormones.

#5. Other causes

Heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, blood clot, edema, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency can cause swollen feet.

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How do I get rid of swollen feet?

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[ms_list_item]Elevate the feet. This really help when the feet are raised.[/ms_list_item]
[ms_list_item]Weight loss.[/ms_list_item]
[ms_list_item]Soak the swollen feet with epsom salt plus water for about 20-30 minutes.[/ms_list_item]
[ms_list_item]Move the feet and stretch a liitle bit.[/ms_list_item]
[ms_list_item]Wear a compression socks.[/ms_list_item]
[ms_list_item]Add about 200-400mg of magnesium supplement daily.[/ms_list_item]
[ms_list_item]Wear specialist shoes for swollen feet[/ms_list_item]

#1. Drink

You must at least drink water for 8 to 10 240 ml of glass per day. You have many fluids in your body, but you have to drink water?

That is true!

Drinking water can help reduce swelling. If you are dehydrated, your body holds onto the fluid it does have.

This will be the reason swelling happens.

#2. Magnesium

Take magnesium supplements. If you keep possession of retaining water in your body, this could be the sign of magnesium deficiency.

Eating foods high in magnesium can be the solution. Magnesium-rich foods including almonds, tofu, cashews, spinach, dark chocolate, broccoli, and avocados.

You can also take magnesium supplements like taking 200 to 400 milligrams of magnesium daily. But you must consult your doctor before taking one.

#3. Potassium

Take potassium-rich foods or supplements. A potassium deficiency can make you have water retention and high blood pressure and water retention.

Potassium-rich foods including sweet potatoes, white beans, bananas, salmon, pistachios, and chicken.

Consult with your doctor before adding more potassium to your diet.

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When suffering from swollen feet, you might still have to move around, because you have to.

To accommodate this movement, swollen feet sufferer might need 2 things.

Number one is a pair of compression socks and the other is specialist shoes for swollen feet.

Both can be supportive of swollen feet for a more comfortable movement.

This time we would like to recommend the best specialist shoes for swollen feet.

We understand that there are many options on the market for specialist shoes for swollen feet. There are mens shoes and womens shoes. It should be womens extra wide shoes for wide feet.

What are the best shoes for swollen feet?

Actually there are many to choose from including are the Orthofeet Proven Womens Mary Jane Shoes (womens footwear), Old Friend Men’s Adjustable Strap Slipper, and Propet Womens Cronus Comfort Sneaker (shoe for women), and Foamtreads Mens ExtraDepth Wool Slippers.

They should be walking shoes that could adapt to a foot condition that has an adjustable strap slipper.

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List of specialist shoes for swollen feet

1. Propet Men’s Cush N Foot Slipper For Swollen Feet

Best Specialist Shoes For Swollen Feet

[su_highlight background=”#ddff99″]This Propet Men’s Cush N Foot Slipper does just what its name strongly suggest, this pair of shoe soften the effect of an impact on the foot. It is mushy, soft and comfortable. After a long walking during the day, it would be a relaxing moment wearing a pair of shoe. The foot is accommodated by stretchable corduroy upper or neoprene. It has a feature of a secure hook and loop closure to offer an easy getting it on and taking it off. It is designed and manufactured to be your better comfortable walking experience during busy days. There is more room where your foot can move freely when walking. Also available the propet womens cronus for womens extra swollen feet shoe.[/su_highlight]

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Main features

Propet – the Propet brand was founded in the beginning of 1985. Its mission was to deliver quality footwear for people’s feet that need special care or feet that needs to hard fit footwear.

a5500 footwear – this means that the shoe is intended for diabetics only. The fitting, custom preparation and inlay shoe are to accommodate the right fit for those diabetic patients.

Stretchable – a stretchable upper design offer the upper area of the shoe to stretch and shape to the especially one designed to fit into the foot. It is intended also for easing pressure on hammer toes and bunionsas well as to release pressure points on the foot.

Extra large – the shoes offer an big loop and hook strap closure for you to easily get your foot enter the shoe and well close fitting with closure at heel and instep.

