Smallest Zero Turn Mowers

If you're among those homeowners who dislike maintaining their lawns using big heavy mowers, the option to invest in a small zero turn mower will thrill you. Take a look at our list of the top five smallest zero turn mowers. These lawn mowers are tough, powerful, and equipped to do the job faster than you've ever imagined. 

Best Smallest Zero Turn Mowers in 2021

Each mower in this list is unique and offers amazing ingenuity in completing one of the most time-consuming duties in a fair period of time. String mowers or small zero turn lawn mowers are good options for smaller chores.




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Husqvarna Kawasaki

Built with a Kawasaki engine of  23 HP that provides a speed of maximum 6.5 MPH

The machine is hydrostatic and comes with multiple cutting options

The deck contains a bag to collect grass and has blades of 54 inches

Simplicity Courier Mower

Comes with a mesh seat that will keep you comfortable

A thick walled front axle with a sturdy mower deck ensures clean cut for a long time

It offers 13 different cutting sizes ranging from 1.5 inch to 4.5 inches

Snapper 360z Mower

It contains a cargo bed and rails along the sides

Has engine options of high performance

The mower deck is made of welded steel that makes the machine durable

Swisher ZTR2454BS

Designed with a rapid control system

Has a Briggs and Stratton engine of 24 HP

Has 3 mulching blades and a cutting deck of 54 inches

Husqvarna Z254

Has a Kawasaki engine of 21.5 hp

Comes with a brake system that automatically starts or stops the mowers as the levers are operated

The cutting deck is made of welded steel that provides maximum durability

1. Husqvarna Kawasaki - Best Smallest Zero Turn Mowers

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The Husqvarna Kawasaki Zero Turn Mower is a great mower with all of the features you will require for a professional - looking clean cut. The mower is not only constructed on a durable cylindrical steel frame, but it is also designed with your safety in mind, with a comfortable high seat, plenty of legroom, and simple controls.

To get a clean and thorough cut, the large 50-inch deck includes three sharp cutting blades, which are complimented by an efficient grass bagging mechanism.

Furthermore, the strong twin-cylinder engine sweeps across your yard at a gentle 7.5 mph, giving you ample time to appreciate your lawn rather than just mowing it. The retractable deck height, which ranges from 1 to 4.5 inches featuring 15 adjustment settings and that can be operated by a simple knob, gives you versatility and alternatives for your yard.


  • Has a sturdy tubular frame made of steel
  • Comes with a comfortable large seat
  • Built with a powerful engine of 23 HP


  • Not ideal for large lawns

2. Simplicity Courier Mower- Best Smallest Zero Turn Mowers

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The Simplicity Courier Mower is equipped with a number of commercially influenced components, such as completely welded frames, extremely sturdy front axles, as well as a superior suspension system that improves comfort. This small lawn mower comes with a Briggs & Stratton V-twin engine that is quite strong. You also get the option to use a Kawasaki engine.

This engine has a capacity of 724 cc and therefore can store up to three gallons of fuel. There are no primes or chokes, and it can be started with a single button press. The 42-inch deck made of quality steel, having three blades allows you to mow a vast area of the lawn in a single pass, and the mower's pace is also noteworthy.


  • The mower comes with a double leaf setting
  • The cutting path is 34 inches long
  • Has a dual hydrostatic engine


  • Might not be as tough as the other mowers

3. Snapper 360z Mower - Best Smallest Zero Turn Mowers

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The 360z lawn mower by Snapper is perfect for those owning 2 to 5 acres of lawns and who want a great cut with a compact lawn mower that can easily navigate around barriers and trails. Because of its big rear wheels with a sturdy structure, this lawnmower can tackle small slopes and potholes.

It includes a deck of 42 inches with three huge blades of varying cutting heights, allowing you to cut at an efficient and flexible height. It is a trustworthy lawn mower which has been designed with customer's safety in mind, giving exceptional engine power and speeds of about 7 mph with a John Deere branded engine of 22 hp.

It boasts a Ready Start technology that implies that the engine powers rapidly, just like an automobile, without the use of any pull-start motor, as many other tools do. This is another feature tailored to the demands of customers.


  • Comes with three blades along with a deck of 42 inches
  • Uses a John Deere engine of 22 hp
  • The Ready Start technology makes it easier to operate the mower


  • Needs to be charged for long
  • Expensive

4. Swisher ZTR2454BS - Best Smallest Zero Turn Mowers

Smallest Zero Turn Mowers

Swisher produces a variety of commercial products, and they use that knowledge to the construction and operation of the finest small zero turn mowers suitable for residential users.

They've packed all the greatest features into this sleek and robust mower without sacrificing performance or cutting capacity, with its solid frame, welded steel deck, and broad, huge tires. The Craftsman engine propels the mower forward and drives all three blades, effectively cutting through the 54 inches iron deck.


  • The platform height is adjustable
  • Can cut through thick grass without slowing it down
  • Has an engine with high power


  • Might cross budget

5. Husqvarna Z254

Smallest Zero Turn Mowers

The Husqvarna Z254 lawn mower with a Kohler Hydrostatic engine of 26 HP is the younger version of the ZT1 line, and it has exceptional engine power. This mower provides a clean cut and comes with a grass bag, as well as an incredibly pleasant ride.

You can rapidly cut your lawn into gorgeous swaths and securely maneuver all around the land and border boundaries, as well as any obstructions like poles and posts, thanks to its wide deck of 42 inches. Two big lap bars on this mower help regulate the mower's speed and provide convenient access to the cutting height adjustment.


  • The 42 inches deck and three blades makes the mowing process smoother
  • The powerful motor of 22 HP makes the machine durable
  • Comes with a spacious and comfortable


  • Requires a lot of time to get charged

Buying Guide - Best Smallest Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn mowers are intended to work in such a way that traditional rider mowers with lever control mechanisms are unable to turn the machine on a 0 degree turning radius.

This guarantees that a mower with zero turns rotates on its own area, ensuring that grass patches are not missed due to the enormous turning radius. You can determine the finest zero turn mower by the size, slope, and terrain of your yard.

Generally, if your yard is of around one-third of an acre, then you should consider a small zero turn mower, because a large zero turn mower is only necessary if you have a large space.

Benefit of Small Zero Turn Mowers - Best Smallest Zero Turn Mowers

There's no denying that zero-turn mowers are beginning to dominate the mower market. It really is all you observe up front when driving past your neighborhood hardware store.

But what exactly are the advantages of a small zero turn mower?  What makes them different from other mowers in terms of making your life much easier? Let's have a look at it in more detail.

Maneuverability - Best Smallest Zero Turn Mowers

When going for mowing, having a good maneuverability might help you get more done in less time. In comparison to other types, a small zero turn mower can travel from forward to backwards in a fraction of time thanks to the lap sticks. Mowers with zero-turn capabilities can also take turns around narrower spaces. There will be no more wriggling forth and back to get oneself out of a bind.


Zero-turn mowers come with a slew of convenience features. Every model has power steering as one of these characteristics. It's no longer necessary to wrestle with a steering wheel in order to reach places around the lawn.  They will usually have a comfy seat.

Saves Time

For zero-turn mowers, the most common benefit mentioned is that these type of mowers save time.  Ground speeds on zero-turn mowers are often quicker than on other mowers. Manufacturers design them with such feature since their center of gravity makes them safer at faster speeds.

Final Thoughts

There are several outstanding zero turn mower models and brands on the market, however most homeowners find that researching every one of them takes a lot of time. Thankfully, we've already done the homework for you. We have compiled a list of the top five smallest zero turn mowers available in the market and clearly stated everything you could want to know about every single product.

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