Super Ultralight Backpacking Gear List

Super Ultralight Backpacking Gear List

Super ultralight backpacking gear list. Are you getting ready to give ultralight backpacking a try?

The thing about ultralight is how you can accomplish the task by first reducing the load.

If you are a dedicated ultralight backpacker, you will definitely keep in mind of being light.

You will be busy thinking, adjusting and analyzing about the right equipment to make sure it is as light as possible. Super ultralight backpacking gear list.

When the first thing is to reduce the load, means you have to think and analyze about three major things to carry,

They are the three things that will give the biggest impact on the weight.

The big three are your backpack, the tent, and the sleeping bag.

You might search in the internet many different types of lightweight tents available.

A tarp material tent is the lightest but also also the least expensive compare to other tent material.

These tents are made of nylon and silicone, it is affordable and weighs lower than one pound or about 0.45 kg.

To build a comfortable shelter, you just need some thin cord that you need not more than 30 feet or about 9 meters.

Plus six to eight aluminum stakes to finish the perfect shelter.

The tarp must have grommets, because it protect the tarp from ripping and provides a spot for your stake.

These grommets will add the lifespan of the tarp and make erecting the tent easier.

You will have an excellent ventilation with the open design of a tarp tent.

Compare to those many expensive tents which are so airtight.

The airtight promoting condensation on the inside of the tent, causing it to a rain feeling on you overnight.

When you are on a camping event, use some mosquito netting to avoid bugs become a problem into your pack.

The mosquito netting weighs only a few ounces and add your comfort level.

There are also other option to choose when you do not want to use a tarp tent.

One good quality weight for a three-season tent is between 2.5 to 3.5 pounds or about 1.1 kg and 1.5 kg.

If you already have an ultra lightweight sleeping bag, that would be great, but if you do not have one, you may want to discover a lightweight sleeping bag option.

Usually the more expensive the price of a sleeping bag, the light the weight.

If you are on a budget you might consider purchasing a quilt.

It is even lighter and warmer than those traditional sleeping bag.

The best thing is it can be compressed into a good small area in your backpack.

By having quilt, you can cut the weight of your sleeping bag to use in half.

You can determine to purchase a lightweight sleeping bag that has the weight of less than 1.5 pounds or 0.6 kg.

Many traditional backpack is commonly made of heavyweight materials with a strong and firm frame.

A sturdy backpack would be needed if you want to carry a third of your carry on weight.

When you decide not to carry many weight, your backpack can be made from a lighter material.

You’ll need to experiment yourself and your empty backpack should weigh less than one pound or about 0.4 kg.

After choosing your your tent, sleeping bag and backpack, you will absolutely would carry them lightweight.

The equipment does not stop there.

One thing you must remember is that every equipment that you will carry should have a purpose or even have to have more than one purpose.

You should carry the fire starter, and first aid kit but you also should carry anything that you will not use every day.

If you want to carry a lightweight cooking stove, it weighs less than the ax or saw you would have to cart along to build a fire.

A common lightweight ax weighs about 2 pounds or about 0.9 kg.

While the weight of a lightweight folding saw is about 1 pound or about 0.4 kg.

A canister stove is your choice because it only weighs about 0.5 pound, or about 0.2 kg.

The traditional liquid fuel stove weighs nearly one pound, a pretty heavy stove.

While an alcohol stove weighs about 1 ounce or about 26 gram.

And the fuel tabs weighs lower than an ounce or about 14 grams.You can burn them on a small piece of metal or a soft drink can.

After knowing what stove you will carry, you should know what food and drink that you will carry too.

The total weight of backpack that weigh less than 10 pounds or about 4.5 kg means the backpack is filled with equipment but without the food and drink.

Food and drink would have a big affect on the weight of the pack.

Younger people, larger people and teens usually require more food and drink to carry because they eat more.

Especially in the cold weather, they would need much more calories to keep warm.

The food and drink they would carry are about 2 pounds or about 0.9 kg for each day in the camp.

The food and drink such as carry granola bars and drink mixes to be added to water, and very much do not want to do much cooking.

Many backpackers want meal that can make them feel full with an increase of energy level, improves mood, and ability to sleep.

Here is the super ultralight backpacking gear list.

The hiking system

The backpack

Venture Pal Large Hiking Backpack 0.8 poundsUltra-light, Ultra-durable, Ultra-awesome hiking backpack. Scratches resistant.
Totalpac Lightweight Backpack11 ouncesUltra lightweight, compact, durable, comfortable.
Outlander Packable Handy Lightweight0.7 poundsWater resistance, durable, multiple compartment

Pack cover

Frelaxy Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover0.2 poundsUltra strong waterproof
Osprey Airporter LZ0.2 poundsLockable zippers,
shoulder strap
Kelty Rain Cover0.2 pounds100% Nylon and ne interior slip pocket

Trekking poles

Foxelli Trekking Poles7 ozOne size fits all, comfortable, reduce arm fatigue
Hiker Hunger Trekking Poles15.2 ouncesDurable, ultra light, comfortable grip
Montem Trekking Poles9.6 ouncesUltra strong, compact size, light

The navigation

Portable solar charger

| Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh | RAVPower Solar Charger 24W | BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger |


| Garmin eTrex10 GPS | Garmin GPSMAP 64st |

The shelter


| TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent | ALPS Mountaineering Lynx | Coleman Sundome |


| Chill Gorilla Tent Tarp | WildVenture Tent Tarp | ARAER Tent Tarp |

Bivy sacks

| Delmera bivy sack | Go Time Gear bivy sack | Survival frog bivy sack |


The sleep

Ultralight sleeping bag

Ultralight sleeping pad

See also: Sleeping pad

The cooking


Storm proof lighter


Stuff sack


Water filtration

Purification tablets