Terry cloth insole – cotton terry cloth covering means they are ideal for keeping your feet cool in your footwear and ideal for those who wear shoes barefoot that would like extra comfortable cushion. It is a removable insole.

PU outsole – are abrasion resistant and light for hard wearing shoes. This outsole material deliver traction and durability for outdoor and indoor footwear.

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2. Foamtreads Men’s Doctor

Best Specialist Shoes For Swollen Feet

[su_highlight background=”#ddff99″]The Foamtreads Doctor is the modifiable and alterable slipper for men for swollen feet and ankle. This slipper can be modified to fit with 3-way straps. The upper is made with a 70% wool blend with many benefits. The wool is a lightweight material and natural. With wool, the shoe is capable to regulate internal temperatures for stability. It also has natural moisture elimination and antimicrobial tendencies. This shoe has a removable anti-bacterial Nylex footbed with latex foam backing. They are shoes for the elderly too.[/su_highlight]

Main Features

Secure strap – this means that the pair of shoe can make the footwear adjustable for perfect fitting.

Wool – give the stability of the temperature of the overall shoe. Very beneficial to swollen feet.

Anti-bacterial nylex insole – it is the shoe lining (interior) that eliminate or reduce moisture from the foot for a comfortable and dry environment.

Dual density rubber outsole – this material has many benefits including durability, lightweight, manage the climate, comfortable to wear, and safe.

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3. Cozy Ankle Men’s Extra Wide Adjustable Slippers Swollen Feet Indoor/Outdoor Footwear

Best Specialist Shoes For Swollen Feet

[su_highlight background=”#ddff99″]This Cozy Ankle extra wide shoe will get rid of your concern about swollen feet and other shoes were pinching your toes. Many purchasers stated they love them and they are perfect for their condition. You will be glad about sending money on a decent pair of shoes that helped with swollen feet. Your foot issues will be gone and will display a great look. You will be satisfied that this shoe will accommodate your swollen feet. The two fasteners provide an extra room where you needed most.[/su_highlight]

Main features

Rubber sole – the main advantage of wearing rubber soles shoes are suitable for all seasons. When you are about to walk on a street covered with snow or wet pavement, you should definitely consider to wear shoes with rubber soles. Rubber soles will offer much better traction on wet or snowy surfaces. The chance that you are slipping will be reduced. Rubber sole shoes are an pragmatical, practical, and economical choice for footwear.

Orthotic support – the shoe has orthotic insoles, that will provide with good comfortable arch support and cushioning heel pads. This will be in similar form to the mold to the specific form of your feet as you walk. This technology will reduce the severity of stress on the joints at all the way up to the knees, the heel, foot, hips and lower back. It will increase the stability and helping an easier foot motion. You will walk pain free and comfortably with every step you take.

Soft upper – the shoe’s soft, non binding upper, extra depth design and wide toe box reduces pressure on hammer toes and bunions.

Soft interior lining – the shoe is padded with memory foam. This means good for helping eliminate pressure points, deliver superior comfort and protection for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. These comfortable shoes will provide support and help to swollen feet, Talipes Valgus, Hallux Valgus, flatfoot, and splayfoot.

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4. Silvert’s Mens Extra Extra Wide Slippers – Swollen Feet

Best Specialist Shoes For Swollen Feet

[su_highlight background=”#ddff99″]The Silvert’s Mens Extra Extra Wide Slippers with adjustable closures can fit according to needs. Even with the most swollen feet and swollen ankles in awesome comfort. It would be a good choice for you. It is shoes for elderly people with podiatry foot problems, hammertoes, foot edema, bunions, corns, and diabetes. It is perfect for those with lowered hand dexterity, arthritis, and diabetics. It is mens footwear for mens athletic activity.[/su_highlight]

Main features

Wide width – means the shoe can expand comfortably for swollen feet or ankles.

Slip resistant soles – you do not have to worry about slipping, because the sole have good traction to prevent you from fall and slips.

