Soundproof Windows : A Better Reference Guide

Soundproof Windows

Soundproof window

What would you say if you could soundproof windows to effectively block out the sound from outside? Such as of dog barking on the street, horn honking, street traffic, noisy neighbors, construction site, and garbage truck?

And the best part is you can soundproof windows as cheap as or as affordable as possible and you can do the soundproof windows project yourself. It will only take one or two hours to finish the project depends on how many windows you will be working on.

Many ways and techniques you can implement for sound deadening windows or soundproof windows. The noise reduction can be done with some do it yourself (DIY) strategies such as quick fixes or complete windows renovation or temporary fixes.

If you want to do it right and you can tightly block out the sound from outside, you must find what is right nature of the noise pollution problems you are dealing with.
Let us take a look at many options to choose from regarding on how to soundproof a window cheap (soundproof windows).

Sound dampening window strips or weather stripping windows or caulking or other methods

Most heat loss or sound block loss at a non soundproof window occurs through gaps between the frame and the sashes. Even the tiniest window gaps can be big difference.

You may try hold a piece of plastic or tissue near the non soundproof window and move it around. When you see a movement inward or outward, this means there is a significant leak.

#1. Weather stripping windows to fill gaps

The first way to reduce noise leakage after finding out there is a leak is installing weatherstripping tape. There are various forms of this type of tape, and can be made out of various materials such as rubber, silicone and foam.

The factors of choosing the right fit of which materials best suits your soundproof windows project, depends on the look of your window, the maximum sound blockage, the amount of friction your will receive, and the exposure to weather after the soundproof windows project is done.

Most weatherstripping windows project must begin with a small repairs to the window and its frame if the damage is bigger.

All weatherstripping sealers is a good material to serve as powerful gap blockers. Here is what you need to do:

#1. Make sure to clean the surface free from dirt, marks, or stains.
#2. Take the strip, measure and cut to the desired length.
#3. Apply the strip to the side of the window jam (all four sides).

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You will find out that applying weatherstripping sealers has many benefits such as it is very cheap. You can also eliminate water leakage, cold wind, dust beside just to block sound or noise from the outside. When the gaps are filled, you just add additional protection from small insects or other outside intruders,

#2. Applying acoustic caulk

Acoustic caulk is also another option to fill gaps. Caulk will give you great effects, and you will not have to worry about redoing it for at least two, or even three years.

It is just a very quick fix but can give high level of durability. The benefits of using an acoustic caulk for a soundproof windows project is that it is very cheap. More than just cheap, it is efficient to fill or seal gaps, it is very flexible and the durability level is high.

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#3. Noise reducing curtains or soundproof curtains

Another effective and affordable solution to soundproof windows project is to purchase and hang a thick soundproof curtains or noise reducing curtains. The soundproof curtains will not block sound or noise from outside entirely because it does not cover the windows 100% tight and does not fill gaps. But noise reducing curtains can be very effective as additional way to soundproof windows.

If there s a little sound still echoing from your windows, soundproof curtains or noise reducing curtains will certainly help reduce the echo. Soundproof curtains is also good addition to interior decoration. Other than that, soundproof curtains also make you keep the unwanted light out of your home.

Here is the benefits of soundproof curtains (noise reducing curtains):

#1. Make the room quieter and reduce echo sound
#2. Can help a better look of the room
#3. Keep the light out of the window

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#4. Extra layer of glass or acrylic over the window

It is another do it yourself project of soundproof windows. With the same purpose of reducing the noise levels coming from the outside, you can use a piece of acrylic or glass over the inside of the window.

This do it yourself of soundproof windows using acrylic is effective to block noise. But you have to make sure to use laminated glass or an acoustic grade glass, to make an acoustic difference.

You have to install a metal frame on your window, keep the existing windows as tight as possible and use special magnets that will hold the glass sheet to the frame.

One simplest way is to do this project is to purchase the soundproofing window kit particularly designed for this purpose. You can easily install all the parts necessary as a soundproof windows (glass and acrylic are not included), and you just have to purchase a quality screwdriver to finish the soundproof windows project.

These are the benefits of installing acrylic over the window:

#1. you can still see the light
#2. you can easily clean by removing it
#3. you can use this method as one option because it is a bit pricier than the other option.

#5. Noise reducing blinds or shutters

If you can put more material to fill the gaps that can be the the source of your noise from outdoor, you will get a the better acoustic performance. By installing a new noise reducing blind will help to reduce noise from outdoor.

It has been said by many experts that special honeycomb cell shades are the best type of blinds to make a soundproof windows. With the shape of honeycomb, allows them to trap more air to prevent it from coming inside. For even more acoustic benefits, choose ones that have double cells honeycomb shades.

#6. Cover windows with blanket to make soundproof windows.

There is this soundproof moving blankets which will work the same as the curtains. These heavy-duty moving and packing blankets are great way of reducing the noise coming through the windows from the outside. Same as noise reducing curtains, the blankets will not cancel the noise completely.

