The Best Shoes For Best 800m Training Program

A shoe specifically developed for athletic activity may be used for a variety of activities. The same would go for the field and track category, like for the 800 m training, which a wide range of shoes has designed specifically for the activity.If you're willing to purchase a track or field shoe for the 800 m training program, check out our buying guide for further information and the links to product sites for field and track shoes.

Best Shoes for 800m Training Program in 2021





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NIKE Zoom Rival

The sole inside and under the heel is made of rubber

It comes with an arch band in the middle portion to support the foot

The mesh material provides breathability


New Balance Sprint Sigma

Sole made of synthetic material

A BOA Fit technology has been used to build the design

Has a mesh knitted upper for utmost comfort


Adidas Adizero

Designed with a synthetic sole

The shaft measures a low to top position from the arch

Contain sprinting spikes


Altra Vanish XC

Weighs about 155 g

The insole contains a sculpted foot bed of 5 mm

Has a stack height of 15 mm


HOKA One One

The upper is made using Speedframe technology

The graphics was inspired from snakeskin pattern

The spike placement is asymmetric


1. NIKE Zoom Rival

The Nike Zoom Rival is bouncy and flexible enough that lets you get through marathons without wearing out your legs and feet.A full-length rigid Pebax plate helps to have smooth and effective movement. It has a nice blend of speediness and toe-off, with a seamless transition.Nike's ZoomX foam is used in the shoes' midsole, which is the lightest and also the most flexible foam.


  • Suitable for 400 to 1600 meters
  • Bouncy and lightweight
  • The lace style is convenient to use


  • The tongue might bunch up while running

2. New Balance Sprint Sigma

The New Balance Sprint Sigma is a new addition to the Sigma line, designed for the most strenuous sprinters. The Sprint Sigma, which is packed with unique components, allows for strong transitions, convenience, and stability. Many people feel that this shoe is worth its price tag since it provides excellent performance.


  • Gives a secure fitting and stability
  • Lightweight enough that’s suitable for longer runs
  • Provides a good support without weighing you down


  • Might cross budget
  • The lacing system might seem complicated to some

3. Adidas Adizero

The Adidas Adizero is an excellent training shoe for intermediate distance running. It's designed with a variety of shoe technologies to enhance energy input and convenience. Most of the responses are in favor of it because of its lightweight and for assisting runners in setting or breaking personal records.

Just a few customers have mentioned any negative remarks regarding the shoe. As a result, the Adidas Adizero is a highly dependable training shoe which every 800 m runner should try. It will undoubtedly assist them in reaching the finish line sooner.


  • The Boost technology used to design the shoe was liked by most users
  • It has a good and comfortable fitting
  • Lightweight
  • Has an aesthetic design and can choose from a wide range of colors


  • Cannot be used for a long period

4. Altra Vanish XC

When talking about comfort, speed, and lightness, the Vanish XC model is Altra's glory. It's a cross-country sneaker with unparalleled traction and excellent cushioning for long-lasting, top-notch performance. Including a zero-drop base, it preserves the Altra trademark's typical large toe box whilst providing a more relaxed appearance.


  • Lightweight and does not weight the foot down while running for longer miles
  • The me3sh material provides breathability and keeps the shoe dry
  • The pliable outsole makes the shoe flexible and provides comfort


  • Might seem a bit tight to some users
  • It misses a toe cap

5. HOKA Rocket MD

The Hoka One One's distinctive performance and breathability makes it one of the most comfortable shoes for 800m training program. The uneven positioning of the spike points distinguishes its running platform.

This is supposed to help the athlete make quick turns. On the running track, the Hoka One One is expected to provide a powerful performance.


  • The mesh material provides proper ventilation
  • Has a great surface traction
  • Durable and lightweight


  • The shoe might not have a good fitting

Buying Guide

For many sportsmen and runners in particular, the 800 meter marathon is a popular event. As we work our way through the nuances of this training program on this guide, you'll see why it's both appealing and tough. We've given you enough knowledge to help any average runner or beginners improve their skills and thrive in any 800 meters race.

How to Train for the 800m

You may compare your personal bests of 400 or 800 meters to discover what type of runner you are if you've been training well for several months.In training, the idea is to concentrate on one's strength.

You must train according to your personal characteristics. Training is highly personal, and you must figure out what sorts of training program works best for you as you go through the process.

Long-term success is determined by the amount of skill you were born with, proper training, and dedication. If you're not using the talent, no measure of ideal training can help you become a race winner. So you must make the most of your abilities, enjoy racing, and avoid comparing yourself to people who are more gifted.

Planning for Training

You will need both strength and flexibility to run a decent 800m. As a result, your training should reflect this. Your program should include both endurance and speed training and you must keep exercising all year long to maintain your speed.

Here's a key point: you should work on all aspects of your fitness, never ignoring any element for an extended length of time. As a result, in order to perform effectively, these traits must be present in your training program, so you must always strive to enhance or preserve them.

Speed training

While speed is vital, sprint speed that is longer is more important than shorter sprints (about 40 to 60 meters) and acceleration. Therefore, it is advised to skip short sprint training and instead do longer sprints or hill sprints on flat surfaces, such as 100 to 120 meters.

Interval Training

The purpose of base training is not to aim to train harder during intervals. The quicker speed should result from a gain in fitness rather than from attempting to push the speed during interval training.The majority of the interval training must be done at a regulated rate, within one's own personal limits.

If you're doing it often enough, hitting the intervals while continuing to push the pace, it would make you jaded and overstrained. Our recommendation would be to maintain a negative split over all intervals as well as to retain a spare of one or two intervals in most circumstances.

If necessary, you might complete one or two additional intervals at about the same rate. The term "negative split" refers to running the first round slower than others and then steadily increasing the speed with each interval.

Strength Training

Running-specific strength training is required with a rapid explosive delivery. Biceps curls, bench press, and other conventional bodybuilding workouts, in our opinion, have no good impact on an 800m training program. Strength training for legs, namely one legged exercises, core training and hip strength should be prioritized for any 800m athlete.

The 800m training program will benefit from these changes. Injury prevention can also be maintained from core and hip strength.

Multi-pace Training

Being mindful of training paces during a running program has the advantage of allowing you to cover all of the paces needed to improve stamina and power. You get proficient in running at various speeds, which keep your training varied and prevents staleness. Also keep in mind that each speed acts as a backup for other paces.

Final Thoughts

Starting your racing career with a pair of training shoes that aren't suited for you might send you back to the bench, or, even worse, contribute to the development of ailments that could keep you like that for a long time.

While it's difficult to find studies that factually proves if certain models of running shoes could indeed cause or avoid injuries, one thing can be said for sure, a pair of well fitted running shoes will feel more comfortable on your feet as well as help you run better than a pair that doesn't fit.

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