The Best Adjustable Driver For High Handicapper

The Best Adjustable Driver For High Handicapper

The Best Adjustable Driver For High Handicapper

The Best Adjustable Driver For High Handicapper. For high handicappers, fairway woods are more approachable than drivers. This is because of their slightly shorter shafts, but nothing beats a driver when it comes to hitting the longest from the tee. If a high handicappers swing is not really consistent, best to go with one of the adjustable on the market. To feel comfortable, high handicappers have to go demo them to see which one feels right.

When you are a high handicappers and entirely new to golf or have been playing it for a while, a solid and good driver can make you hit those opening and long-distance shots effortlessly. So the question is, what to should look for when purchasing a driver. Choosing a driver could be the hardest part in terms of picking the right golf equipment for you. We will try to help with recommendation driver to use on the golf course for you to have better purchase decision and a better result. Here is the list of best adjustable driver for high handicapper.

Best Adjustable Driver For High Handicapper.

#1. Cobra Men’s King F6 Driver

The standard Cobra Men’s King F6 Driver ($187.76) has the  the 460cc head i lightweight and incredibly thin, down to as little as 7mm. The King F6 has an orange 10g polycarbon weight with the weight at the front will lower the launch and reduce the spin. Having the loft at 10.5° weight in the back and  suitable to a 100 mph swing speed. You can choose your right color with the choice of three colors of white, blue and black that makes it look good, and good fun to hit.

#2. TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Driver

For years, TaylorMade has proven its consistency of producing high quality drivers and golf clubs. Many professional golfers would favor the brand over any other brand. TaylorMade R15 460 Driver ($259) is one of the product choice that have been proven to work well. It is equipped with Inverted Cone Technology for an expanded sweet spot. For a low and forward center of gravity it has a Thick Thin Casting, and a Loft Sleeve to be adjusted easily. It can perform the increasing size of sweet spot and a good fine tuning. With additional features including 460 cubic centimeter of head size, D4 swing weight, the length is 45.5 inch, and the  sliding weights are 12.5 gram each (25 gram total).