These blankets had been used by professional movers to wrap up furniture in order to save it from damage during transportation. These blankets are useful because they are made of heavy layers of dense materials, like fiberglass, mineral wool, woven cotton, and polyester.

The best thing is these heavy dense material is perfect to used as soundproofing and that is way they are called soundproof blankets.

Blankets with grommets should be the best choice because the grommets will make it so much easier to hang the blankets over the window. It will do good for soundproof windows.

You have to know that cheaper blankets will not be included the grommet. You have to spend some more money.

#7. Acoustic panel

This method of soundproof windows will not be cheap and not so easy to do. You should know that acoustic panels are bulkier and thicker than shades or blinds or blankets. The thicker the acoustic panel, the better it block the sound from the outside.

These acoustic panels are made to act as a sound barrier. These material works as a sound stopper and will not even let a little sound waves pass through. They will significantly absorb the sound and reduce the echoes on both sides of the panel.

The installation usually easy to do and commonly used for music studios, theater, and other place that need soundproof windows.

It is an expensive option and the look is not appealing. You can make it better if you add beautiful curtains to enjoy the style and functionality.

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#8. Double-pane windows

This double-pane windows would spend big amount of money for a soundproof windows project. You have to think before you decide.

But this soundproof windows project will surely help block out the noise from the outside. When one panel window is not enough, you can choose the double-pane windows instead.

The noise level can be reduced by 56% and more, that will not only fight the noise, but to keep the room cool during the summer and warm during the winter. double-pane windows can save you a lot on the energy bill.

With these double-pane windows, you have to finish the installation professionally. If you want the most out of the installation, you should check there should be no gaps or cracks around the edges of the windows after the installation is done.

How to optimize your soundproof windows project

One step before you decide to purchase your material for the method you choose for soundproof windows, there are a many things you want to consider. You have to ask yourself the type of sound you are trying to block out. Because it makes the difference.

Do you think that the pitch of the noise is low or high? Or how loud is the sound of the noise? Do you hear the noise to be constant noise or just once in a few times?

You can actually ask a soundproof windows professional, who can help making a plan for the project. They will inspect your home or building to see the type of noise you are dealing with. But hiring a professional would cost money right?

You might think about your budget for this project right? You do not want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on noise reducing curtains or installing glass or acrylic on your window, if you do not know the intensity or quantity of your noise.

Your windows may not be the only source of noise. It could be the walls and doors that could cause noise issues. You can do all the above soundproof windows project, but still have a noise problem because the sound is traveling through your doors or walls.

There are many factors to consider. You can do it yourself when creating an effective and efficient plan for soundproofing windows of your home or building. But you have to pay attention to the advantage and disadvantage of soundproof windows project mentioned above.

You have to consider the mold growth it can cause, the not good look or unattractive windows it will cause for just a few reduction in noise.

The most effective to make soundproof windows is the double glazing with laminated or acoustic grade glass. Even though it is not cheap, the noise reduction impact is tremendous compare to other options. Because of its nature, it block sound waves to travel through two thick glass panes and as well as the gap.

Benefits of soundproof windows

The first thing you want is to stop hearing those dogs barking outside. The other benefits would be:

Benefit #1: Noise Reduction

You can actually reduce the noise to up to 95%. When you choose the right method with the budget you have, soundproof windows can act as a sound barrier and reduce your noise problem to a level where you will not even notice it. One method can reach to a reduction of 95% and the other method only reduce about 20% of the dog barking outside.

Benefit #2: Easy Installation

You can do it yourself for one method to choose from. You do not even have to replace your soundproof windows in cheaper methods. A new soundproof window can be installed as a second window behind your old one. The installation can save you thousands of dollars to avoid outside noises.

Benefit #3: Energy Saver

Some type of soundproof windows reduce insulation values. It is done by adding an extra barrier, thus further restricting the air flow to pass through. This will give you a warmer temperature during the winter and cooler temperature during summer.

Benefit #4: Reduce Condensation

Soundproof windows will reduce condensation significantly and can even completely. The double-pane windows have a sealed air space between the glass. It is like an insulated cup. The insulation will reduce condensation drastically.

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Why you need to have soundproof windows?

Today, the more increasingly big city will produce bigger noise to homes than ever before. This noise in the city is now becoming a public health concern. It is because more and more people will be living in cities than in rural areas.

It is stated in a survey that the world’s urban population is set to more than double over the next roughly 100 years, according to the New York University Stern Urbanization Project.

Constant noise from outside may significantly make people harder to focus, concentrate, relax, not to be stressful and fall asleep. But more importantly, researchers are beginning to understand noise can cause cardiovascular disease.

The risk of getting a heart attack and hypertension is higher if you live beside a road. Back in the old days, these risks were the cause of air pollution. But now most air pollution has noise associated with it.


According to many research, to keep your space as quiet as possible is part of healthy living. You might consider moving to rural areas than living in the city.

If you can not live in rural areas, you can do soundproof windows project to reduce noise.

A research say that even if you can sleep through noise from outside, your cardiovascular system can be disturbed. Because of the noise, the nervous systems still react while you sleep. This can force people from a deep sleep to a lighter stage.