Adjustable easy touch closure – with the adjustable strap closure, any size of swelling in the feet can be accommodated.

Quality footwear – with high quality material, come the best pasrt, a very comfortable shoes.

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5. Creation Comfort – Men’s Memory Foam Comfortable Slippers Extra Wide

Best Specialist Shoes For Swollen Feet

[su_highlight background=”#ddff99″]This Creation Comfort is a slip-on ultra-soft slippers. It can provide adjustable footwear for swollen foot, heel pain, aching feet, and tired feet. [/su_highlight]

Main features

Polyester material – it is somehow water repellent where water will form beads on the fabric. The water will not be absorbed by the fabric.

Plush Memory Foam – the insole has an ultra soft memory foam deliver pressure points with support and comfort. It is categorized as slow recovery memory foam that will comply with the shape of the foot. It is very ideal for sensitive feet, pressure relief, arch support, heel cradle for adding support and stability in your shoes.

Velcro tabs – for adjustable comfort perfect for way much better stability, tired feet, and especially swollen feet.

Dual-density rubber outsole – this shoe is slip and fall resistant to prevent you from sliding and falling on wood surface, tile, or vinyl floors.

Flexible rubber insole – the heel had been upgraded with flexible rubber that cushioned and flexes with each step you make.

Washable slipper – machine washable slippers for better maintenance and extended comfort. You can take them to a coin laundry for an easy and fast clean for the next wear.

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6. Secret Slippers – Men’s Diabetic Shoes Arthritis Edema Slippers Comfy Warm Adjustable Swollen House Shoes

Best Specialist Shoes For Swollen Feet

[su_highlight background=”#ddff99″]This Secret Slippers slipper is a perfect choice for swollen feet. Secret Slipper manufacture quality slippers with many benefits and features. [/su_highlight]

Main features

Premium quality materials – the slipper has antimicrobial technology feature which is also breathable and soft.It can also provide maximum protection against stains and odors with its anti microbal properties.

Dual density rubber outsole – this means this slipper can prevent you from falls or slips on wood surface, tile or vinyl floors. It will deliver a good grip and giving a maximum comfort while you are walking.

Rubber contour heel – this feature will provide insole that is molded to your feet. This will absolutely offer comfort and flexibility.

Memory foam insole – this material of insole will reduce or eliminate pressure points around your feet to give you maximum comfort.

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7. Propet Men’s MPED3 Pedwalker 3 Oxford

Best Specialist Shoes For Swollen Feet

[su_highlight background=”#ddff99″]Propet Men’s MPED3 Pedwalker 3 Oxford will not let forbid your toes to extend with a perfect fit. This shoe is designed to make the best use of your comfort with its Twin Removable Insole System. This will provide cushion and supports your arch to your steps with memory foam. The other insole absorbs shock. [/su_highlight]

Main features

Material – the shoe is manufactured with a blend of neoprene upper and full grain leather mesh lining. Neoprene is more resistant than natural rubber to oils, solvents, water, and heat, so it is practical purpose in many ways. When World War II is in action, neoprene are for making necessary products: hoses, seals, tires, fan belts, and gaskets for vehicles, and gear of many types, for the US Army. While full grain leather is the most durable and strongest leather. Because it is tight, it resists moisture so well.

Easy closure – using padded tongue and collar with single strap closure system, will make you easier to get in and get out of the shoe with perfect fit while having swollen feet.

A5500 approved – it is intended for diabetics patient with feet problems.

Lightweight and supportive air infused rubber insole.

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8. LongBay Men’s Memory Foam Swollen Feet Slippers

Best Specialist Shoes For Swollen Feet

[su_highlight background=”#ddff99″]This LongBay Men’s Memory Foam Swollen Feet Slippers, are very comfortable to wear slippers. They can be used for general lounging, indoor, and around the house. Very tough with adjustable tape flap closure. This is good for everyone especially people who are troubled by swollen feet, diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and edema. You can wash the shoe using the washing machine, which can be used both in the summer or in the winter. [/su_highlight]

Main features

Flap closure – for customizable comfort footwear, work as good when having tired feet and swollen feet. With the perfect fit you will have a better stability. Comfortable loop and hook strap for customized fit that holding tightly your feet.

Support and cushion – it is built with EVA construction cushions and high density 70D memory foam. You step and slide, you will feel like there is pillow under your feet. The supportive insole making less tense of your arch and calm your common foot pains (swollen feet or plantar fasciitis) after a long day of walking or standing.

Non slip rubber sole – the sole is made out of rubber which is ultra soft and durable. It deliver non skid traction for outdoor and indoor versatility.

For every one you love – you can purchase this pair as good gifts for your husband, dad, boyfriend, son or your loved ones who would like to improve comfort for swollen feet, diabetic, arthritis edema, neuropathy and plantar fasciitis feet.

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Old Friend Mens Adjustable Strap Slipper

It is stuffed with fleece. They will keep you warm during the cold months. They are types of shoes that is slip resistant. The upper suede material is soft.

This shoe provides the ability to stick with you during your painful days for months.

The interior takes comfort through a padded insole. The outsole is made from synthetic soles material. It provides maximum flexibility. It help you avoid slipping on wet floors. There are many color options available.

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Why do my feet swell?

Swelling can show you that there is a problem with your heart, your liver, or you have kidney disease. When your ankles swell in the evening, this could be a sign of retaining salt and water because of heart failure. Gravity can also accumulate fluid more in the feet and ankles so it becomes swell. Fluid can also accumulate in the abdomen and chest.

What is the cause of edema?

Edema is swelling caused by excess fluid in your body’s tissues. It can be the result of medication, pregnancy or congestive heart failure, kidney disease or cirrhosis of the liver.

When should you see a doctor for swollen feet?

You should seek emergency medical care if your leg is swelling. You never know that the swelling could be a sign of a blood clot in your lungs or a serious heart condition like chest pain.

Why do my feet swell in the summer?

Swelling is a normal response to inflammation or injury not just during the summer. The condition is usually seen in the hands, feet, legs, and ankles. Some of the causes including sitting, allergic reactions, pregnancy, medications, fluid obstruction, and medical conditions.

How Shoes for Swollen Feet Can Offer Relief? Why you purchase one pair?

Compression shoes and socks treat swelling, use squeezing as the method of smoothing out fluid buildup in the body’s tissues. These shoes block and stop the superficial veins from inflating with blood and pressing out the skin. These shoes for swollen feet can block and stop the formation of blood clots.

How to avoid swollen foot?

You must avoid wearing tight clothing that squeezes the body above the thighs. Do this if you are prone to swollen feet. When you drive a car, pull over in the middle of long car rides to walk and stretch. 2 to 3 stops between drive will aid provide circulation and stop fluid buildup.

You should stop for 10 to 15 minutes. Try to avoid long stand or long sit. Break up these about a few times with plenty of stretching and walking. Start swinging your legs and arms to promote better blood circulation.

Always remember to stretch breaks every 60 minutes. Do not smoke and drink alcohol. Both can cause swelling. Be sure to avoid salty food. Too much salt intake can lead to fluid retention and hypertension.

Try to have a healthier weight. Losing weight will reduce fluid retention and eliminate stress on the ankle and foot joints. Invest in compression socks, support shoes, and diabetic slippers.

What kind of Edema footwear is available?

For treating swollen feet, socks, casual shoes, slippers, athletic shoes, sandals, dress shoes, and work boots are used. There are many options available for any kind of footwear and any kind of style and size.

What to look for in footwear for swollen feet and swollen ankles?

Find wider width shoes and extra-wide slippers to allow bigger size feet without having to go up in size. By doing this, it reduces the risk of falls.

Find shoes made of soft or flexible materials that mold perfectly to the foot and allow room for swelling.

Find specialty slippers and shoes designed for swelling and edema.

Look at wider width fitting socks for edema, diabetes and mild compression socks.